Be BRAVE!! (And a Small Stash of Junk Finds)

I never thought of myself as a ‘brave’ person. I am scared of snakes, lizards, spiders, and the dark! I am terrified of the dark. It totally creeps me out! But often the hubs reminds me that I AM brave and I should be proud of that. And I should encourage other people to be brave too!!

Be BRAVE!! (Road Signs & Gas Nozzles) #RustedRoots

When I was in college, I made the decision to move from North Carolina to Florida to live and work at Disney World! It was an amazing experience, but totally out of my element. I was so scared. I remember the day I left. I cried. I was moving four states away to live with six other girls, none of whom I knew, from all over the country. As I crossed into the state of Florida, the o.j. to welcome me, my car started making a funny noise. I was alone. And scared. I pulled over on the side of the interstate, got out and popped the hood. (Like I knew what I was looking for! Ha ha!) I left the car running. After taking a peak, I didn’t see anything that looked odd. I went back to the car to grab my phone and my doors were LOCKED!! Yup. I wouldn’t make this up. Door locked. Car running. Phone inside. I was horrified!

Unique Glass Insulators #RustedRoots

As I stood there on the side of the busy interstate, a van pulled over and slowly backed towards me. On the back of this work van, it read  “Life Just Got a Little Bit Easier”. Again. Can’t make this up. It was a work van for a company that did commericial washers and dryers at laundromats and hotels. Scared. But desperate. I waited for the man to come over, he asked if I needed help. I told him what I did. He then used tools in his truck to get my car open and help me figure out what was wrong with my car. As it turns out I was dragging a piece of plastic which was making the weird noise. While he was working, he was chatting about where I was going. I told him I was headed to Disney World for the College Program. He laughed. “You’re kidding me!”, he said, “Well, today must be your lucky day. Are you going to be living at such-n-such a hotel?” It was the one where all the College Program students stay. He told me that he just installed new washers and dryers at that apartment complex and they only take a special card that you purchase credits towards. He then went to his truck and gave me a card with $50 on it to use for my laundry while I was away. Someone was looking out for me that day.

I was brave.

Be BRAVE! (Old Street Signs) #RustedRoots

And then there was the time after graduation, that I packed my little car and moved halfway across the country to be a News Reporter. I was terrified. I didn’t know anyone. But I was a dream chaser (still am!) and I knew I had to start small. It turned out to be one of the best things I ever did. I was there for just a couple months working as a News Reporter before I was promoted to Weekend Anchor. And in less than four months, had made it on CNN. Talk about chasing dreams and making them happen!!

I was brave.

Vintage Wooden Shoe Molds #RustedRoots

And then a little over a year and a half ago, I stepped away from the corporate world to chase, yet another dream. Who knows where this chase will take me. But I know one thing… although I have never considered myself to be brave. I am. And you are! Whether you realize it or not. YOU. ARE. BRAVE. Don’t doubt that! Whatever it is that you want to do, whatever it is that you are scared of, whatever it is that’s holding you back… kick it to the curb and DO IT! Because you, too, are brave!!

It’s like the horse we saw this past weekend, on the back roads. Bless his heart. He was well beyond his comfort zone. But he was curious. What else was out there?? I challenge you to do the same. Step out. Take a risk. Live like there’s no tomorrow!! Because you just never know. There might not be!!

Be Brave!! Take the Road Less Traveled!! #RustedRoots
While I’ve got you… and we’re talking about chasing dreams, no better time to share with you the dates for Rusted Roots 2015 Spring Junk Market! We are fielding applications now, and boy do we have some talented junkers in these parts!! It’s gonna be amazing!!

Rusted Roots 2015 Spring Junk Market #RustedRoots #JunkMarket

And you’ve got our February show to look forward to as well!! February 20-22!! We’ll open our shop for three days… packed to the rim with rusty, junky finds!! Make sure you follow along on Facebook and Instagram to see what we find!!

Rusted Roots February Junk Show #RustedRoots #JunkShow

Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. Jo Ann Miller says:

    You were really brave to move to West Texas! But it wasn’t so bad after all. Look at all of the nice people you met – hint, hint! Keep up the good work and tell Bill hi! Hugs

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