Day Three: Unpacking & Cleaning the Barn

Bill was born in California. Grew up travelling all over the world, a child of the military. He lived most of his life up north (bless his heart) with a couple stays in Okinawa, Texas, and South Carolina. So, the day I heard him say we were ‘gonna muck out the barrrrn’ in his most southern accent… that was the day I knew he had been transformed! Ha ha!! He was a southerner!

Day Three of 'Fourteen Days to Farmhouse' Series at #RustedRoots

It was our third day on the farm. On the agenda, ‘muck’ out the barn and get to work on unpacking our storage containers delivered the day before. Pretty amazing how they hauled those suckers into or backyard, huh??

If you skipped right over that video, well, you missed Bill’s country twang!! It’s ok. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of it in the coming days!! <wink> So, first things first, we needs to get to work on the ol’ horse barn. It was a mess.

Muck Out the Old Horse Barn #RustedRoots #FourteenDaystoFarmhouse

To look at that picture, you may think something was on fire. Nope!! That’s dust!! Dust from sweeping out the ol’ barn! Don’t believe me? Watch!!!

Crazy, right??? And I know. I know. We should have had masks on. But people!!! Do you know how long it would have taken us to FIND our masks! And we could have gone to buy more, but I was antsy. I just wanted to get to work. So, we did the ol’ tuck-your-nose-in-your-tee-shirt move and made do with what we had!! Ha ha! We survived!

And while cleaning out the barn, we found some pretty neat things!! Look at all these old jars.

Collections of Old Jars Found in the Old Barn #RustedRoots #FourteenDaystoFarmhouse

Aren’t they great?? And believe it or not, there are old jars under the barn too! And out in the woods, there are piles of old jars and rusty cans. My kind of scavenger hunt. Something else that was in the old barn were these fabulous buckets.

Old Antique Well Buckets #RustedRoots #FourteenDaystoFarmhouse

I spotted those old buckets when we first bought the house and asked the sellers if they knew anything about their history. He said that they were in the old barn when they bought the house 26 years ago. And he thinks that they were likely the original well buckets for the old hand-dug well that is still on the property. Remember, they were only the second family to ever live in this 1933 farmhouse. I love to think that the Cook family took those old buckets out to the well back in the 30’s and 40’s. I love this old farm more and more every day.

Once the barn was cleaned out, it was time to unpack the storage units.

Funny story. That first lock that Bill tried to open wouldn’t budge for the light of day. I thought, for sure, he had the wrong key. But he swore up and down it was the right one. We worked all day on the two smaller storage units because we couldn’t get the larger one open!!!! I didn’t know what we were gonna do!

As the evening came upon us and the sun began to set. We started packing up for the day and out of nowhere, I hear a exclamation, “Boooo-yah!!!!!” And Bill threw something at the ground! It was the lock!! He got it off! Ha ha!! The only thing we can figure is that perhaps the heat from the sun had swollen the lock too tight to open. As the sun set and it got a bit cooler, it must have loosened it just enough for it to open. We were ecstatic!!! And yes, I issued an apology. When you’re wrong, you’re wrong. He had the right key the whole time!!

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Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. Cheryl Frederick says:

    Wow……you sure packed those storage crates to the max!!
    Some of the old jars you found in the barn are coffee jars….sweet!
    The white bucket with the lid is really an enamelware commode used in the middle of the night so they did not have to go out to the outhouse to do their business! (I keep one in my bathroom to hold extra rolls of TP!)
    Really enjoying the videos of your new journey I to farm life!! Love you guys!

  2. Cool! Cheryl’s right, the white enamel pot is a chamber pot! Fun finds in the ol’ barn!!

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