Choices: How to Pick the Best Stops

So you’ve arrived!! You driven hours or days to get to the World’s Largest Yard Sale! And you’re there! People are everywhere! You’re thinking, “when did this thing start again??” There are sales every where you look! People are already loading fun stuff in the back of their truck. You’re antsy! You’re dying to get out! You just want to buy something, so you too can proudly carry her back and load her up! But before you go jumpin’ the gun… you’ll wanna know how to find the best spots!!

Top Ten Tips for Yard Sale Shopping by Rusted Roots

Who wants to waste their time getting out at a sale that has nothing that you want!! For me, I’m into funky junky rusty old stuff!! And the occasional wooden crate! Ha ha! So, if I see a sale with baby clothes, a stroller, and a Barbie Power Wheels…. probably not the stop for me! But it’s not always that easy, right? And you know the golden rule of yard sale shopping, so we gotta get it right the first time! No stopping in our tracks to gawk at what they have scattered across their lawn! That’s why picking the best spots is Tip #6 in my Top Ten Tips for Yard Sale Shopping.

Top Ten Tips for Yard Sale Shopping {Tip #6}

So here are some tips for picking a good stop without getting out of your car!

Think: What do I want to buy?

And: Who will have it?

For the Antique Lover

This is where you’ll find me!! You can bet your bottom yard sale dollar, I will be at every house that looks to be built in the early 1900’s. Those people are bound to have old stuff!! They either love old things, which is why they bought the house! Or they are older and have lived there for decades! Either way, it’s a win! They will likely have old junk waiting for a new lease on life. My next stops will be all of the houses with barns or old storage buildings! Those people have space to hide away all of their old stuff. Who knows how long some of that stuff may have been gathering dust! Or even better… rusting!! Older people also have the best stories. I love talking to the older generations… they are so sweet… and often just want someone to talk to. They have stories like we will never experience. I LOVE it!! It’s one of my favorite things about doing something like this… the people!!

For the Modern Decor Lover

While this isn’t my cup of tea, lots of people are into the modern vibe. Shiny, sleek lines. I guess that’s right. My guess would be you would find this in a newer subdivision, new houses = lovers of new things (most of the time!) Our house was built in 2008. I’m an exception, I suppose. And be sure to pay attention to the outdoor decor. Is the yard well landscaped, straight lines, everything neat? Chances are they’re your kind ‘a people! Do you they have old wheel barrows and watering cans adorning their landscape? You can send ’em my way!!

For the Family Starting Out

And for the family starting out… maybe you are looking for baby stuff, household items, clothes, etc. Look for people like you! Are there young families set up? Do you see children gallavanting around? Or a swingset in their yard? Chances are they may have what you are looking for!

Keep in mind, yard sales off of the beaten path won’t have as much traffic and may be the jackpot if you are looking for something specific. Many people will not want to get off of 127. And you also have the yard sales that will stand alone… not in a big cluster. People are less likely to stop there too! Don’t be afraid to deviate from the crowd. That may be where you find the best stuff!! And keep in mind, if it’s the last day… those who are set up in front of their house will likely have no problem taking everything back inside, but those who have a truck and trailer are not gonna wanna load that stuff back up! And you know what that means… JACKPOT!!

So, while your neighbor is gawking, picking their nose (was that too much?), you’ll be whizzing by picking the best spot and picking the best junk!!

Yeah, that was probably too much! But, you know you’ll see it! Okay, letting it go!!

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Happy Yard Sale Shopping!!

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