First Annual Angel Roots Campaign

Angel Roots Campaign Benefiting Salvation Armys Angel Tree Program #RustedRoots

UPDATE: Our 2015 Angel Roots campaign has closed. Thank you for your generous donations!

Beauty Stems from Rusted Roots.

It’s been our motto here at Rusted Roots from day one. For us, it’s much deeper than creating beautiful things from old rusty junk. (Although we love that!!) We believe that we can create beauty in the lives of those around us who may be struggling through some ‘rusty’ times. We have been blessed with great influence on our website and social media, and feel that with great success comes great responsibility. So it’s time we take what we’ve been given and give back.

As I was running some errands last week, I was thinking about the upcoming Christmas season and how Rusted Roots could help make even one person’s Christmas better. I thought about hosting a can food drive, bring a few cans to the shop and get a discount on your purchase. But that really only allows those who visit our shop to participate and I know that our reach is far beyond that. You see, the thing is, I really believe there are a lot of people out there who would love to help those in need, but simply don’t have the time. They would love to know that their $1, $5, $25 is helping someone and they would love to see how!!

Thus, Angel Roots was born.

Angel Roots Campaign Benefiting Salvation Armys Angel Tree Program #RustedRoots

I have long been passionate about helping children at Christmas.

We were always fortunate enough to wake up Christmas morning and run to the living room to see a tree filled with lots of toys and gifts. But not every child is that lucky. And since we, at Rusted Roots, believe Christmas is rooted in God’s love for us and the gift of salvation, it’s fitting that we GIVE as well!

There are nearly 9,000 children in our area, alone, that benefit from the Salvation Army’s Christmas Cheer Program where children receive new clothes, toys, and stockings. The Angel Tree is part of the Christmas Cheer Program and specifically focuses on fulfilling the biggest need: new clothing. And that’s where Angel Roots comes in. Starting November 12 through December 11, you can donate to the Angel Roots campaign online or at the Rusted Roots shop. Every penny collected will go straight to the children benefiting from the Angel Tree program.

Angel Roots Campaign Benefiting Salvation Armys Angel Tree Program #RustedRoots

If you are not familiar with the Angel Tree program, volunteers across the country set up Christmas trees in major malls and shopping centers. Instead of ornaments, each tree is decorated with paper angels. Each angel represents a child in need and their wish list for Christmas. On Saturday, December 12, Rusted Roots will take all of the money collected and head out to adopt our angels and shop for their wishes! And YOU can follow along!!

Angel Roots Campaign Benefiting Salvation Armys Angel Tree Program #RustedRoots

See where your money is going by following #AngelRoots on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter. We will post updates all throughout the process of how much we’ve collected, how many angels we’ll be adopting, and what we’re buying for our angels! But we can’t do this alone!! We need your help!! Just think. We have over 22,000 followers on social media. If everyone donated just one dollar, ONE DOLLAR, do you know how many angels we could adopt??? And then think if everyone donated two dollars?? The numbers are in our favor!!

But it’s not all about the money. While we would love for each and every one of you to donate to the cause, we realize that not everyone is capable of doing that. But you know what you can do to help, that is absolutely FREE?!!! Share!! Share this post on your Facebook pages, your Instagram accounts, Twitter, Pinterest, whereever you hang out on social media!! The buttons to share are right at the bottom of this post!! You may not be able to donate money, but your time in sharing our mission will make more of a difference than you will ever know. Be sure to tag it with #AngelRoots so we can retweet, regram, etc!! You never know who may donate from you sharing with your friends!!

So, if you’re ready to make a difference this holiday season, to truly brighten Christmas morning for a few very special children out there. You can donate below by clicking on the DONATE button below. For your convenience, donations are accepted through PayPal. You can donate using your PayPal account, or any major credit card. And all donations are tax deductible. PayPal will send a receipt right to your email!!

Angel Roots Campaign Benefiting Salvation Armys Angel Tree Program #RustedRoots

Donate to the Angel Roots Campaign #RustedRoots

We are also accepting cash donations at the Rusted Roots shop during our Jingle Your Junkin’ Bells events, November 13-15 and December 4-6, in Hillsborough, NC. We are super passionate about Angel Roots and can’t wait to see what the Rusted Roots community does with this awesome opportunity to serve. We thank you in advance for all that you do for us, and more importantly what you will do for the children this Christmas season!

Rusted Roots Christmas Junk Show in Hillsborough, NC #RustedRoots

Until next time, let us remember..

Beauty Stems from Rusted Roots

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  1. Angela Porter says:

    I donated on Friday, Nov. 13 before coming to your store. I can’t wait to see everything yoi will be getting for the children. This was a great idea! Angie

    • Thank you so much, Angie!!! It will mean so much to the children!! Be sure to pop over and add your name to the Facebook post so you can be added to the raffle for the Christmas truck!!! See you in December!

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