First Tour of the New Rusted Roots Shop in Mebane, NC

This is it, y’all! A very first look inside the new Rusted Roots shop in Mebane, NC!! Woot woot! Right now the ol’ barn is a blank slate waiting on some Rusted Roots lovin’ and a little bit of a makeover. But after the big break down of the old shop in Hillsborough and a few computer-paperwork-all-the-boring-stuff days, we are so excited to get our hands dirty and get started creating the next Rusted Roots!

Rusted Roots Barn Shop in Mebane, NC #RustedRoots #MebaneNC

While I was chomping at the bit to start slinging paint and hammerin’ up some old rusty tin, it hit me, OH NO!! We have to take some before pictures!! So, I grabbed the camera and started snapping away. I won’t go through all the details of the shop because, well, we did a video tour for that!! But for the folks who may be sneaking a peak at your office computer or can’t watch the video right away, here are the nuts and bolts.

The barn was built in the 90’s. So while it has the old charm of an historic barn it is not original to the 1933 farm. The newer building gives us all the character of an old barn, while structurally it is solid as a rock! It even has heat!! (A step up from our Hillsborough shop.) The barn was built using trees harvested right where the barn now sits. Old cedar posts grace the front of the barn that faces the road.

Old Barn with Cedar Post #RustedRoots #MebaneNC

However, while that is technically the front of the barn, we will be using the back as the main entrance. I mean, look at that beautiful porch!! Right now, the porch has a built in wood rack and a lot of wood left by the previous owner. Bonus! We plan to house the wood in our workshop and take down the rack, freeing up the entire porch for loads of fabulous barn finds and perhaps a bench or two for taking in the country air!!

Rusted Roots Barn Shop in Mebane, NC #RustedRoots #MebaneNC

Rusted Roots Barn Shop in Mebane, NC #RustedRoots #MebaneNC

The previous owners used the old barn as a wood working shop, so it is bare bones, blank slate, with some bonus floor art from the kiddos who grew up here. I kinda like it! Those kiddos are now in their twenties. Ha ha! Every barn has its roots! You will understand the layout of the barn if you watch the video, but this is the 1500 sq. ft. space we are working with.

Rusted Roots Barn Shop (Before) #RustedRoots #MebaneNC

Our last shop was around 900 sq. ft., so the extra space is very much welcome!! Not to mention, we’ve got five acres to spread out on over the years!! But back to the barn… we envision that this area here will house the old truck counter. While we have definitely outgrown that little jewel, she will go with us wherever we go! And we plan to use the truck counter for some other fun ideas in the shop!

Rusted Roots Barn Shop (Before) #RustedRoots #MebaneNC

So where will the checkout counter be? Well, we hope here.

Rusted Roots Barn Shop (Before) #RustedRoots #MebaneNC

We’re still trying to figure out the logistics of how to lay the shop out to accomodate the crowds we see and to make your shopping experience enjoyable. But we think a long checkout counter along the right side and a self-service ‘holding’ station on the left will make for a convenient checkout experience. And then folks can go right out the big barn door at the back to the parking lot.

I know it’s hard to envision. That’s why we did a little video tour!! You can see all the barn doors, all the open air windows we have, even a peak into our storage closet and some things we’ve rounded up for the Grand Opening this Spring!

We are super excited to get started creating the next Rusted Roots in Mebane, NC! We’ve got our work cut out for us, but it’s gonna be great!! Oh!! And we’ll keep you posted on our parking lot situation! I’ve got a feeling it’s gonna be a pretty penny and several weeks to get that done! EEEeeeeeep! But it will all come together and as we get closer to opening, we’ll share more details about our location, the Grand Opening dates, and more!! Be sure to follow on Facebook and Instagram… it’s often easier for us to post there amidst our busy days! And as always, we can’t wait to see you all here online and at the all new Rusted Roots! Wish us luck!!

Until next time, let us remember..

Beauty Stems from Rusted Roots

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  1. Sheri Chaney says:

    Turn the old truck counter into a coffee/hot chocolate bar or where you put your wonderful goodies that you serve! Can’t wait to see the new place.

    • You read my mind, Sheri!!! That was my first thought as well!! We’ll see how it goes. Lots of ideas swirling in this head of mine!! But you know we love treatin’ y’all to some good eats and drinks while you shop!! 🙂

  2. Bettie Tuck says:

    Excited to visit and explore your new place…

  3. Jo Ann Miller says:

    Candace, is there a little girls room? ?

    • Great question, Jo Ann!! There is not a little girls room in the ol’ barn. But the property DOES perk for septic, so with time we hope to put one in!! In the mean time, we have plans in the works for a temporary solution!! We know our folks that travel from hours away will need a potty break! 🙂 Perhaps you’ll make the trek from TEXAS!! Would love to see you! 🙂

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