Bring on the Rusty Tin Roof Walls!

My how the time is flying by!! As we get closer to the new shop opening, I am finding it harder and harder to blog about this wild adventure. But I can’t leave all you junkies hangin’! So, today I’m gonna give you a little update on the state of the shop!! And boy, have we been working hard!! I mean sun-up-to-sun-down hard!! Except for that one day that we worked from sun up to sun up!! Ha ha!! That crazy night salvaging all that rusty tin, brings me to today’s post!

The Rusted Roots Shop just wouldn’t look right with stark white walls, popcorn ceilings, and fluorescent lighting. And while I can’t do too much about the lighting… at least not right away, those walls, I can cover!! And with nothing else than rusty tin!! Fitting, right?

How to Build Tin Roof Wall #RustedRoots

I wish I could give you all a step-by-step tutorial on how we did these walls, but to be honest, it was totally trial and error. And every room will be different. But I can tell you some of the tips and tricks that we learned throughout the process. Not to say this is the best way to do it, but it’s what worked for us.

Our tin sheets were nine feet long, but our ceiling were a few inches shy of that. So, that meant we had to trim every single piece by about three inches. We also had to cut out notches to accomodate for outlets, light switches, and the cross beams of the room. I did most of the measuring and marking. And learned quickly, measure twice, cut once!!

How to Make Rusty Tin Wall #RustedRoots

My Dad works at a metal factory, so he happened to have these handy little markers that made marking the tin a lot easier! For more precise lines, Dad taught me I could use a nail to scratch the surface of the tin and that will leave a clear mark too. We used tin snips to cut the tin, but once I started getting a blister on my hand, we thought perhaps the grinder with a special blade may work better.

How to Cut Rusty Tin #RustedRoots

While it made for pretty sparks… it wasn’t nearly as precise. So, we went back to the ‘ol tin snips. P.S. Make sure you turn your breaker off before you start working around the outlets and light switches. Rusty tin and electricty DON”T MIX!!

Easy Way to Cut Rusty Tin #RustedRoots

We’ve still got a ways to go with the tin walls, but we are about 80% done! We did half walls of tin on a couple of the walls…

Rusty Tin Rood Upcycle #RustedRoots

While others are from floor to ceiling!!

Upcycle Rusty Tin Roof Wall #RustedRoots

For those of you who are super observant, there’s two sneak peaks in that photo above!! I spy barn wood!! And I spy burlap!! Details on that coming soon!! Now to get back to ordering business cards… and sorting through the boxes of shopping bags that came in the mail today!! It will be here before we know it!!! Grand Opening… November 1st!!!

Until next time, let us remember..

Beauty Stems from Rusted Roots

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  1. Looks so so so amazing! Can’t wait to see it on Saturday!

  2. Fonda Rush says:

    Best wishes! Love the sneak peek on the barn wood and burlap. Can’t wait to see the full reveal!

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