Day Five: Starting to Feel Like Home & a Vintage Camper

T-G-I-Friday!! Our first Friday in the farmhouse and it finally started to feel like home!! Looking back on our first two weeks on the farm, I realize that documenting those fourteen days was more for us, than you guys. It has been so much fun editing these videos and seeing little snippets of those first couple weeks.

Day Five of 'Fourteen Days to Farmhouse' Series at #RustedRoots

Day five on the farm was the day it finally started to feel like home. We finally started unpacking a few boxes, putting things in the kitchen cabinets, and started setting up house. You can tell we were both pretty excited and had a LOT to say… our video that day was nearly twenty minutes long!! Isn’t that sitcom length?? Ha ha!! But if you’re in for a little entertainment, here’s how our fifth day on the farm shaped up!

Funny how the smallest things can make you feel right at home, right?? And ironically, as we started unpacking the big ‘ol storage unit, we couldn’t believe what Bill unearthed.

This Is Home Sign #RustedRoots #Farmhouse

It couldn’t have been found on a more perfect day! ‘This is the place we gladly call home & for this we are forever grateful’. Our sentiments for the day to a ‘T’! We feel so fortunate to have found this beauty. A needle in a haystack, no doubt. If you missed the story of how we found our old farmhouse you can read it here, but we have no doubt, this little five acre farm in Mebane, NC was put in our path for a reason and we plan to make the very most of it every single day.

'This is the Place we Gladly Call Home and for This We Are Forever Grateful.' #RustedRoots #Farmhouse

And can you believe the surprise hiding behing the old horse barn?!??? Seriously?? A 1969 Shasta camper! Another sign that this little farm was meant for us. It was almost two years to the day that God closed the door on our camper dreams. Remember that? I was crushed. I laid in the bed that day feeling like I didn’t know where to go from there to grow this little business I had started, Rusted Roots! And look where it has taken us!! Just ONE WEEK later, we found a little brick shop just off the interstate! That, my friends, became Rusted Roots Hillsborough!

 And now almost two years to the day… a vintage camper!! All in His time! Like Bill mentioned in the video, the camper is in great shape… complete with the original avacado green ice box and range. It even has the WINGS!!! I love wings!! Especially when they adorn the side of an old Shasta camper! We’ve got a lot to learn about vintage campers and getting her all fixed up. But it’s another adventure we absolutely cannot wait to take on!

First Generation Farmers #RustedRoots #Farmhouse
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Day Five: Starting to Feel Like Home & a Vintage Camper

Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. Jo Miller says:

    It is amazing that you have bought a Shasta camper because we had one also. I think ours was about a 1968-69 but much to my dismay it did not have wings! ?? It was 12 footer AND we had three boys. They were 12, 9, and 5! We covered lots of ground in it. Can’t wait to see yours. It and the house. ??

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