Be Prepared: The Ultimate Yard Sale Kit

You wouldn’t go bowling without a ball or bowling shoes and you wouldn’t go to the movies without some candy stashed in your bag.

(Don’t tell me you pay $6 for a box ‘o chocolates at the theater?! If so, you need to stick with me! I’ll save ya some dough!)

So, why go to the World’s Largest Yard Sale without the Ultimate Yard Sale Kit!! What? You don’t have one? Well, it’s your lucky day, my friend! Today, I’m sharing what’s in my Yard Sale Kit, why you need one, and what to put in yours! It’s part of my Top Ten Tips for Yard Sale Shopping!

Top Ten Tips for Yard Sale Shopping by Rusted Roots

The list is pretty straight forward. Start gathering your supplies a couple weeks before and add to the stash as you go along. Now there’s one thing that won’t fit in my handy little wooden caddy. So he’s riding solo…

Ridin’ Solo:
A Collapsable Wagon

While it won’t fit in our kit, persay, we simply can’t hit the 127 Yard Sale without our collapsable canvas wagon. It fold flat and is super helpful for shows and other times when we know we wil be walking far and may not be able to offload our finds in the car. Keep in mind, you have two options: Park your car and walk for a while before heading back or get in and out of your car every few feet. From what I hear, if you want to see anything, you better park your car and put on your walking boots!! The wagon will come in handy!!

Now for the actual kit…

Top Ten Tips for Yard Sale Shopping {Tip #1}

In our Kit:

Furniture Blankets and Tie Downs

This girl still doesn’t have a truck or a trailer! Can you believe I do what I do… me and my little Toyota Corolla!! Now both my parents and the in-laws own SUVs so we borrow those when we do shows, but this girl needs a truck!! Let me know if you know of someone looking to offload an old rusty one!! So, with that being said, furniture blankets and tie downs go everywhere with us! But even if you have a truck, tie downs and furniture blankets will allow you to safely stack your goodies and protect them from getting damaged. We have tied some crazy junk to the top of our car!!

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Packing Materials: Bubble Wrap & Tape

If you know you are planning to buy glassware or something that may break, bubble wrap is a no brainer. Stuff it all in a plastic storage box and then when you find a piece wrap it up and pack it away. It’s sure to make it home in one piece that way! That tape and bubble wrap will also come in handy if you need to wrap a large mirror or piece of art.

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A Tape Measure

Especially if you plan on buying furniture, a tape measure is super handy! Measure your space at home before you go. Nothing bums me out more than finding an awesome piece, getting it home, and realizing it doesn’t fit. Off to the shop she goes! A tape measure is also great to have if you plan to buy old doors or windows! Especially if you want to use one of the old doors in your own house! And measure your windows at home too! Write it down. You never know when you may find some awesome old shutters or even curtains! And lastly, having a tape measure, you are sure to make at least one friend! Someone will need a tape measure and not have one! <insert superhero music> Heeeeere I come to save the daaaaaaay!! It’s one more way you can make friends without using the magic word!!

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A Hammer, Two Screwdrivers, Pliers, and a Wrench

Because you just never know! You may need to take something apart to fit it in your car or take the back off of something to find a date. You may need to tighten a screw to make sure a piece will be sturdy. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Reusable Grocery Bags

I just stuff some reusable grocery bags in my wagon before I head out. It’s nice to have something to house all of your small finds as you walk around. They will keep everything from shifting around in the wagon and in your car!

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A Spare Key

Sounds silly! But I can tell you, I have locked myself out of my car twice in as many months. I tell you from experience. You do not want to be out in the middle of nowhere and lock your keys in your car. You will be getting in and out a lot… and often with lots of other stuff in your hands. It’s easy to do people! Easy to do! Just have an extra key made before you head out and put it in a different place. In your wallet. In your bag. Somewhere other than the keys you use to drive. You’ll thank me later, when you get to use that locksmith money to buy more junk!!

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Cell Phone & Car Charger

So maybe this seems like a no brainer, but you will be using your phone like none other! You will need it first and foremost for safety! You don’t want to be out there with no way to connect with the outside world! Ha ha! And you will also be using it for looking up items that you are buying. How old is this? What does this stamp mean? I’ve never seen this brand. I use my phone all the time!! And of course to take pics and keep all you lovelies right by my side via Instagram and Facebook! You’re with me right?? I’ll need your advice along the way!! That phone charger will be your saving grace! (Especially if you’re an adventurer and not of the shower-takin’ type!) I also use my phone to take notes of areas that I like, booths that I want to remember, or items that I may come back for later.

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Snacks & Water Bottle

I won’t go too much into detail about this… I have a whole tip dedicated to your rumbly belly!! But know that your yard sale kit is a great place to store those extra snacks and your water bottle (until you fill it up, of course)!

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Hand Sanitizer & Toilet Paper

I’m not sayin’ but I’m just sayin’. Do I really need to explain this one?

The hand sanitizer is useful too before eatin’ time! You’re gonna be touching lots of old junk! You’re gonna get dirty! And you likely won’t have a fancy bathroom with warm water and soap to wash up. Believe me, hand sanitizer is better than nothing!!

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Color Samples

I’ve never done this, nor do I plan to. But, I have seen people out at yard sale with samples of the fabrics in their home. If they are shopping for curtains or pillows, they have a sample of the fabric that they aready have or a paint sample to try to match up. Handy if you’re that organized. Not me. I’ll just paint it to  match! Ha ha!!

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And that’s what we call the Ultimate Yard Sale Kit!! Anything we left out?? If so, do tell!!

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Happy Yard Sale Shopping!!

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Until next time, let us remember..

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