Have a Holly Junky Christmas! (Upcycled Wreath)

♪ Have a holly, junky Christmas… It’s the best time of the year! ♪

We haven’t been doing a lot of decorating at home this year. Our home has kinda become the shop, ha ha! We kinda live there!! So, we have put most of our energy into making the shop a place of inspiration for the holidays! I just love sharing ideas with customers who stop by. We chat. We create. We inspire each other. I spend most of my days building things or making stuff… even if that means having all my mess sprawled across the truck counter!

A couple days ago, I shared this picture on Instagram & Facebook… my supplies for the day!

Junk Pile for Christmas Upcycles #RustedRoots

So I thought it was only fair to show you some of what I made with it!! I knew from the start my plans for the this old wheel. I’m not sure what it came off of, but I found it in the old basement we dug through on Halloween, remember?? So, I added a little snowy boxwood and a red bow and tadaaaa…

Upcycled Wheel Christmas Wreath at RustedRoots.com #RustedRoots

Now my mission for 2015 is to stock up on wheels, big wheels, little wheels, rusty wheel, any wheels!! Because seriously, how cute is that??

Old Wheel Upcycled Christmas Wreath #RustedRoots

Then there were these two old pieces of wooden architecture. Don’t know what these are either, but the shape was just delightful!

Salvaged Wooden Architecture #RustedRoots

Same story here… some greenery, berries, and a bow… and tadaaaa… I think these would be beautiful hanging above a fireplace. Maybe on either side of a large mirror… just stunning!!

Upcycled Wooden Architecture Christmas #RustedRoots

Old Wooden Architecture Christmas #RustedRoots

I tell ya, if you want to whip up some Christmas junk for yourself. Watch your local craft store for Christmas sales. I found a coupon for 20% off your entire purchase at Michaels… including sale items. Their Christmas greenery was already 50% off so I snagged it for 70% off… which is great because the selection is still great right now!! So snag ya some ribbon and greenery and have a Holly Junky Christmas!!

Repurposed Salvaged Architecture for Christmas #RustedRoots

Wanna see what I did with the old child’s iron bed in my junk pile… you can click here!!

Junk Pile for Christmas Upcycles #RustedRoots

Until next time, let us remember..

Beauty Stems from Rusted Roots

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  1. I have really enjoyed your blogs, articles, ideas, and inspiration this year.
    You’re about the only blog I read faithfully! I appreciate all you share with us and look forward to another great year.
    You’re always entertaining, honest and a joy. Love your stories.
    You are living my life girl.
    Take a little break and enjoy the holidays now ya’ hear.

  2. I love those architectural pieces!! And I agree, they’d look stunning flanking a fireplace!
    Great ideas, as always, my friend!

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