The World’s Largest Yard Sale {Day One: Ohio}

As the odometer tripped 1660 miles and we pulled into the driveway, I reflected on what was one of the best adventures of my life!! We travelled through ten states in five days!! Slept in a hotel ONCE!! We had some of the best food… from dairy farms to homemade biscuits to Amish pretzels! It was truly an adventure like none other, and that doesn’t even count the yard sales!!

  At last check, I had 148 of you junkies piled in the back of the truck with me!! It wouldn’t have been the same without you all following along on Instagram and Facebook , #RustedRoutes!! What an adventure! That’s the only way for me to sum up our journey down Highway 127 for the World’s Largest Yard Sale!! An adventure!!

Highway 127 World's Largest Yard Sale {One Junkers Adventure}

After seeing that graphic, you may be saying, “Wait, Candace, I thought you said you went through ten states?” Why, yes, we did!! Five of which, however were lined with yard sales!! The 127 yard sales stretches 690 miles from Addison, MI to Gadsden, AL. We live in the great state of North Carolina!! So… over the next four days, I’m going to take you on the journey of our four days of yard sales, every bite, every buy, every rusty truck I could find!!

Soooo… we started our journey on Wednesday night. Loaded up and hit the road for West Virginia! We wanted to get a headstart so we would be closer to the route come Thursday morning! Nothing too exciting… except this!! If a girl’s gonna go junkin’ gypsy style, she’s gotta look cute! And with no electricity, I totally went there!! Rolled my hair somewhere in Virginia!! #spongecurlerselfie

Life of a Junkie on the Road

Alright, with that out of the way, you know what kind of adventure this is gonna be!! I’m not leaving out one little junkin’ detail. So, grab your sweet tea and relax! Or just scroll through the pics if you want some eye candy!! With my hair rolled, we decided to hit the sack (aka the back of the SUV) around 1:15am. We slept at a rest area… blankets, pillows, it wasn’t half bad. We later cushed up our pad a little, but I’ll tell you about that tomorrow!! As soon as the sun came up, we hit the road spotting this local lovely! They had the BEST ham biscuits ever!! The hubs got one with egg, cheese, and a hashbrown! On. The. Biscuit.

Breakfast in West Virginia

We snagged our breakfast and ate it on the road, anxious to get to the sales!! About 20 miles outside of the Ohio border we spotted this beautiful barn. Kim, who was riding along, shared some amazing history about these old barns! That’s the fun of bringing friends on the adventure!!

Old Painted Barn

A few barns later, we came to the Ohio River. Woot! Woot! We had arrived!

Crossing the Ohio River {127 Yard Sale}

Since the Ohio State sign was atop that big ‘ol bridge, we took a little detour to find this one!! It happened to be on the Ohio/Indiana border! Add another state to the list! So… do you get it?? O-Hi-O! Ha ha!! We are dorks!! But have oh-so-much-fun!!

Welcome to Ohio {127 Yard Sale}

It was time to fill up the tank… and well, take a potty break. So we decided to pull of at the ‘Bob Evans’ exit! The homestead is beautiful!

Bob Evans Homestead {Ohio}

We still had a ways to go before we hit Highway 127, but were enjoying the scenery! Bill freaked out as we passed this old dairy farm… he whipped the car around so fast as he exclaimed, “Oh my gosh!! That cow was giving birth!!” Say what?? I was so excited. How amazing would that be? But alas, he was seeing things. Ha ha! No baby cows today. But I figure, hey, if we turned around, I’m snappin’ a pic of this farm!

Dairy Farm {127 Yard Sale}

And about 15 minutes from that farm, we spotted it! The sign we had been waiting for… even on a cloudy day, she glowed!!

Highway 127 Yard Sale {Starting Point}

Ok! We made it! Let the games begin!! I really didn’t know what to expect. We started in Hamilton, Ohio just north of Cincinatti. We would have gone further north but we only had four days and wanted to make it to the very bottom. We had heard that the sales down south were better! Aaaaaand there she is… our first yard sale sign!

Ohio 127 Yard Sales

It didn’t look like that great of a sale, but I wanted to stop anyway! It was the first one! So, we pulled off. I spotted these feathers which I thought were neat, but other than that, I didn’t really see anything I liked. The prices at this sale were very high! Not yard sale prices at all! And I found that a lot actually. A lot of people on the route are antiques dealers, and some can be a little to proud of their old junk! You gotta find the good peeps!!

127 Yard Sale {Ohio Shopping}

And good peeps I found, at this old barn in Fairfield, Ohio. His name was Ron… and he was such a kind soul. He was selling some stuff for a lady at his church and a neighbor who needed money. They were elderly and couldn’t sell it themselves. We got to talking and he was telling me about an old door he had leaning against a tree. I loved it, but it was a full size door and we just didn’t have room for that just yet. He told me it came an old farmhouse, built in the 1890’s, his wife’s grandfathers to be exact. Oh, I loved it even more! But still couldn’t salvage the space to take her home. That’s when he told me to hang on, he had something in the barn I might like… I patiently waited.

Old Barn Sale {127 Yard Sale}

Ron came back with an old wooden pantry door. He told me that it came from the same house on that dairy farm. Isn’t that ironic? If you remember, I gave the example of someone’s grandfather living on a dairy farm when I told you all about finding stories on the 127 route! Isn’t that odd? So, we continued chatting, he showed me some old baseboards he had from the 1890’s house too! I bought both, and an old suitcase too! Got it all for $14! It was my first purchase of the big sale! And I couldn’t be happier with the story that came with it too!!

My one regret… not getting any contact info for Ron and his wife. I would love to chat more about the farm and see if they have pictures of the old house. (Ron, if you read this, shoot me an email!) And thank you Ron, for such an amazing first buy!!

Junk Finds {127 Yard Sale}

After such an amazing stop, we had worked up an appetite. There weren’t many options for lunch along this part of the route, but Mom had mentioned these burgers from McD’s were tasty, so we snagged a couple and boy, were they yummy!! Spice-tastic!!

Jalapeno Cheeseburger

We ate on the go, we had a lot of ground to cover!! Once we hit Cincinatti, there weren’t too many sales, but we did spot this architectural antiques shop! So, we decided to take a peak!

Wooden Nickel Architectural Antiques {Ohio}

I took tons of pictures inside and will do a whole post about this place later… but I will say, there were some goodies in the basement! Like dark-drippy-spider-web-enter-if-you-dare basement… and you know we did!!

Digging in Basement {Antiques Store}

Then it was on to Kentucky!! These bridges killed my efforts to get pictures of the state signs. My apologies for the drive-by cell phone pic, but you get the idea!! ‘Unbridled Spririt’! I like it!!

Kentucky State Sign {127 Yard Sale}

Our first stop in Kentucky was one of my faves! (Yes, this is still day one!!) This fun little spot was in the heart of Covington, Kentucky.

World's Longest Yard Sale {Kentucky}

Their downtown area was lined with sellers, dozens all in one place. We didn’t get to this spot until around 5pm so they were starting to pack up. But it was yard sale o’clock, so we did a little digging! They told us too…

127 Yard Sale {Convington, KY}

There are just a couple things that I didn’t buy that I regret… and this is one of them! I really love this industrial drawer, but it was so hard to buy lots of junk when I knew we had three more days ahead of us. So I passed her up! Yes, there’s a such thing as left-her-behind-remorse! I think she was only $25.

Old Tool Box Reclaimed Drawer

Even with people packing up, there was still lots to see. We didn’t buy anything, but will definitely have Convington, KY on our list for next year! It’s a good stop!! I was even invited to come be a part of their quarterly junk show! How fun would that be?? Reason 78 why I need a truck and trailer!!

127 Yard Sale {Kentucky}

Down the road a little ways, we came to Florence, Kentucky, and just beyond Florence, spotted this lovely spot! Rusty signs as far as the eye can see…

127 Yard Sale {South of Florence Kentucky}

Gulp! I mean Gulf…

Antique Gulf Gas Station Sign
These rusty stools were so fun!! And only $30 buck!! I bet I could have gotten two for $50. How cute would these have been at the kitchen island? I would seal them with some poly, of course!

Old Rusty Industrial Stools

And this was another regret… this upcycled crate table was HUGE and only $189!! But I knew buying this table meant sacrificing my bed for the night. So we opted to take a pic for good times sake… and hit the road for some dinner. But those graphics… ahhh.

Old Upcycled Crate Table
Part of the adventure for us, is taking in the culture of different regions of this great nation! So, apparently folks in Kentucky eat their spaghetti with chili beans on top! Or are they eating their chili beans with spaghetti underneath? Either way, this was a food phenomenon I had never encountered! Let’s try it!! It seemed Skyline Chili was the place to go… so we sat down, the waitress tied an bib around our necks and we went to town!! Spaghetti 4 ways… topped with chili, beans, onions, and cheese!!

Skyline Chili {Kentucky Eats}

It was amazing!! And yes, those are funnel cake fries for dessert!! A sweet ending to a sweet first day on the 127 World’s Largest Yard Sale!!

If you’re planning to head to the big sale… and want to remember the hot spots we hit on day one, you can pin the image below or share it on Facebook to save it to your timeline!! Tomorrow, we’ll cross into Tennessee! Wait ’til you see what I scored there!!

World's Largest Yard Sale #RustedRoutes


If you enjoyed the journey down Highway 127, we’d love for you to check out all four days and share them with your friends! Pin these images or share them on Facebook to save them to your timeline! I’m bettin’ there’s a trip to the 127 Yard Sale in your future!!

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Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. Such a great trip!! I live in Dunlap, TN so we go every year but I have never been the whole way! Maybe next year we can do this. I can’t wait to see the rest of the trip!

    • How lucky, Peggy, that you live so close to such great sales!! I am already looking forward to next year! We had so much fun!! And reliving it through these posts only makes me that much more excited for next year’s sale! I’m so happy to have you along for the journey!! Please, keep in touch!! 🙂

  2. This was our second year doing the sale, but it was fun seeing what you found in the parts we skipped. Coming from Northern Ohio, we drove to Alabama and started at the bottom. As we neared Florence KY we had to jump on the highway and head home, so it was great to see that next year we need to make it up into Covington. And that Skyline? We had it twice on the trip because we both grew up in Southern Ohio and and miss it soooo much! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.. it’s fun to find other blogs that had different experiences from us.

    • Hey Becky!!! So nice to meet you!! This was our first year doing the sale… where have I been?? It was such a blast!! We tried really hard to somewhat stay on track with our timing so we could make it to the bottom. I think next year we will focus on Kentucky and Tennessee and do more in depth digging instead of covering so much ground. We just wanted to see what all was out there!! Oh! And Skyline!! Whew!! Sooooo tasty!! I couldn’t believe it when I heard a gal order a burrito with spaghetti inside!! Sounds like I already know what I’ll be trying next year!! 🙂

  3. Ron Snell says:

    What a great blog. Really enjoyed meeting you and your husband.
    Thanks for the kind words in your blog.

    • Oh, Ron!! You are so kind!! Your sale was definitely a highlight of our trip! I am so excited to make something with that old door and baseboard! And I am soooo glad that you found me here… I was hoping to find a way to get in touch with you!! I wish I had spent more time with your wife, talking to her about her grandfather’s farm. I immediately regretted it about 10 miles down the road. I’m so happy to have met such kind people on the route and look forward to keeping in touch!! You have made my day!! 🙂

  4. Ahh, Skyline, a Cincinnati classic 😉 If you come back to the Wooden Nickel, let me know! You can crash at my place – I live about 30 mins to the west, and work just blocks away from the store!

    • Say what, Emily??? I should have done my research before the trip!! Would have loved to meet up with you!! Next year, friend! Next year!!

  5. How fun! Next year you should plan on coming up to Van
    Wert, Ohio which is where I live. The route 127 sales are the same week as the route 30 sales- which happen to be the longest north/south sales in the US. Van Wert is the only place where the sales intersect. Loads of deals everywhere! We are also home to Stephanie Dawn purses, which are proudly made in the USA, and their sale is the same weekend. HGTV stopped here this year, and I know the guys from American Pickers were here right before the sales began. Let me know if you plan to head up this way! 🙂

    • No way, Jen!!! Another highway yard sale?! Say it aint so!! I will be checking this out for sure!! And will let you know if we head up that way!! I’d love to meet ya! 🙂

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