Fixing Up the Farmhouse: Paint & Plantation Shutters

I’m not gonna lie… trying to set up shop and your home at the same time is totally-without-a-doubt-no-denying-it CRAZY!! Day in and day out, we have to-do lists out the wazoo and at the end of many days I look back and say, ‘Seriously? What did we even get done??’ You ever feel like a hamster in a wheel? Run Run Run. But you don’t get anywhere? That’s us 24/7 in recent days. There’s just so much to do!

So, after the big move-out last week, we decided we would take a few days to rest and regroup! Our weekend of rest consisted of a birthday party for my dear friend (Happy 3-0 Steph!), a little binge watching our new tv obsession (24, I know, I know. I’m about 15 years behind), another birthday celebration (Happy 85th birthday, MeeMaw!), and a super bowl party (the bacon wrapped asparagus were the best!! Thanks Mama Rusted Roots!) So maybe there wasn’t as much rest to be had as we had hoped, butΒ it was a few days away from work to say the least. And that was nice!! So, now we are back at it, checking things off the to-do list. And among the first were a few household chores we’ve been meaning to do since we bought the ‘ol farmhouse last Fall.

Old North Carolina Farmhouse #RustedRoots #Farmhouse

One of our favorite things about living in the country is the view we get to wake up to every morning. The cows grazing in the pasture across the way, the deer and squirrels hopping and playing in the backyard. The beautiful birds who come and go. You don’t have that in the city. And we LOVE that part of our new home here on the farm. It’s the calm that we need amidst our busy days. I mean, how peaceful are these deer??

If you remember, we told you back when we gave you a tour of the old farmhouse that the keeping room was one of our favorite rooms in the house. Why? Well, all the windows that let us experience this beautiful place we call home. Here’s what it looked like back in September when the former owners staged it to sell.

Farmhouse Keeping Room Before #RustedRoots

Here’s what it looked like the day the old farmhouse became ours!


And here’s what it looks like today. It may not seem like much. But we painted the walls and gave the window trim a fresh coat of paint too. We swapped out the light fixture for an old farmouse fixture that I got on the 127 yard sale a couple years ago for just $15!! We swapped out all of the plastic ivory outlet covers for oil rubbed bronze. And wait for it… we installed blinds AND a plantation shutter!!

Farmhouse Keeping Room During #RustedRoots

We’re still working an a seating area for this room… perhaps a small sofa or a couple chairs and a fun side table. A rug is in order for sure! Any other ideas?? It needs to be warmed up a bit. But baby steps.

For now, back to the blinds!!Β We love the view from the keeping room, but come nightfall, I wasn’t fond of all the darkness out there. In case you’re new here, I’m totally scared of the dark. Not afraid to say it. I sleep with a nightlight. Now you know. πŸ˜‰ But while I wanted to hide the darkness at night, I didn’t want to hide that beautifulΒ chunky farmhouse framing on our windows!! I knew we would need something special.

So, I decided to hit the ol’ google and see what I could find. And I stumbled across Blindster. Have you heard of them?? They are all about custom-designed, handcrafted window coverings. All kinds!!Β And that was perfect, because the windows in the keeping room have a lot of, we’ll say, special needs! They are Jalousie windows so there is a crank at the bottom for opening them in the Spring and Fall. I LOVE it! But I knew this may pose a problem with traditional blinds. So custom-designed was exactly what we needed.

Farmhouse Dining Room #RustedRoots

The folk at Blindster were crazy helpful in helping us select the blinds that were just right for these windows. We went with the 2″ Premium Cordless Wood Blind for all eight of the tall windows in the keeping room. But I wanted something special for the window that faces the pasture. When I spotted the Custom Built Plantation Shutters I knew that was exactly what that special window needed!! We chose 3″ slats so when they are open, it’s a nice and wide view of the cattle farm. And installation was a breeze! We installed all of them in just a few hours. Gave us something to do indoors when we were snowed in lastΒ month!

Did you see the bloopers at the end?? You didn’t did you?? See… that’s why you gotta wait it out until then end. Just like those super hero movies. They always have something fun after the credits! πŸ˜‰

A BIG thank you to the team atΒ BlindsterΒ for working with us on the project. I can’t tell you how many times I changed my mind on these poor people. First I wanted wood blinds, then I wanted Roman shades, inside mount, outside mount, I even considered Bamboo shades at one point. I was all over the place!! But they were there every step of the way to make sure we got exactly what we wanted. We couldn’t be happier!! And guess what?? Right now through Sunday, February 12, 2017… you can get 40% off of all wood blinds at Blindster! Just like the ones we got!! Just click the image below and use the code: WOOD40 at checkout! And if you like the plantation shutter we got, you can get that for 30% off with the code: SAVE30!!

Blindster Coupon Code Feb. 2017

Now, it’s back to the tasks at hand as we prep to open the new Rusted Roots shop on the farm later this Spring!! Have fun shopping for your new window coverings!! Does anybody know where I put my to-do list??? I’m lost without that thing!!!

(Disclaimer: Blindster provided all of the window coverings featured in this post. But I’m tellin’ ya, these folks are great! All opinions are my own. And I highly recommend their products and services!)

Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. Jeri Davis says:

    It’s gorgeous!! Those views are priceless! Ps. Love the bloopers!!!

  2. I’m so happy for you guys. Couldn’t have happened to two nicer peeps πŸ™‚

  3. Tammy Ganshirt says:

    It sure is so cute and you’re doing a great job! I love the contemporary light fixture that was above dining table! What you going to do with it? Email me at

  4. Really love the new window treatments! You have such a beautiful home! Hilarious bloopers!

  5. Wow! It is looking amazing . . . where do you find the time. Oh, that’s right your young . . .with youth comes incrediable energy πŸ™‚ Your home is beautiful!

  6. Jo Ann Miller says:

    I ❀️ your keeping room! But, I would probably call it a sunroom. I would use lots of wicker furniture with colorful cushions and a sisal rug. And I’m sorry, ☹️ But I’m not a gray person so I would use pale, pale yellow. And lots and lots of plants! I’m sure I’ll love it whatever you do! Things are looking great! ?????

  7. I love the look of plantation shutters. I had some custom made for my home several years ago and I still love the look of them today!

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