Hidden Junk Shop, Taking a Chance, & a Salvaged Sign

The hubs had the day off and we were on a mission: to find an old shop that he had stumbled across driving around town one day. An old house on a hill with a big sign that read ANTIQUES. Our Rusted Route took us to Cary, NC… and when I set eyes on this place… I knew exactly why he wanted me to see it! It was the perfect hidden gem!

Where to Find Hidden Antique Shops #RustedRoutes

Old junk surrounded the building on every side. You could barely see in through the windows. Goodies stacked all the way to the ceiling. No exaggerating. In all honesty, as we got out of the car, I feared that this place was no longer in business. It looked as if it had been abandoned for yeeeears!! With no cars around (except for this ‘ol beauty), we still got out and walked to the front door…

Find Hidden Treasures #RustedRoutes

Over old rusty tools, through chippy wooden arches, I was beginning to wonder if we were trespassing? We meandered through old gates, over old tires… when we passed this turquoise cactus, I knew we had to be close to the front door. I had never seen so much junk!! Good rusty junk!!

Hand-painted Wooden Cactus #RustedRoutes


To my disappointment, the door was bolted shut! It was a sort of mechanism that looked like it hadn’t been touched since man first walked on the moon. But, there was a sign on the door! It read, “OPEN. Call such-n-such-a number.” Ooookay? So, it actually had a number there and I thought, could it be that we call… and the junk gods would bestow their heavenly presence allowing us to dig through their treasures. We called.. and called again. But to no avail. I was bummed.

So, we left. We went to get lunch. My favorite. Chinese. That should ease the pain. As we were driving there, I shared a picture of this wonderful place on my Facebook page, and may have shed a tear as I shared that I think they are no longer in business. To my amazement, just as we were finishing lunch and I was opening my fortune cookie, a comment on my post… “No, wait. I’ve been to that place before. Just call the number on the door and Mr. Fleming will call you back. He is OPEN.”

Say what? We scarfed down our fortune cookies! Check, please?! And we were on our way!! I called again and he answered on the first ring! The angels sang!! He had been in a meeting earlier and couldn’t answer his phone, but told us he would meet us there in 30! Score! It took me no time to round up this stash…

My Junk Haul #RustedRoutes

Some rusty tin roofing, an old yellow chippy door, a rusty headboard, some shelves, an old sift, a farm stool, a couple license plates, well… I don’t need to keep going. You have eyes! I got quite the stash goin’. And then I spotted this sign on the side of the building!

How to Score Unique Junk #RustedRoutes

I know, right?! I love it! I’m guessing it came off of an old furniture store, perhaps?

By this time, we had spent at least a couple hours with Mr. Fleming. Just the three of us. So, we kinda got to know each other. And he is such a genuinely nice man! Kinda reminds me of my dad, he would give you the shirt off his back. I asked Mr. Fleming what he thought about that old sign. He said, “Oh, that old thing? If you want it, we can take it down?” Seriously? See. Shirt off his back. I couldn’t believe it! I won’t tell you what I paid for it, but let’s just say it was more than a quarter, less than $5!! And it’s HUGE!! Goes to show it never hurts to ask…

Salvaged Old Office Furniture Sign #RustedRoutes


Mr. Fleming got the ladder and he and the hubs took it down. I had it in the shop for some time, but have since decided that it belongs in my home office! (hey… change of heart!) And with a story like that, I just can’t give it up!

So, if you are ever in the area, and looking for a crazy cool junk hole, with a man who couldn’t be nicer, visit…

L.T. Fleming Antiques
603 East Chatham Street
Cary, NC

Rusted Routes {Find a Junk Shop Near You} #RustedRoutes


Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. What a score on that sign. I love reading about your junkin’ adventures. It makes me feel like I am right there with you pickin’ and not in my cubicle!

    • Oh good, Michelle!!! I love having you along for the ride on my junk adventures!! Did you catch some of my finds from the 127 yard sale this past weekend?! Holy lots of funky junk!!! It was such a blast!! I’m working on a post (or three) now to share all of my finds!! So glad I can pull you out of that cublicle for a little junkin’ to break up your day!! Have a great week, friend!!

  2. I saw when you first posted this picture on FB and I, too, was disappointed about not being able to hear a story about this place. I am so happy now to read this! I keep looking at the pictures trying to peek into the windows looking for things myself. How goofy am I window shopping through the internet! LOL
    So happy that you were able to get inside to take a closer look.

    • Oh, Karen… not goofy at all!!! I window shop the web all the time!! What’s the worst is when you go to a show (or in my case, the 127 yard sale) you take tons of pictures, come home and look at them and say, “Wait a second, I don’t remember seeing that!!” Shoot. It was right there in front of me!! Here’s to junkin’ on the web, friend!! Just wait til you see all the pics from the 127 yard sale!! Lots of eye candy!!

  3. Terri Stewart says:

    I love following you on your junkits If that’s a word). My husband and I will be moving shortly to Leicester NC and will be doing some awesome trips to find these gorgeous things. I am so glad to be following you. Loved all your stuff you got from the Yard sale trip also. So excited for all the new changes and to be closer to my Mom and Dad. I would love to check out your shop also. Just let me know where I can do this and we will make a trip to see you.
    Thanks again for sharing.

    • Hi Terri!! So glad to have you along on my junk adventures!! Looks like you will be about four hours from us here in the Raleigh/Durham area, but if you are up for a little road trip, we will be doing our first Rusted Routes junk adventure next month!! We will be leaving from the Raleigh area for a day of scoping out the best junk shops around!! You can sign up on Facebook if you’d like to tag along!! As for my shop, it is in Burlington, NC, about 3 hours from where you will be! You can get all the details in the ‘shop’ tab on the site! Hope to get to meet you once you get to NC!! Good luck with your move!!

  4. What was the phone number? I pass there everyday and always think I should stop by and check it out! Would love to know when he would be there in advance!!

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