Farm Fresh Finds from PA

We know it’s out there! Hidden in an old barn somewhere. Someone’s attic. Some old farmhouse that’s nearing it’s final days. It’s like hidden treasure and all we have to do is find the map. You know, the one with the big red X and all the dotted lines that mark our path. Ha ha! If only it were that easy. Each time we hit the road is different. Sometimes we know exactly where we are going -and we’ve seen pictures of the places we will be picking. Other times, we have absolutely no idea and simply go where the wind leads us.

Over the last few years, we have developed relationships with pickers up in PA. They keep an eye out for us, shop the Amish farm auctions, and even build for us on occasion. We are blessed. And then sometimes we stumble across beautiful barns like this one…

Amish Barn in Pennsylvania #RustedRoots

It seems Memorial Day weekend is the weekend for barn sales, yard sales, oh! and amazing fire department chicken fundraisers!! Y’all it was honestly THE. BEST. CHICKEN. I have ever eaten. But I digress. I love stopping at random barn sales becasue more often than not the owner is part of a larger community of people looking to get rid of stuff. And if you’re lucky it’s old farm ‘stuff’ like this!

Fresh Farm Finds #RustedRoots

Fresh Farm Finds #RustedRoots A-Treat Vintage Soda Bottles #RustedRoots Old Galvanized Chicken Feeders #RustedRoots Chippy Desk & Baskets #RustedRoots      Old Barn Finds #RustedRoots

I mean, can you believe the size of this chicken feeder?!?!

Giant Chicken Feeder #RustedRoots

One of our picker friends had these old rusty chairs on hand. And it took us T-minus two minutes to look at the chairs, look at each other, and make a mad dash to the collection of galvanized tubs to see if we could find one that fit. BINGO!

Upcycled Planter Chairs #RustedRoots

And our builder friend made this awesome kitchen island! The base is an old cabinet so there’s plenty of storage on the backside. Honestly, it would make an awesome indoor/outdoor bar. Or even a standing desk. The galvanized top makes for a smooth surface for writing!

Upcycled Galvanized Kitchen Island or Bar #RustedRoots

And he made us this old chicken nesting box table!! Look at the legs… they’re made from an old ladder. I tell ya. When you meet people that ‘get’ you, keep ’em close!!! This piece made me so happy!!

Upcycled Chicken Nesting Box Table #RustedRoots

It was another successful trip to PA. We love going up there! It’s just such a peaceful place. We love supporting the people up there. They are such hard workers. And honestly, there is nothing like driving those country roads, windows down, cows grazing in the pastures that go on for miles and miles. It’s such a sweet break from the fast pace of life that we often see here at home.

Not to mention, the drive there and back gives the hubby and I time to chat, brainstorm, and dream about what’s next for us and for Rusted Roots. Once we get home, we know we’ve got our work cut out for us. With the recent purchase of our new trailer, we’re able to buy a lot more than we could before! And that’s GREAT!!! But it also means our hands are full when we get home…

But isn’t it such a lovely load?!!! Hard to believe that was just EIGHT days ago!! Now, eight days, and hundreds of price tags later…

Small Business Branding & Price Tags #RustedRoots

We are ready for our June 9-10 barn sale in Mebane!! See you there!!

Rusted Roots June 2017 Barn Sale #RustedRoots

Until next time, let us remember..

Beauty Stems from Rusted Roots

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  1. NANCY MYERS says:

    Hi there, just found your intriguing website, can you tell me your business hours? We’d sure like to come and look around…thanks.
    Nancy Myers

    • Hi Nancy!! We host occasional barn sales on our property in Mebane,NC. The dates are on our homepage. Our next sale is May 11-12! We also sale at Dates are listed on that website as well!