Hidden Treasure in the Back of an Old Barn

It started out fairly simple… hinges, knobs, license plates, silverware, seeds, cups and saucers!! All great guesses from YOU on Facebook when I shared the mystery cardboard box that I found a couple weeks ago in the back of an old barn. But then… then… y’all made me laugh!! Nancy and Rachel with your gold bullion bars!! Ha ha!! Sand dollars! Love letters!!! I thought Miss Roberta took the cake with her guess of cold cuts!! Ha ha ha!!! Cold cuts!! It gets me every time!! But then Cindi guessed ‘government cheese already sliced’! Ha ha!! Between Roberta and Cindi, I’d have lunch!! These little mystery adventures crack me up!! So… what was inside all those crusty brown papers that someone had so neatly tucked away???


It was like Christmas morning, really, when I sat down to open each little envelope. I quickly looked through a few of them before I bought the box. But didn’t really know exactly what I had until today when I unwrapped them all. So, I thought I’d let y’all open them with me… here we go…

Antique chandelier crystals!!! Say what??? I could not believe it!! Real crystal!!! No wonder they were wrapped so neatly and tucked away! I was so excited! I had been on the hunt for some chandelier crystals for some time. I wanted to make some lamps with some old rusty funnels I’ve been hoarding!! It was absolutely perfect!!


But that wasn’t all. Just when I thought I knew exactly what I had, I opened these!!! Look at that shape!!


They are going to be so sweet on a hanging pendant light!! Nothin’ dresses up rust like some crystal bling!! And one last surprise as I reached in for one of the last bunches of aged paper… what is this?? It was round and hard… I didn’t think it could be a crystal. So what else would be tucked away in this mystery box??

Isn’t that beautiful??! I guess I can officially say I own my very own crystal ball!!! Ha ha!! I don’t know what it was used for…. I guess it was part of a chandelier too?? Do y’all know??


Either way, I love it!! I love them all!! Who knows how long ago it was when someone neatly folded each and every one of those crystals in what used to be crispy white packing paper. Now, years later, I find the crusty, mildewed in spots, mystery packages and couldn’t be happier!! It’s proof that good things come in small packages!! Don’t judge a book by its cover!! You never know what kind of treasures you will find tucked in the back of a dusty old barn!!

Until next time, let us remember..

Beauty Stems from Rusted Roots

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  1. Love this…what did you pay for your treasure? The round ball was likely suspended at the bottom tip of the gorgeous (I can only speculate at it’s beauty) chandy that the other crystals came from. Do you also have plans for the aged and crumply paper, sans the areas with mildew? Hope you will post one of you rusty glam light fixtures upon completion.

    • Oh, Lila… I didn’t even think about repurposing that crusty paper!! Shoot!! I crumpled it up and tossed it out. But let’s be honest… a lot of it had been chewed by some furry little friends!! Blek!! I was so distracted by the gems inside!! 🙂

  2. What a haul!!! I can’t wait to see the light fixtures you’re gonna to make! I bought a necklace years ago from a woman who makes jewelry from old chandelier crystals. She takes those long tapered ones and tucks the smaller end inside of bullet casings!

    • Oh man, Emily!! That sounds awesome!! I feel like I have seen those somewhere! So fun!! I’m so antsy to get started on a pendant light!!! I rescued an awesome funnel out of an old barn yesterday that will be perfect for the project!! I can see it, now I just have to set aside the time to make it!! Ha ha!!

  3. Cheryl Riley says:

    I have the light that goes with. It was in the house I bought.

    • Oh wow, Cheryl!!! Did you post it on our Facebook page?? I got a couple pictures on Facebook of lights that have these same crystals, even that funky ball! Maybe one day I will find the light too!!!

  4. Thank you – this was so fun! Congrats on hitting a jackpot!

  5. Laura Davis says:

    “SHUT THE FRONT DOOR” !!!!!!!!!!! dang what I would give to find a treasure like that………..sigh

  6. Garnet Fowler says:

    I am so jealous. I love to find old treasures like your crystals. I picked up some in green a couple years ago but have no idea what I will do with them. What fun it is to step back in time. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your crystals. Good find!

    • Oh, green crystals sound gorgeous, Garnet!! I plan to use mine on an upcycled pendant light, but with green ones, you could make some really pretty jewelry!! 🙂

  7. Looking forward to seeing what you create. I am sure it will be lovely!

    • I’m excited to get started Brigitte!! If only my blasted to-do list weren’t three pages long!!! Never any time for the fun stuff! Ha ha!! I’ll keep y’all posted!! 🙂

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