Rusted Routes

Rusted Routes?

Was that a typo? What’s wrong with her spell-check?

Find Junk in an Old Barn

Ha ha! Friends, it’s no typo and my spell-check is just fine (right, Mom?) instead it’s what we like to call a clever play on words and our effort to share our junk adventures with you! We know how hard it is finding the best junk shops out there. We know what it’s like to hit mall after mall that’s just not quenching your rusty junky thirst. So, the hubs and I decided we would document our travels through this little section of the blog, Rusted Routes. So, hop on board!! Toot! Toot!!

Old Rusty Caboose with Graffiti

What can you expect?

Well, the plan is, every Friday, just in time for the weekend, we will share a shop, show, or sale that we found on a recent junkin’ trip! We are based out of North Carolina, but have hit some really great shops along the eastern seaboard, from Florida all the way up to Pennsylvania! And we plan to share ALL of them with you! We’re talking junk shops, barn sales, flea markets, vintage shows, and endless yard sales! We’ve taken tons of pictures and have even broken out the video camera on occasion, so it’s like you’re right there with us! We hope to help you find some of the best old junk near you!

Old Barn & Horse Farm

What if you’re not on the east coast?

No prob, Bob! Share your favorite junk shops with us, so we can plan a junk adventure near you! Find us on Facebook or Twitter and tell us about your secret spot! Instagram a pic of the shop! Whatever you gotta do to show off your favorite junk hole! We’d love to come visit ya!!

Old Flour Feed Mill

In the mean time, here are some of our favorite junk spots… check ’em out!

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Until next time, let us remember..

Beauty Stems from Rusted Roots

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