2015 Fall Junk Market Demos

Rusted Roots 2015 Fall Junk Market #RustedRoots

Ever wanted to learn how to can veggies? Or what about how to paint those ever-popular NC signs?? How DO they get those stencil lines so crisp?? Or maybe you wanted to try it before you buy it when it comes to handmade soaps?? All new, at Rusted Roots Fall Junk Market demonstrations and exhibits that teach you, entertain you, and let you get hands on with some of your favorites!!

Rusted Roots 2015 Fall Junk Market Demos #RustedRoots

We are working on the timeline for the demos and will update this page when the times are announced! You will also receive a flier when you enter the market that will have all of the times listed for you, so you don’t miss a thing!! Here’s some of what you can expect…

‘Can It’ with Ben Chapman

Learn to can veggies like Gramma did!! But more importantly the ins and out of making sure your foods are safe for months to come. Ben Chapman, author of popular website, Barfblog.com, and Associate Professor and Extension Specialist at NCSU has a passion for stopping foodbourne illness before they start! But don’t let all the fancy talk scare you away… this ain’t no high tech boring mumbo jumbo kinda talk!! Ben is a trip!! Truly entertaining!! And he’s gonna show you how to have ‘safe food from farm to fork’!! You’re sure to leave saying… “of course, I ‘can’!!! Ha ha!!

‘Paint It’ …with Danielle Pearce

How DO they do it?? All those super cute NC Home signs we have in the shop… you know the ones!! They’re so crisp and neat!! Every time I try to stencil a sign, the paint bleeds under the stencil. So what’s the trick?? Danielle Pearce, owner and creator of The Salvage Sign, will share her secret tricks to painting salvaged wood, getting crisp lines, tips for finding cheap paint and more!! PLUS… drop your name in the hat and win a FREE NC Home sign!!! If you don’t win, no worries!! You’ll leave armed with the knowledge you need to hunt down some old barn wood and get ‘yer paint on!! (Find Salvage Signs inside the Rusted Roots Shop.)

Salvage Sign at Rusted Roots Junk Market #RustedRoots

‘Gypsy Hair’ …with Jasey Wrenn

Get ‘yer gyspy hair on y’all, with Hair Designs by Jasey Wrenn!! This, you’re gonna have to see to believe! Miss Jasey is just starting her business and I have a feeling it is going to take off like wildfire!! From 9am-5pm on Saturday and 10am-5pm on Sunday, stop by Jasey’s booth to try on her handmade reusable hair wraps and pony tail falls! Jasey will sit you down, fix them in your hair, let you see which ones you like, and show you different ways to wear them!! These pieces scream free-spirit gypsy if I’ve ever seen such a thing! I may have snagged one when she stopped by the shop to show them off!!

‘Wash Up’ …with Jennifer Spainhour

With all that rust, somebody’s gotta keep us clean!! That’s where Jennifer Spainhour steps in!! Owner and creator of The Wash Bucket Soap Company, Jennifer hand pours a crazy cool collection of 100% all natural soaps and skin care products!! But don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself!! At ‘wash up’ you’ll have an opportunity to not only try all the goodies but learn about the ingredients used to make these products. We all want to know what’s in our food, why not our skin care products?!! And don’t forget to pop your name in the bucket here too for a chance to win some FREE smelly goods at the end of the demo!! (Find Wash Bucket products at their tent in the grassy field.)

Wash Bucket Soap Company at Rusted Roots Junk Market #RustedRoots

‘Folk Art’ …with Sam Ezell

Are you like me and are simply amazed to watch artists in their element?? Paint brush swipes the canvas, bold colors blanket the piece, a truly magical thing happens. We are honored to have NC native Sam Ezell not only selling his fabulous folk art at the Fall Junk Market, but he will be painting all weekend long for your pleasure!! Sam will be working on some custom pieces for the Rusted Roots shop… no canvases here!! He will be painting old rescued guitars!!! We are so excited to see him work his magic before us all and are even more excited to then display the pieces in the Rusted Roots shop!! Stop by Sam’s booth 9am-5pm Saturday and 10am-5pm Sunday to watch the magic happen and take home one of his original pieces of folk art!!

‘Camper Up’ …with Cassy Wood

Take a step back in time and see what it was like to camp back in the good old days!! Cassy Wood, owner of the Atomic Butterbean, has decked out her vintage Serro Scotty camper to the T!! And when I say T, I mean T-urquoise!!! Y’all, have you seen it?? Come see for yourself all weekend and sit a spell with Cassy and Woody, they are a gem!! And the Butterbean’s not to shabby herself!!

And don’t forget there’s live music all weekend, food trucks, pony rides, and more!! Click on any of the pictures below to see more of what’s in store for the Fall Junk Market!!

Rusted Roots 2015 Fall Junk Market Vendors #RustedRoots Rusted Roots 2015 Fall Junk Market Music #RustedRoots Rusted Roots 2015 Fall Junk Market Food #RustedRoots
Rusted Roots 2015 Fall Junk Market Pony Rides #RustedRoots Rusted Roots 2015 Fall Junk Market Demos #RustedRoots Rusted Roots 2015 Fall Junk Market Media #RustedRoots

Until next time, let us remember..

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