Get ‘yer Grub on at Rusted Roots Spring Junk Market

What’s a Junk Market without some good grub?? Y’all know I love me some good food!! And with all the junkin’ we’re gonna be doing, we’re gonna need to refuel!! That’s why we have rounded up some of the best food trucks in the area for some local grub and sweet treats!!

Here’s the lineup…

Saturday, March 28th we welcome…

Food Trucks at Rusted Roots Spring Junk Market #RustedRoots

Durham, NC

What started as fondly remembered lunch from 1999–in Switzerland–is now one of the hottest food trucks in the Triangle. Forget about hot dog buns, these sausages come in a freshly baked French baguette along with your sauce of choice deliciously created from ingredients hand-picked from local farmers markets. Baguettaboutit features six flavors of NC-made sausage, choice of eight hand-crafted sauces as well as a vegetarian selection.

Food Trucks at Rusted Roots Spring Junk Market #RustedRoots

Tell me that don’t make your mouth water??! So grab ya one of those sausages and then work it off with a little junkin! In no time you’ll be ready to check out our other Saturday food trucks like…

Mama Duke’s
Durham, NC

Grub-tastic right?!! And such a sweet tribute to Mama Duke.

(UPDATE: I am sad to inform you that Mama Duke’s truck was hit by a drunk driver early March and was destroyed. They are out of business until they can get back on their feet. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they try to rebuild what they worked so hard to create.)

We are also excited to have…

Food Trucks at Rusted Roots Spring Junk Market #RustedRoots

Will & Pops
Durham, NC

If you’ve got a minute, you’ve gotta check out their menu! And Will has a great story too… selling sodas on the streets of downtown Durham at the age of FOUR!! A true entreprenuer on a mission to make the world a better place!

On Sunday, March 29th we welcome…

Food Trucks at Rusted Roots Spring Junk Market #RustedRoots

Chirba Chirba
Durham, NC

Chirba Chirba means “Eat! Eat!” in Mandarin Chinese… and that we will do!! Anyone who knows me well, knows that Chinese food is my absolute favorite!! I could eat it everyday! So I was stoked when Chirba Chirba agreed to bring their Asian street fare to the Junk Market!! Wanna know how they started??

Once upon a time, there were 4 friends who loved to make and eat dumplings. After many trips to foreign lands where much delicious street food was discovered (and eaten), the 4 friends decided to bring their favorite dumplings to the streets to share with all from a food truck. Simple as that!!

Food Trucks at Rusted Roots Spring Junk Market #RustedRoots

Looks like a great appetizer before your main course from…

Food Trucks at Rusted Roots Spring Junk Market #RustedRoots

Big Mike’s BBQ
Cary, NC

I have a confession to make. I. AM. STOKED. to try these redneck nachos!! Seriously… look!! Corn chips, BBQ, beans, slaw!!! Holy-call-me-a-redneck-and-give-me-those-nachos!!

Food Trucks at Rusted Roots Spring Junk Market #RustedRoots

And we all know that after all that food, we’re gonna want something sweet to wash it all down!! Covering you and your sweet tooth both Saturday and Sunday are…

Food Trucks at Rusted Roots Spring Junk Market #RustedRoots

Dusty Donuts
Chapel Hill, NC

And if cinnamon sugar dusted donuts weren’t enough, you can start your day with a piping hot coffee or mocha!! The folks at Dusty Donuts prepare the donuts right there in the truck so they are hot ‘n fresh for every order!!  They have hot chocolate too!!

Food Trucks at Rusted Roots Spring Junk Market #RustedRoots

Whatever you choose to munch on throughout the day, I can promise you won’t be disappointed!! Yummy grub around every corner!! So grab a snack and kick up your boots, while you listen to our AMAZING Country Bands!! I promise you’ll leave with a truck full of vintage junk and a belly full of yummy food!!

Hop over to the FULL LINEUP of vendors!!

Until next time, let us remember..

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