2016 Year In Review & More

As we embark on a new year, I think it’s always fun to look back. Look back on where we’ve been. What we’ve accomplished and what we dream to achieve in the year to come!! But this year was a little different. As I started to look back on 2016, the growth our little business has seen and where it will take us in 2017… I am reminded of the years prior to 2016 as well. The time and dedication that it took to get us to where we are today! So, if you’re up for a little nostalgia, join me as we look back on our little business… Rusted Roots.

Grand Opening Rusted Roots. Hillsborough, NC #RustedRoots

We cut the ribbon on our very first shop on November 1, 2014. It was an amazing day! It was drizzling rain that day, but that didn’t dampen spirits. We had a small line of people waiting to see what Rusted Roots was all about. A couple of wonderful friends who made it out from Texas for the big day! Even the mayor stopped by! We started the day with a prayer, thanking God for giving us this beautiful place and He has blessed it ever since.

Grand Opening Rusted Roots. Hillsborough, NC #RustedRoots

Every time we open the doors, y’all pour in…

Then we decided, whoa!! We can’t fit all these people in the shop. Let’s take the party out to the big field!! We invited some of our creative friends who have their own small businesses to share in the fun. And Rusted Roots Junk Market was born!! The first outdoor junk market of its kind in NC!! Many vendors coming out for their very first show ever!! And many of those vendors have since gone on to do wonderful things as their businesses have grown too!

Junk Market Rusted Roots. Hillsborough, NC #RustedRoots

You guys loaded up, packed out your cars, your trucks, your husbands lap in the front seat! Ha ha!! Whatever you had to do to get your new ‘old’ treasures home!

Junk Market Rusted Roots. Hillsborough, NC #RustedRoots

So, we decided to do it again… and again!! Three Junk Markets in fact!

Spring 2015

Summer 2015

Fall 2015

And it all summed up a little something like this…

Those were some of the BEST days at Rusted Roots! The friends we made. The food we ate. The music we heard. It was like a big ‘ol party with people who love old junk! We even made the NEWS!! Not once but FOUR times following our Fall Market!! We were so excited!!

After a successful 2015, we knew we had to figure out how to grow WITH our little business. It was kinda growing out from under us!! So we decided to take a month off to reevaluate our goals and how to move forward! Boy, the struggle was real!! But after 31 days off, we learned some big ol’ lessons!!! And we had a game plan and a direction for where Rusted Roots was headed! We needed a FARM!!! A place where we could continue to grow with time and become all that we know Rusted Roots will be! It took us a year to do it, but y’all were there with us every step of the way!! 2016 was filled with lots of little milestones. Like when we got our first truck!! Oh, that was a HAPPY day!!

And THEN when we finally found our little farm!! Our very first farmhouse!!

And y’all!!! We are super excited for this story to continue into 2017!!! We’ve got big plans for this little farm. And we can’t wait to get started. But before we move on to the next chapter in Rusted Roots story, we had some final thoughts to share with you about our time in Hillsborough, what y’all mean to us, and a big ol’ THANK YOU from the bottom of our rust lovin’ hearts for all that you do, day in and day out to make Rusted Roots what it is!! Happy 2017 y’all!! Here’s to making DREAMS COME TRUE!!

Until next time, let us remember..

Beauty Stems from Rusted Roots

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