The World’s Largest Yard Sale {Day Three: Tennessee}

With the rain behind us, we woke up Saturday morning in Crossville, TN. Another restful night gypsy-style but I have to admit, we were looking forward to a hot shower and a comfy bed come nightfall! We grabbed some Bojangles and hit the road for day three of the 127 World’s Largest Yard Sale!

Highway 127 World's Largest Yard Sale {One Junkers Adventure} #RustedRoutes

We didn’t travel too far before we found our first stop and boy, was it a sweet spot!! I was sold as soon as I saw the sign.. let’s go friends, this is gonna be a junk-tastic day!!

Junktastic Yard Sale #RustedRoutes

The sale was lined with old children’s tractors. If that’s not junk-tastic I don’t know what is!

Children's Rusty Tractors #RustedRoutes

And the fun continued with lots of handmade 127 finds! Creativity smothers the 127 route! It’s just great!

127 Yard Sale Art #RustedRoutes

Highway 127 Art #RustedRoutes

I did snag one little blue tool box from this sale… can you believe I didn’t take a picture? I know. Of all 544 pictures I took, not a one of my little blue tool box. Probably because I was too busy taking the cheesy pics like this one… I just had to!!

Junk Trip in TN #RustedRoots

We tossed my little tool box in the back and hit the road headed south. We stopped just outside of Crossville when we saw the traffic start to build up. That’s when you know you are coming upon a good sale! Brake lights. Cars lining the street. Start looking for a spot to pull over as soon as you spot it!

127 Yard Sale {Crossville, TN} #RustedRoutes

There were probably 75 sellers at this stop, but like I mentioned yesterday, we weren’t digging too deep. We wanted to do some surface shopping and move on to the next stop. I did manage to spot a tent full of small architectural hardware and had to take a peak. I snagged enough hardware to make a pair of earrings, a necklace, and two bracelets! I can’t wait to get started on ’em!

Antique Hardware for Jewelry #RustedRoutes

There were a couple old grates, but I already had my heat registers that I scored! So, I decided to leave these behind.

Old Rusty Grates #RustedRoutes

But this vintage locker basket, I couldn’t help but take home. Isn’t she lovely? I didn’t even notice, but Mom pointed out that it has the number 61 on it, which happens to be the year she was born!! Neato burrito!! Double win!!

Rusty Locker Basket #RustedRoutes

Back to the car with my basket in tow… are you keeping up?? We drove a little more south and spotted another big sale! And they happened to have just what I was looking for! I was really hoping to find some vintage boots somehwere on the route and this stop just outside of Crossville, didn’t disappoint!

Vintage Boots for Sale #RustedRoots

There had to be oh-about-125 pairs of vintage boots! Every color, shape, and size. But when I spotted these rich brown ones, I prayed that they were my size…

Vintage Cowgirl Boots #RustedRoots

I looked at the tag and it read size 9, but if you’ve ever worn vintage boots, you know that tag really doesn’t mean anything. So, I tried ’em on… and BOOM!! They were perfect!! Now, how much were these boots gonna be?? I asked the lady how much for the boots and she said $35. Not bad, I thought. But you know me, I always want to feel like I am getting a deal. I used my negotiating tricks and got her down to $20!! I know… say what?!? It took me no time to break those bad boys in!! I love ’em!!

Vintage Cowgirl Boots On the Road #RustedRoutes
A few other pieces of eye candy before we leave this sale… I’m kinda wishin’ I had snagged up this Sun-drop cooler. How cute would this be as an upcycled bathroom vanity?! It’d be so easy to install a sink right on top!!

Vintage Sun-drop Cooler #RustedRoutes

And a couple more rusty car part upcycles before we head out…

Rusty Truck Hood #RustedRoots

Rusty Truck Hood #RustedRoutes

Back on the road, this time we made it to Lake Tansi, Tennessee. It was a quick stop, but I did snag these three wooden shoe molds, so I wanted to show ’em off. One is a high heel mold. I’ve never seen one of those before! I’ve started a little collection of these shoe molds. Mom gave me my first one this past Christmas. It was from Manteo, NC… where the hubs and I got married back in 2011. Sweet memories!

Old Wooden Shoe Molds #RustedRoutes

My kind’a  sign as we headed south towards Pikeville, TN. I don’t want the high-end antiques, nothing worth anything. I want the old junk that no one else wants!! Thaaaaat’s me!!

Antique Junk #RustedRoutes

As we crossed into Pikeville, TN, I thought I had stumbled upon the field of dreams! A big open field littered with old rusty cars and trucks! Do you hear me? Old. Rusty. Trucks. You know this girl was in heaven!!

Field of Dreams #RustedRoutes

I believe it was a junkyard of sorts but also a place where the locals work on their old beat up rigs. I couldn’t get out of the car fast enough to ask the owner if I could take some pics. I found a rusty tailgate on one of the trucks and asked if he would sell it to me, but he couldn’t piece that truck out. Booo! I took lots of fun pictures… too many for this post. So keep an eye out, I’ll be sharing a “Field of Dreams” post soon!! A quick hug for this little guy as we hit the road for more sales.

Old Rusty Truck #RustedRoutes

Just a short ways down the road still in Pikeville, we hit another sale. The ‘ol tractor seat grabbed my eye! Not that I need any more. I have two,  but I am always attracted to the old farm equipment.

127 Yard Sale {Pikeville, TN} #RustedRoutes

Amidst the old farm stuff, I found two industrial drawers. They must have weighed 12 pounds a piece! There were solid steel!! They were priced at $15 a piece, but I got BOTH for $15!!

Rusty Industrial Drawers #RustedRoutes

And while I was busy racking up some 24 pounds of rusty steel, the hubs found something he liked!! Mind you.. he is 6’4″. This thing was MASSIVE!! We opted to forego a ride… we didn’t have time for a trip to the ER.

Antique Big Wheel Bicycle #RustedRoutes

This little bike is more my speed. Ya know, I didn’t actually realize it was a bike until I edited the photo for this post. I thought it was a tricycle when I saw it in person, but upon further investigation, I see four wheels on that bike, two of which are training wheels. I could totally see a floor lamp out of this rusty gem. Do you see it? The lamp could come right up from where the handlebars are missing. Maybe I should have snagged this too!

Rusty 'Ol Bicycle #RustedRoutes

Time to load up friends… grab your junk, we are headed south towards Dunlap. I’ve heard Dunlap is the place to be!! Oh, isn’t that a pretty barn? Lots of you told me about your fond memories of Ruby Falls. That’s why I loved having you all join me by following #RustedRoutes on Facebook & Instagram. If you didn’t ride along on this adventure, head on over and follow us now. There will be many more junk adventures to come!!

Painted Barn {Ruby Falls} #RustedRoutes

We knew when we had hit Dunlap, Tennessee. All the cars lining 127 was a dead giveaway!! We hopped out at the first sale and scored some great finds! We shouldn’t be here long, but if you need to take a seat and rest… well, here you go!

Rusty Old Glider #RustedRoutes

Right off the bat, I spotted this mustard yellow bookcase and table on wheels. I love the handmade primitive feel and the colors were just great! The bookshelf was $25 and the table $35. I thought that was pretty reasonable. But I snagged the pair for $50!!

127 Yard Sale {Dunlap, TN} #RustedRoutes

Who need fruits and veggies when you can have…

Fresh Picked Antiques Wooden Sign #RustedRoutes

Another great story about this old stool I picked up! It’s from an old SAS shoe store in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The gal I bought it from said it was from another shoe store prior to that. It’s easily from the 40’s if not earlier than that. It’s solid! Ten bucks and she was mine!

Old Wooden Stool #RustedRoutes

And I tried my hardest to take this ‘cracker barrell’ home! Isn’t that funny? Ha ha!! We were only $3 apart, but I had already gone higher than I wanted so I walked away.

Old Cracker Barrell #RustedRoutes

All this talk of food had us itching for a good meal! I had heard about the Cookie Jar Cafe in Dunlap, prior to the sale and lucky for us, the road we pulled off on to see where it was, was the exact road we needed to travel, only a couple miles away. It was meant to be. We had to wait 45 minutes to eat. Obviously, people know where the good food is. But, we didn’t mind, we got to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the dairy farm where the restaurant is nestled.

Old Diary Farm {Dunlap, Tennessee} #RustedRoutes

And let me tell ya, those chicken and dumplin’s were too die for!! Mashed taters and corn nuggets! My. Oh. My. What a meal?! They had phenominal homemade desserts but we were stuffed, so we hit the road. We passed this beauty on our way south towards Signal Mountain.

Old Rusty Truck #RustedRoutes

Then we came to this sale… more upcycled car parts! I tell ya, it was the hot thing!!

Upcycled Old Rusty Car Parts #RustedRoutes

And oh man, those saddles! We stumbled across some more rusty letters. You all loved the ones we saw on Day Two. These weren’t as bright. And were definitely more rusty! Just my style!

Rusty Metal Letters #RustedRoutes

We sifted through and picked out a ‘C’, a ‘B’ and an ‘&’. We want to makeover the bedroom and I think these will be the perfect addition! They had small letters, big letters, arrows, and peace signs…

Rusty Peace Sign Lights #RustyRoutes

But at some point, you just have to…

Antique Yellow Stop Sign #RustedRoutes

We knew we had one day left… and a hot shower was calling our name! So, we said peace out to Tennessee and headed to a H-O-T-E-L!! We were so stoked!! Showers all around!! And a good night’s sleep!! Lookout Mountain!! No… I mean that’s where we stayed!

Tennessee State Sign #RustedRoutes


If you enjoyed the journey down Highway 127, we’d love for you to check out all four days and share them with your friends! Pin these images or share them on Facebook to save them to your timeline! I’m bettin’ there’s a trip to the 127 Yard Sale in your future!!

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Until next time, let us remember..

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