Over the River & Through the Woods Huntin’ Junk

Ever pulled into a driveway and thought, hmmmm… should I keep going? Should I turn around? Am I even in the right place? Yup. That was the hubs and I on one of our junk adventures in the Orlando area!! This week’s Rusted Route landed us in Winter Park, Florida at Ginger’s Antiques.

Find Antique Shops in Florida


It’s easy to assume that we were in the right place when you see a bold sign like that… Right?! Well, let me show you our little adventure to get to that there sign! The best places are definitely tucked away and only the locals know about them. That’s why you gotta hit the big major shops and then chat it up with the workers, heck, the other shoppers, to reeeeeally find the good spots!!

Finding the Best Junk Shops

It started with that little neon pink sign that read “Antique Mall”, well we knew it wasn’t a mall we were after, but rather a small shop that we had heard was such a quaint little find. But despite the verbage, in we went.

Finding Hidden Junk Shops in Florida

We continued through what appeared the be the back yard of someone’s house. I have to admit I was getting a little nervous. Should I brace myself for a ferocious dog, foaming at the mouth, to emerge from the side of the house and barrell straight for my car?! Let me roll my window up juuuuuust in case. As I prepared myself for the attack I had decided was inevitable, we continued to follow the neon pink signs and a couple other signs hidden among the trees.

Hidden Gem Antique Shop

I saw some old junk leaning against the house, so I thought maybe, just maybe, we were getting close.

Find Junk Shops in Florida

Whew… and a sign at the end of the looooong fence seemed promising pointing toward the house. I guess we came in the ‘back’ way! Ha ha!

Junk Shops Near Orlando Florida

Abiding by the posted sign, I locked my bag in the trunk. Still a little leary of this place. The hubs and I slowly approached. “You ring the doorbell.” “No, you ring the doorbell!” “I don’t want to!” “Maybe we should just leave…” creeeeeeeeak. The squeaky doors opens and we both stand alert. Like two deer in headlights. Uhhhh, “Hi!”

Antique Shop in an Old House

Greeting us with the kindest of smiles, was Miss Ginger herself. She invited us in and we took a stroll around. She was the sweetest lady ever and her shop was much the same. It was an old house that she bought when the former owner’s husband passed away. Ginger’s husband works in the building behind the house. So, when he goes to work, she opens the shop. And guess who gets to have lunch together everyday? It really is a sweet little situation!

Florida Antiques Shop

She had every room set up just as if it were still an occupied house. The kitchen with all the vintage kitchen wares… even antiques in the potty room! She shared stories with us as we walked around but gave us space to hunt on our own too!

Find Awesome Junk at Antiques Shops


Even the hubs enjoyed this little shop… spotting a couple vintage graters that I can add to my collection!

Old Vintage Peeler Grater


The prices were reasonable… I could have spent all day sifting through Miss Ginger’s goodies, and chatting with her too! But we had lots of other shops to hit before the sun went down. So, I snagged my vintage kitchen wares, and we settled up. Miss Ginger packed my goodies in a brown paper sack and told us about a couple other places to visit before we headed home.

Antiques Shop in Orlando, FL


It’s shops like this that bring me so much joy! Me, the hubs, and Miss Ginger. It was a fun afternoon! I hope to visit her again one day!

If you live in the Orlando area, and are looking for a little junk adventure, visit:

Ginger’s Antiques
451 Granada Drive
Winter Park, Florida

Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. The shops that you have to hunt to find or your scared to enter always end up being the best!

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