301 Endless Yard Sale

Y’all, I am sooooo far behind on life!! Seriously. I think it all started piling up about a week ago, just before we kicked off the Summer Junk Market. That week prior to market is all about survival! Ha ha!! And doing only what has to be done to make the market go off without a hitch! That…. I accomplished. Everything else… not so much!!

Travel the 301 Endless Yard Sale with Rusted Roots #RustedRoots

So, about the Junk Market blog post… yeah… I’ll get to it, I promise! In fact, I started working on it tonight when I realized that I have oh-about-400 pictures to sift through. Eeeek. That’s just a little too overwhelming for this gal. So, I decided why not tell y’all about my little getaway to the 301 Endless Yard Sale this morning instead?! ‘Cuz when you’re behind on life, why not hit some yard sales, right??

Travel the 301 Endless Yard Sale with Rusted Roots #RustedRoots

I knew we wouldn’t have long… we had to get back so the hubs could get to work. But we managed to hit a few really great stops. We started near Benson, NC and travelledΒ north along 301 to the Micro area. It was blazing hot, but luckily lots of the vendors had bottled water for sale… GENIUS!!

Travel the 301 Endless Yard Sale with Rusted Roots #RustedRoots

While we found lots of really great treasures for the shop, there were a few things I just couldn’t pass up keeping for myself. One thing for sure is this old set of drawers… with all the springs still inside!!

Travel the 301 Endless Yard Sale with Rusted Roots #RustedRoots

And then this antique farmhouse light!! Yeah, I really want to keep it too! The shades on the lights are tin! Some days I have no problem slappin’ a price tag on things and stickin’ it in the shop, but others I want to keep everything I find!! Ha ha!!

Travel the 301 Endless Yard Sale with Rusted Roots #RustedRoots

And last but not least, the tub will make it to the shop! I’ve got quite the collection at my house. But that spool?? Yeah, it’s the perfect height for a side table in my living room. Soooooo…. wellllll….. you know.

Travel the 301 Endless Yard Sale with Rusted Roots #RustedRoots

All in all, it was an awesome day roundin’ up junk at the 301 Endless Yard Sale!! Did I catch up on life? No. Did I get the Junk Market blog post written? No. Did I get the Fall application finished and sent out to all of you who have asked for it? No. But did I take a much needed break and go junk huntin’? Absolutely!! And sometimes that’s the little breath of fresh air I need to jump back on the horse and tackle the ever growing to-do list!!!

Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. Glad you got a much deserved break away from it all for a little while. You work hard and sometimes you just have to stop and play. Love all of your treasures! Especially the spring drawer cabinet… A little jealous! lol… πŸ˜‰

  2. Candace says:

    Yes, Miss Liz!! I know you know what hard work is all about!! It was a much needed break and now it’s back to the grind!! I’m lucky enough to have a job that I love so I’m okay with the grind!! Hope you are doing well!! πŸ™‚

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