2015 Fall Junk Market Food

Rusted Roots 2015 Fall Junk Market #RustedRoots

What’s a Junk Market without some good grub?!!! We’ve got some of your old favorites and some new goodies to tempt your tastebuds!! Bring an empty truck and an empty belly!!

Rusted Roots Fall Junk Market Food #RustedRoots

Saturday, September 19 – 10am-3pm

Raleigh, NC

Stuft is a gourmet stuffed baked potato truck! And if you think it’s all about the tater.. think again!! These folks load their potatoes with short ribs and meatballs, beef and BBQ chicken!! Come see what they are dishing out at the market and get ‘yer tater on!!

Bam Pow Chow
Raleigh, NC

The art of casual food… that’s what Bam Pow Chow is all about!! I’m talking beer battered deep fried hot dogs and tacos! Woot woot!! It’s gonna be a a tough choice for lunch!! And don’t ya just love that name?? I envision old school Batman and Robin!! <insert sound effects here>

Two Roosters Ice Cream
Raleigh, NC

I might be a little partial but these guys have one of THE coolest lookin’ food truck gigs around!! I mean who wouldn’t want to be served a big ‘ol scoop of ice cream from this doll…

Two Roosters at Rusted Roots Junk Market #RustedRoots

Two Roosters prides themselves in using all local ingredients and their flavors are to-die-for!!! Butterscotch haystack and pecan sticky bun?!!! Say what?? But my favorite seriously, is Lucky Charms!! It is amazing!!! I can’t wait to get me a scoop or three!! Ha ha!!

Jay’s Italian Ice
Raleigh, NC

Scoop it up!! Have y’all tried Jay’s Italian Ice?? Oh man, its is a spoonful of fruity heaven in a smooth icy treat!! Jay hand-scoops each tasty treat. It’s sure to wet your whistle and leave you wanting to try each and every flavor!!

Sunday, September 20- 10am-3pm

Soom Soom Pita
Durham, NC

A whole bunch of yummy stuffed in a pita!! Soomsoom Pita Pockets will bring a delectable integration of traditional American and Middle Eastern tastes to Rusted Roots! The pitas themselves are made from organic flour by Chapel Hill favorite, Mediterranean Deli. Soom Soom also uses local ingredients and creates a YUMtastic sandwich that is both fresh and healthy!!

Raleigh, NC

When I spotted this truck driving through Raleigh one day, I HAD to see what they were all about!! Because only cool people would have a food truck named Cock-A-Doodle-Moo!! They serve up traditional and global BBQ along with gourmet sandwiches featuring fresh, all natural and local ingredients. If you’re a first time, they suggest you try The Raven!!!

Old South Kettle Corn
Thomasville, NC

A little bit salty, a little bit sweet… this treat will have you loading up bags to take home!! It’s the sign of Fall in the air… kettle corn poppin’ the old fashioned way!! Munch while you shop or take some for the ride home!! I’m looking forward to the smell in the air!!!

So bring your appetite to the Fall Junk Market!! We’ve got plenty of tasty treats to go around!! Wanna see more?? You can click on any of the images below to learn more about what’s planned for the Fall Junk Market or watch a short video here of our previous markets!! And here are some tips for shopping the market if you’ve never been before!! See ya soon!!

Rusted Roots 2015 Fall Junk Market Vendors #RustedRoots Rusted Roots 2015 Fall Junk Market Music #RustedRoots Rusted Roots 2015 Fall Junk Market Food #RustedRoots
Rusted Roots 2015 Fall Junk Market Pony Rides #RustedRoots Rusted Roots 2015 Fall Junk Market Demos #RustedRoots Rusted Roots 2015 Fall Junk Market Media #RustedRoots

Until next time, let us remember..

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