Breaking News: ABC 11 Gives Rusted Roots a Thumbs Up!

Soooooo, this happened…


That’s ABC 11’s Amber Rupinta giving Rusted Roots a BIG thumbs up!! Woot woot!! Y’all had to know I was up to something today when I posted this picture on Instagram and Facebook! Y’all know I don’t do makeup much these days!!


But I was stoked for the opportunity to share with the region what we have in store for Rusted Roots Junk Market this weekend! So, a little mascara never killed anyone! Our vendors have worked so hard and people need to know what we’re all about!! I had so much fun showing Amber the shop… and shootin’ the breeze, one newsie to another!! (Yes, I’m a former newsie!)


Then it was time to get in front of the camera! I have to admit, I feel pretty comfortable in that spot! I happen to love the camera!! But it was a little odd being the questionee instead of the questioner! Don’t know that I have ever been on that side of the story.


But I’d say it went pretty well!! We had fun and that’s all that matters!! So, wanna see the story???

You can read about it on ABC 11’s website here… and as soon as the video is available, I will post it here as well!!

You can catch it on ABC 11 today at 4pm! And again tomorrow morning, tomorrow at noon, and this weekend on the morning show too!! Thank you ABC 11 for supporting small business! And thank you Amber for the ‘official’ THUMBS UP!!

See the full music lineup as well as the food trucks that are coming HERE!!

And check out the full lineup of JUNK-tastic vendors HERE!!

Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. mary scott says:

    The video is there. Great publicity! I hope you do really well this market with > 2000 shoppers. Sounds like fun to me! I am too far away. :^(

  2. Fonda Rush says:

    You’re gooooood! Wish we could attend, but you’re a little too far for a day trip! Best wishes!

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