Aaaand We’re Off… and We’re Giving Away FREE Tees!!

Aaaaaaaaand we’re off!!! 127 Yard Sale… here we come!! Whew!! Y’all should have seen me the last couple hours! I have been running around like a rooster with my head cut off!! (‘Cuz how come the chicken is the only one to get his head cut off??) Anywho… while I should have been packing the suitcase, loading a cooler with bottled water and the like, you know what I was busy doing?!!!!


Find the Van.. Take a Pic.. Win a Tee!! #RustedRoots #127YardSale

Find the Van.. Take a Pic.. Win a Tee!! #RustedRoots #127YardSale

Sweetest 127 ride evaaaaah!!! Ha ha!! Until we get our own rig, I figure I’d pimp out the rental!! Our home for the next five days!! Oh yeah, travel like the gypsies!! So why not make it cute, right?? Oh, and while we’re at it, why not incorporate a FUN GAME!!! Sooooo, we’ve been chatting on Facebook and Instagram and I know that lots of you junkers will be hitting the 127 trail alongside us this weekend!! It’s gonna be ONE BIG JUNKIN’ PARTAY!! So, if you spot the Rusted Roots van… here it is again…

Find the Van.. Take a Pic.. Win a Tee!! #RustedRoots #127YardSale

Stop! Collaborate! And snap a selfie!!! Pose with the van… share it on Instagram or Facebook and be sure to tag us!! #RustedRoots THEN… at the end of the yard sale we will pick FIVE LUCKY WINNERS from all your selfies and mail ya a sa-weet Rusted Roots tee-shirt!!! Holllaa!! Fun stuff, right??

So keep your eyes peeled and be sure to follow on social media, we’ll be sharing our favorite stops so you’ll have a better chance of finding us!! In the mean time, if you’re heading out for your first go ’round on the 127 Yard Sale, here are our top ten tips for shopping the route… boy I wish we’d known this stuff last year!!

Top Ten Tips for Yard Sale Shopping by Rusted Roots

And if you want a good laugh or two, check out our 2014 Yard Sale Adventure!! It’s got some good nuggets of info and our favorite spots along the route!! Until we meet on the 127…. happy junkin’, safe travels, and I’ll race ya to the rust!!

Day One: World's Largest Yard Sale #RustedRoutes World's Longest Yard Sale {Day Two in Kentucky} #RustedRoutes worlds-longest-yard-sale-127-tennessee highway-127-worlds-longest-yard-sale-georgia-alabama

Until next time, let us remember..

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