Harvesting an Old Rusty Truck Tailgate

When we say we rescue old junk and repurpose it, we have never rescued junk quite like this! As much as I would like to think we are some sort of junk-magnet powerhouse, the truth is, we can’t rescue everything before it makes its way to the dump. Ha ha! So last week, we hit a scrap yard to see what we could find… and boy was I surprised!! I. HAVE. NEVER. seen anything like this before… welcome to junk paradise!!


This pile of rusty junk literally kissed the sky! It didn’t take us long to spot some treasure we knew we would take home. Old wheels, fan blades, lots of rusty metal bits for our upcyled projects!!


And then I spotted it… a tailgate!!! I knew after I shared this picture on Facebook that you all LOVE a rusty old tailgate as much as I do!!


And while the one I spotted in the junk heap wasn’t as old as the green one we found, it was still pretty neat!! Do you see it??


Of all days for us to forget our gloves and tools at home, well, we did! Go figure! But, we were able to borrow some tools to take the tailgate off of the old truck!!

Ha ha!! He called it a ‘door’… bless his heart! You heard him. He was tired. I tell ya, I realize more and more everyday how very blessed I am to have a husband who enjoys this junkin’ journey as much as I do!! Runny nose and all! Oh!! And remember he spotted some rusty bed springs… tadaaaa!!


This was one of my favorite junk digs ever. I kinda wish I owned a tractor… you can only do so much without some heavy equipment! And without gloves, we were pretty limited too! But we plan to go back and you know I will have my eye out for more tailgates!!

Oh!! And the red Ford tailgate will be for sale at our January show!! Come see us January 16-18!! Sorry, the green one is still a keeper!


Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. I want to be included next time!!! 🙂 awesome finds!!

  2. Jo Ann Miller says:


  3. Fonda Rush says:

    What fun! I’ll bet the “yard” doesn’t get many people wanting to rescue the bits and pieces that end up there. Lucky you!

  4. I look at those piles of scrap metal (Montgomery, Al) every time I drive past and secretly
    want to go digging and poking around. I KNEW those heaps of discarded metal held treasures! Thank you for taking the plunge for the rest of us.
    Marsha Instagram: creekside36

    • It was a fun dig indeed!! It’s a lot of work, but you just never know what you will find!! It’s the joy of the hunt!!! You should stop and take a peak next time!! 🙂

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