A Day in the Life… Monday Yard Sale and Scotty McCreery

A girl’s gotta prioritize her day, even if that means derailing from the plan for a surprise junk adventure!! Monday and Tuesday are usually my days ‘in the office’. I use those days to get caught up on emails, social media, blog posts, anything that requires me to be tethered to a computer and I always work from a to-do list. On the docket for today…
1. Balance Checkbook & Pay Bills
2. Write DIY License Plate Caddy Blog Post (We made a video!!!)
3. Get Change for our Sale this Weekend in Tennessee
4. Do Laundry and Pack
Did I do any of that?? Nope. Nope. Nope. Aaaaand nope! Here’s what I did instead…
Monday Yard Sale in Creedmoor, NC #RustedRoots
You had me at ‘junk’! So, my blog buddy, Brittany (aka Pretty Handy Girl), sent me a message just before 11am, with a simple ‘what are you doing today?’ Say what?? With two days ’til we hit the road for Tennessee, well, I’m running around like a mad woman!! Then she sent me this picture she saw online and the two magic words… YARD SALE!!
Monday Yard Sale in Creedmoor, NC #RustedRoots
You gotta be kidding me?? A yard sale on a Monday?? And it looks like that?? Say it aint so!!! Ok. When does it start? ‘Noon’ Are you getting there when it first starts? ‘Yes’ Is your van empty in case I can’t fit all my finds in my ‘lil car? ‘Yup’ Well then it’s a date!!! And I had t-minus 45 minutes to drop what I was doing, put on some ‘real’ clothes, gas up, stop by the ATM, and get there!
Boy was it worth it!! Brittany documented our little junk adventure on Periscope! Are y’all on Periscope?? If not, you should be!! It’s like live TV at your fingertips with all of your favorite bloggers, junkers, even celebs!! Download the app on your phone and be sure to follow Rusted Roots (@RustedRootsBlog) and follow Brittany too (@PrettyHandyGirl).
Sweet pickin’ right?? The sun was so harsh out there, I couldn’t get many good pics, but I did snag a pic of this little aqua toy cash register which is one of my favorite finds!! I also scored a sweet chandalier that everyone kept trying to snag out of my pile! Ha ha!! Loads of antique alarm clocks, some super fun coffee and tea cans with bright graphics, a couple of wash boards that will become chalkboards, some old wheels that will become Christmas wreaths! A car load of funky junky finds waiting for their Rusted Roots touch!!
Rusty Aqua Toy Cash Register #RustedRoots #JunkFind
Meanwhile, back at the ranch (if only we had one!!!) the hubs had a pretty eventful day as well!! For those who may not know, he works for a local television station (WRAL Channel 5, if you’re local). He’s the camera guy you see out on the scene! It’s how we met nearly ten years ago, back when I worked in News as well. But, that’s a story for another day! Ha ha!!
Today at work, the hubs got to hang out with Mister McCreery!! You know, Scotty!! Country music artist and American Idol winner. ‘It’s Bo-Time’ if you’re in the south!! I love his music!! And he’s such a down to earth ‘real’ guy! Hmmm… wonder if we can get him to pop in at Rusted Roots next Junk Market???!!
Rusted Roots Meets Scotty McCreery #RustedRoots #ScottyMcCreery
So, that’s a day in the life of Rusted Roots… when we aren’t at the shop! As for the bills, the change, the laundry, the packing, and the other blog post I was supposed to do?? Well, I guess those things will have to happen tomorrow!! That is… unless another junk adventure comes along! Priorities, friends. Priorities. Thank you, Brittany for a fun day out!! It was a blast!! (Isn’t she a doll in her fun hat?!!)
Rusted Roots & Pretty Handy Girl Junkin' #RustedRoots

Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. Ha! I’m so glad you dropped everything. But, I am sorry you didn’t get anything done today that you wanted to get done. Oh well, priorities are important ;-D

    • Junk wins always, Brittany!! Ha ha!! Thanks for the invite and the fun day!! 🙂

    • Nancy Heil says:

      I would have needed a loan before I could get out of there. What a paradise! I was hoping you would pick up the metal cobblers shoe form. I have a whole set with the stand and am looking for an idea of something to do with it. Any thoughts?

      • Oh, Nancy!!! I have a stash of old cobbler shoe forms that I’ve been hoarding for a Christmas upcycle idea that I have!! I’ll be blogging about it soon!!! Be sure to sign up for email alerts at the top of the website so you don’t miss it!! I’m excited!!

  2. awesome place and some really good finds!! I could had done some damage there myself…
    Candace do I need to give you my number ? Good Luck in Tenn…I’ll be keeping up via here and FB…..Trashy Gal Suzy

    • Thanks Suzy!! It was a fun little adventure! We are looking forward to the BIG show in Tennessee!! Lots of pictures will be headed your way I’m sure!! 🙂

  3. Dawn Gosney says:

    Hey, from The Swanky Peacock Vintage. I must have just missed you today. Darn, I missed out on that really sweet cash register, but I’m glad you snagged it. They had some great chippy, rusty things at that sale. Have a great time at your show this weekend. Prayers for good weather and sweet customers.

    • Well, shoot, Dawn!! Too bad we missed each other!! I kinda wanted to go back today! Ha ha!!! I feel like every time I circled that place I saw something I didn’t see that time before! Hope you found some fun junk!! 🙂

  4. I watched the Periscope and soooo wished I were there! I’m in Idaho, so it would have been a bit of a drive 😉 Such great stuff and the prices..OMG so cheap. I love that chandy, I would have tried to steal it too, haha. When Brittany was digging in the rusty pile of parts at the beginning I kept seeing what looked like rusty animal shapes underneath but she didn’t pick them up…would have loved to figure out what that was…

    • Oh, I missed the animal shapes, Colleen!! Even I watch the video and see things that I didn’t see when I was there. Ha ha!! It’s a catch 22 having the video now!! 🙂

  5. Jamie Shearer says:

    Hey Candace,

    All the stuff you left yesterday, I picked up today when I snuck away at lunch and went picking!

  6. Fonda Rush says:

    So, this is what your little piece of heaven might look like! I hope the prices were good and you found lots of junk to bring home! Best wishes…

    • Oh yes, Fonda!! The prices were sweet!! And we found lots of fun treasures!! I wish they were there all the time!

  7. Oh ’em geeee! I want to be there with you two!! I also wish I was going to City Farmhouse’s Pop Up Fair… Feelingkind of jealous today at all of that good junk! Glad you scored some cool junk!

    • Oh man, Liz!! I wish you were nearby too!! We would have a blast junkin’ together! There may be a little bit of a race to get all the vintage suitcases! Ha ha!! Other than that, I think we’d be good!! 😉

      • Lol… Did you see the pic I posted last week? I think I may be good on them. If not, I can buy them at your store when you get them there. Haha… Hope you had a great show in TN.

        • I didn’t see it, Liz!! I have been a little out of the loop the last week or so, prepping to Tennessee! I’ll have to pop over and check it out!! 🙂

  8. Mary Johnson says:

    Candace, I wrote you quite some time back (from Iowa) and asked if I could stop and visit you for a few minutes. And I can do that tomarrow only, for we are headed in that direction. If that is possible, I know your really busy, but I don’t know when I’ll make it back this way again. Thanks Candace

    • Hi Mary! I’m sorry I didn’t get this sooner, but we were in Tennesse anyway, so I wouldn’t have been able to meet up. I hope your trip was fun and that you made it back home safely!!

  9. Thanks you guys for coming out to our Antiques and Junk Sale this week and adding us to your blog :). We have added more neat Junk to the sale and still going today, Friday and Saturday so send all your friends this way. We have really enjoyed everyone coming out and finding some treasures and look forward to another great sale next year at this time. God bless, Becky

    • Thanks Becky!! It was such a fun Monday afternoon break from the norm!! I look forward to coming again next year!! Be sure to let us know when it is!! Happy huntin’!!

  10. mary scott says:

    Thank y’all so much for the video. My house is 100% saturated – I must live thru others’ junkin’ these days. I so enjoyed this post!


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