Finally… We Got a Truck!!

You may say we’ve arrived! We’ve made it BIG TIME! These small town dreamers have hit a milestone in our little business we are building. But before we shout from the rooftops, let’s take a quick look back. This was the scene, March 2014. It was a glorious day. Fabulous finds at a local auction piled high atop… yeah, my little red Toyota Corolla!! Look at that stackage…


For months, we borrowed our parents SUVs. With little money to put toward renting anything. Then another milestone, we got to the point we could rent a cargo van! It was a big day. And then nearly two years later we rented our first pickup truck. Yeah, that’s when we went all Sanford and Son…

After that trip, we were hooked. We HAD to figure out a way to buy a truck! With skills like that, we could pack a truck with TONS of barn finds. So, we started looking. But trucks are no joke! Have y’all priced trucks lately?? Geez. Louise. You would think they had gold beds!! But we were patient and persistant. And late one Saturday night we found one that we ‘thought’ would be perfect. With no intentions of actually buying a truck we went to the car lot first thing Sunday morning. They were open. We test drove it. And after a loooooong lunch. (I’m horrible at making decisions.) The truck was ours!!


I immediately wanted to go shopping for floor mats and ArmorAll!! Ha ha!! We were so excited!! So excited in fact, we couldn’t wait to take her on her first adventure and to share her with all of you!!

So, yeah. In our eyes, we have arrived! Finally!!! A truck we can call our own!! We can go pickin’ with no limitations!! No having to rent a vehicle!! It’s HUGE!!! So, if you’re out and about and you see this girl trying to back into a tight parking space, be patient. I’m still learning! Ha ha!! But I’m loving our new truck and can’t wait for the adventures that lie ahead!!!


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Until next time, let us remember..

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