How to Make a Simple Table & a Dozen Upcycle Ideas

Whoa, Nelly!! September is going to be a ca-razy month!! We will be hosting our first ever Rusted Routes adventure! (Sign up here.) We are lined up to be at the Raleigh Flea Market September 20-21st! And I may or may not be on a little show… something about a wheel and some fortune!! Uh huh. More details on that coming soon!! So, amidst all the chaos that lies ahead, I am focusing on one thing at a time. It’s the only way to tackle the beast!!

Today, I focused on getting things ready for the Flea… all my funky junk is in one place, price tags flyin’, paint brushes flippin’, you should see our house! But one thing that was super simple was building this little upcycled table. We will have it at the Flea to display our finds… and to sell!!

Upcycle an Old Door into a Table #RustedRoots

It’s not rocket science. And it took us all of about 5 minutes. Literally. We started with an old chippy door that I had stowed in the garage, as well as an old sewing machine base. Rusty… just the way I like it!

Sewing Machine Base and Old Chippy Door #RustedRoots

The hubs whipped this one up… drilling pilot holes in the door, lining up the sewing machine base and screwing it all together. We don’t really measure. We just eyeball it!! Yup. That looks centered!!

How to Build a Table from an Old Door #RustedRoots

A couple of washers tightened things up nicely, so there was no wobble, and kept the screws from slipping through the holes! Look at those casters!!

Yellow Chippy Door Turned Table #RustedRoots

Super simple, right? I probably could have whipped up another one in the time it took me to tell you how to do it!

Chippy Wood Door Table #RustedRoots

I always like to have tables like this when I do shows, as opposed to folding card tables. They add so much to the feel of the space! But don’t get me wrong, I have card tables that I break out when these pieces sell. I cover them with burlap sacks to try to hide them a bit and they work just fine! It’s all about staging for me!! I love a good styled space filled with rusty junk!!

Small Page Divider

Speaking of rusty junk… I was blown away when I posted this picture on Facebook & Instagram earlier this week! Some rusty snaffle bits that I came across on one of my adventures. I mentioned that I saw bracelets, and asked what you saw?! Wowza!! Are ya’ll some creative junkers!!

Rusty Old Snaffle Bits Upcycle #RustedRoots

Here are just some of the suggestions you had, that blew me away:

On Facebook …

Susan writes:
“The central piece for wind chimes and mobiles, and even drapery hooks or tiebacks.”

Carol writes:
“Kitchen towel Holders!!’ Or Bathroom Towels!! Curtain tie backs!!”

Amy writes:
“Depending on how strong they are – plant hangers maybe! (or just really cool things to hang on random hooks around my house)”

Patricia writes:
“I used mine to hang decorative kitchen towels on the side of the upper cupboards.”

Janet writes:
“Make a chandelier with them”

Eve made me laugh when she said: “Tetanus shot lol”

And one person, Miss Sharon, noticed that the snaffle bits were hanging from old spoons!! Double upcycle! Good eye, Sharon!!

Awesome Ideas for Upcycling Old Snaffle Bits #RustedRoots

On Instagram 

jamisrobb writes:
“Great scarf holders…or chained together (garland like) and clipping photos or kids art work in the circles…Oohhhh how bout tie backs for curtains…”

sccrstph writes:
“bathroom hand towel holder!”

cocoinbonita writes:
Earrings! Just kidding!”

Oh, cocoinbonita!! Earrings!! Ha ha! That one made me chuckle too!! I tell ya, if you’re not following along over on Facebook and Instagram , you should join the party! We have such a fun group of junker-upcycle-DIYers over there!! Never a dull moment with these ladies!! And some gents!! The gents usually come around when we are chatting about rusty trucks or tailgates! Ha ha!! See ya over there!!

P.S. Wanna remember these ideas for later?? Pin the image below! Or share it on Facebook to save it to your timeline!!

Awesome Ideas for Upcycling Old Snaffle Bits #RustedRoots

Until next time, let us remember..

Beauty Stems from Rusted Roots

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