The Truth Behind Nature’s Junk Mysteries

Awesome Pictures and Stories Where Nature and Junk Collide! #RustedRoots

So, it’s been a week or so since we ditched our traditional hours at the shop and started preps for our monthly junk shows!! And boy have we been busy busy busy diggin’, pickin’, hittin’ the best back roads around!! Some day are dirtier than others! Ha ha! In fact, it was that dirty day last week that I stumbled across a piece of junk that I just can’t get out of my head… this old iron bed!

Tree Grows Through Old Iron Bed!! #RustedRoots

Is that not the wildest thing you’ve ever seen? The tree has grown THROUGH the headboard and footboard of that old bed! I was excited when I spotted it across the way, but when I went to load her up. Uh. There was no budging that thing. It amazes me how the tree has survived. I’m no horticulturalist, but it would seem to me that the iron bed would have strangled it. But no! It was one of the tallest trees I’ve ever seen! Talk about some Rusted Roots and growing no matter what tries to hold you back!!

How Did This Happen?? Tree through Bed!! #RustedRoots

There’s no telling how long that old bed has been sitting out there. Or better yet… why?? Who puts a bed outside?? Hmm. That got me to thinking about the famous ‘Bike in the Tree’ in Vashon Island, Washington. I wonder how that bike got there?? It must be the same sort of story, right?

The True Story Being the Famous Bike in the Tree! #RustedRoots


There’s lots of stories out there about a soldier boy who parked his bike, went off to war and never came back. But when I stumbled across this newspaper article from 2009, I have to believe this is the true story of that ‘ol bike. Don’tcha think??

97 Year-Old Mother Tells the True Story of the Bike in the Tree! #RustedRoots

That’s some story, right?? I just LOVE it!! If only we could learn the story of that old iron bed. But perhaps leaving the story of that old bed untold is better. Since the famous ‘Bike in the Tree’ went viral, in just the last year, vandals have wreaked havoc on the piece of history. It makes me so sad. It started with someone stealing the handlebars off of the bike.

Vandals Steal Handlebars from Famous Bike in Tree. #RustedRoots


And less than six months ago, the front wheel. An amazing piece of history destroyed in less than a year. It breaks my heart. What is wrong with people?? Now lovers of history like myself will never be able to see this ‘ol bike in person. Residents in the area have vowed to replace the old bike parts and rebuild it. But it will never be the same.

Vandals Destroy Famous Bike in Tree. #RustedRoots


With that being said, I guess some stories are left untold. Those who discover the beauty can appreciate it and let it be. Leaving it for generations to come.

On a happy note, I just love the community we have created over on Facebook!! It’s like having some of my best junker friends along on every adventure we embark on!! When I shared the bed in the tree over the weekend, Mary sent me this picture!! It was just too beautiful not to share!! Ya’ll have a wonderful week!!

Beautiful Old Truck & Other Amazing Rusty Junk in Nature! #RustedRoots


Until next time, let us remember..

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