Antique Shopping in Amish Country {Lancaster, PA}

Finding the best antiques in Amish Country is like anywhere else in the world! You have your famed antique shops in the heart of the tourist area and you have your out of the way, pick-a-barn kind of sales. Finding those secret spots can be tricky, but if you use your secret codeword, and keep your eyes peeled, you are sure to find some amazing treasures!!

A One Day Guide to Antiques Shopping in Lancaster, PA #RustedRoutes

The Rusted Routes of Amish Country led us straight to ‘Bird in Hand’. I’m still not sure if this is a town, or community, or what. But the people of ‘Bird in Hand’ are so kind! They have a farmer’s market where the locals sale their harvest and baked goods. It seems to be the hot spot for shopping in the area. Across the street from the farmer’s market are several little antique shops. The first one we went in happened to be my favorite!!

Amish Country Antiques #RustedRoutes

It was called the Peddler’s Cottage and was jam packed with good ‘ol stuff. It’s my understanding that a lot of the wares in this shop are there on consignment so that means no dealers to work around… and negotiating is a go! This rusty tractor seat lured me right in…

Finding Antiques in Amish Country #RustedRoutes

And the color on these blue shutters was to die for! Can you believe they were only $15 a piece!! But alas, I was travelling in a car, once again, and with myself, my mom, and my step-dad all on board, there just wasn’t room to bring these beauties home. #stillneedacheaptruck

Old Wooden Shutters #RustedRoutes

I did, however, score a couple of small finds in this shop!! I snagged two old wooden shoe molds to add to my collection. These will go great with the ones I found on my Tennessee junk trip! I think I’m up to about 10 or so! I can’t wait to display them! And I also snagged a really great white enamel strainer. Isn’t the patina beautiful?! And it was only $7!! She’ll look great in the kitchen!!

Antique White Enamel Strainer #RustedRoutes

From there, we went right next door to the Old Village Hardware Store. This is where the horse and carriage picked us up for our peaceful ride through the country side. Inside was amazing!!

Old Hardware Store Pennsylvania #RustedRoutes

All of the orginal hardware displays were still there!! Even the price tags for nails, screws, and bolts! And they still sold them right out of the old drawers.

Old Hardware Store Drawers #RustedRoutes

There were a few drawers that were empty… oh, how I would have loved to buy the drawers, but totally respect the fact that they are keeping this old hardware store just like it was decades ago! They are truly preserving the rusted roots of this shop!! And I have a great respect for that!

One more shop in this area, before we hit the road for some off-the-beaten-path shopping. We could have spent hours at the Vintage Antique Market.

Village Antique Market {Amish Country} #RustedRoutes

This market has over 40 dealers and lots and lots of junk!! Here’s the thing with shopping a market… you gotta find a dealer you like and really dig in their booth! Everyone will have different styles and more importantly different prices. Don’t look in the first two booths and give up because the prices seem too high. Each dealer sets their own prices. So, find someone with your style and your price point and dig deep!!

Bird in Hand Antiques Shops #RustedRoutes

I did just that and managed to dig up this old US egg shipping crate. It still has the original shipping label as well as the cardboard inserts! It was shipped from Brooklyn, NY to York, PA. In doing some research, I think it’s from the 1920’s. I asked many of you on Facebook if I should take her home for $35… and the response was unanimous, so under my arm she went and we headed out!

Antique Egg Shipping Crate #RustedRoutes

With my goodies in tow, we hit the road to truly immerse ourselves in the Amish culture and that’s what I would advise anyone travelling the area to do!! There is truly nothing like a family inviting you into their livesto see how they truly live. The only way to do this is to keep your eye out for signs…

Milk Cans for Sale #RustedRoutes

I can’t tell you where these homes are… I mean, I could, but it would be something like ‘first farm on the right’. And that doesn’t help! Ha ha! But the signs are everywhere… just look for them. And ask people! They Amish community is very close and they can lead you to others who may have what you are looking for. I overheard someone wanting fresh bread at a partilcular stop… the sweet lady was quick to direct them to another stop where they sell fresh baked goods. The adventure is yours to have!! Seek out what you are looking for!! And you are sure to find the gems that lie in this beautiful part of the country!!

Beautiful Amish Farm #RustedRoutes

If you want to remember this post for your future trip to the area, pin the image below or share it on Facebook to save it to your timeline. And don’t forget to take the carriage ride through the beautiful country side. It truly is a breath of fresh air!

The Best One Day Guide for Antiques Shopping in Lancaster, PA #RustedRoutes A Carriage Ride Through the Amish Country #RustedRoutes

Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. Great post, Candace! I hope to go to Lancaster some day soon. We have Amish living near us in NY and we see them near Pittsburgh (where my husband is from). There is just something so fascinating about their lifestyle. You found some great stuff. Gonna post this my fb page 🙂

    • Thanks, Diana!!! It was truly such a sweet place. The calm of a simpler day. No rushing. No hustle bustle. Families sticking together to create a life for themselves. I was fascinated, indeed! I struggled not to stare in amazement. Sometimes I wish we could all live that way!

  2. Wow…you were so close to our house. Love Lancaster county!!

    • Oh, wow!! Really, Coniann? I had no idea! I should brush up on my geography! Ha ha!! Mom had been wanting to take me up there for some time. It was a special weekend, filled with lots of great memories for sure!!

  3. My husband and I have been to all of these places twice in the past three months. They have amazing treasures and finds and you can literally spend hours looking. I am a look in every nook and cranny shopper and so my entire day could be spent just in the Antique Mart/Hardware sore since it goes on forever. And just when I thought I was done I learned there was an upstairs and downstairs of even more fabulous finds.

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