Antiques versus Antique Reproductions

“No way. No how. No reproductions. I mean, it totally lessens the value of all of the fabulous authentic antiques that we find! I don’t want any part of that buying in bulk, wholesale, reproduction world. It’s so fake!”

That was me back in 2014 when we first opened the doors to Rusted Roots. And now?? Well, let’s just say I’ve changed my tune just a bit. And I’m here to explain today why we did it!

How to Create a Farmhouse Look on a Budget #RustedRoots

Look at that vignette! Pretty FARM-tastic right?? Let’s break it down for a minute and talk about what really makes up the look that you see here. We’ve got a couple of authentic antique milk cans, a couple of authentic dairy farm milk crates, and a small stack of reproduction dairy farm buttons. WHAT??!! Stop the train!! Repros?? Yes, repros! And here’s why!

How to Create a Farmhouse Look on a Budget #RustedRoots

Are you guys familiar with the antique buttons like this?? You would most popularly see them from Coca-Cola. They were used as a way to advertise at local hardware stores, service stations, etc. So, a dairy farm button like this would serve the same purpose. A local farmer looking to sell some of the milk from his farm to the people in his town.

Now that we understand these buttons… take a look at this and this. Crazy right??! In case, the eBay listings sell the links are to these two Coca-Cola buttons. Authentic antiques. The one on the left is $650 and the one of the right $725.

Antiques for Sale on eBay

I mean, I’m sure that’s a great deal. And if that’s your cup of tea, I’m jealous!!! But if you’re like me you can’t drop that kind of money on a piece of wall decor. Even if it does have incredible history. And not to mention, how many Coca-Cola buttons do you think are out there?? I would venture to guess that there are 80 bazillion more Coca-Cola buttons in circulation than Mister Farmer’s Dairy down the road! So, to find an authentic Dairy Farm button like these would be nearly impossible. Not to mention the price if we could find one!!!

How to Create a Farmhouse Look on a Budget #RustedRoots

So, that my friends is why we made the decision to carry a limited amount of reproduction antiques at Rusted Roots. The reproductions that we carry are a curated collection of carefully selected pieces that are inspired by authentic antiques!! They allow us to have those special pieces to round out your farmhouse look at an affordable price!! And even these can be rare. We found these Dairy Farm buttons and bought all they had! They can’t get more. So what you see if what you get! We like that they are not produced by the millions, so they still have a sense of uniqueness!!

How to Create a Farmhouse Look on a Budget #RustedRoots

So, the next time you see an antique reproduction, we hope you have a new found appreciation for them!! They mix perfectly with your authentic finds and then one day… one day… when you find that authentic Dairy Farm button, you can trade ‘ol faithful in!

Everything you see in the picture will be available at Rusted Roots, July 29-30 sale!! Doors open at 10am! We can’t wait to see you all there!!

Rusted Roots Junk Shop Sale, July 2016 #RustedRoots

Until next time, let us remember..

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