DIY Vintage Shopping Bags & Barn Wood Display

“Only you, Candace! Only you!”  I have heard my mom utter these word quite a few times over the last couple of weeks. It seems that I always choose to do things the hard way! Ha ha!! Pin-sized holes in my price tags… they’re cuter that way! Scraping windows with a single razor blade… it’s what I had on hand! And hand stamping over 400 shopping bags!! Okay, so we stopped at 150. But they’re are still 250 to be done!! Hey, they look vintage!! Me likey!! And I believe all those small details make all the difference!!

DIY Vintage Shopping Bags #RustedRoots

Besides, mom seemed to have the stamping thing down to a science. Ink pad here. Ink pad there. Stamp and hold. Now, do the shimmy!!! And voila!! Don’t believe me???

Ha ha!! I tell ya, we have had some good times over the last couple weeks. I don’t know if we have laughed so much because it’s fun or because we are totally sleep deprived and delirious! But, either way, we’ve had some good times!! Memories in the making!! So, after countless hours of stamping bags, shimmy and all… and just as long searching for more ink, I knew these bags had to have a special place in the shop. No ‘under-the-counter’ for these babies! They needed to be displayed!! So, I dug this old piece of wood out, it was left over from our barn wood walls.

Simpe Barn Wood Hooks #RustedRoots

 And remembered that I had these three awesome rusty hooks waiting for just the right project…

Rusty Old Hooks #RustedRoots

 And this was it!! Now, in the words of Mama Rusted Roots… Voila!! Barn wood bag holder!!

Easy DIY Barn Wood Coat Rack #RustedRoots

 It was soooo easy to make and totally has the Rusted Roots vibe. Doesn’t it look great on the tin wall??

DIY Barn Wood Hooks #RustedRoots

The hooks are so tall that I can stash lots of bags on them and don’t have to worry about them falling off. They really are the perfect hooks for something like this. I don’t even remember where I got them. You know… it’s one of those things that has been in our garage for months!!

Barn Wood Rusty Hooks #RustedRoots

I spaced the hooks evenly and it just so happened, it was perfect for the three size bags we have!

Upcycled Barn Wood Coat Rack #RustedRoots

So, if you come to the Grand Opening this Saturday, November 1st and snag you some rusty junk, you’ll have a fun bag to take it home in!!

How to Make a Barn Wood Coat Rack #RustedRoots

And if you don’t mind… take a moment to notice the pin-sized holes on the price tags… ha ha!!! Those who strung those wee little price tags will appreciate it!! “Only you, Candace! Only, you!”

Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. Oh my gosh…I love it…right down to the pin holes..I’m with you, just a little more work but so go girl and again congrats for taking the plunge everything looks awesome, now sit back and take it all in..wishing again great success on November 1st..only if you were closer I would be there first thing!

  2. Love them. I do the same thing with my bags at my Cameron Street Festival shows. I love the big stamp..if you don’t mind sharing (if you do no problem) where did you find such a big stamp?
    I wish I was close enough to come to the shop but we are stationed in Texas till this June. I love Danielle’s signs and she is such a fun girl. I will be by once back to Sanford, NC you can count on that.

  3. I carry a lot of recycled artists etc. in my shop and have vintage display furniture for sale with all new women’s clothing etc.
    I have been looking for a big hand stamp for bags.Where did you get yours if you don’t mind?
    Congratulations I just reopened my store after 3 years and I had it for 20 and hard hard work it was…
    All the best,

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