If I Had a Nickel…. Gumball Machine!!

If I had a nickel for every time someone asks, “How do you find all this stuff??” Or… “You find the best junk!” Well, I’d have enough moo-lah to buy that farm I’ve been dreaming of! So I decided it was high time I share a little secret with y’all on one way I find cool junk at auction!!

Great Tips for Finding Cool Junk at Auctions!! #RustedRoots

I’ll be honest, I haven’t really been feeling auctions lately. I just don’t have the time to sit for hours on end waiting on one or two special pieces. But this past week, we were feeling a little lazy. Didn’t really want to dig through barns or work hard for junk. We just wanted to sit!! Sit and watch someone else lift the items and then present them to us if we won! Ha ha!! We didn’t even have to stand up!! So, we scoured the web for auctions that seemed interesting to us. We usually start at auctionzip.com. If you haven’t visited that site before, you will find it very user friendly and it allows you to put in your zip code to find auctions near you!

Great Tips for Finding Cool Junk at Auctions!! #RustedRoots

One thing we do to find the best junk is travel!! We will drive as far as four hours for a really great auction! Last week we drove about two and a half hours away to hit two auctions that had some junk we thought looked cool!! So, how do you really know if they will have cool junk?? Well, that’s the tricky bit!! You see, for us, we don’t really search for what we want in the pictures posted online. Because truth be told, the stuff we want isn’t going to be in the pictures!!

Great Tips for Finding Cool Junk at Auctions!! #RustedRoots

Auction houses post their most impressive goods online. The goods that are gonna get people there! And I don’t think a rusty old bucket or broken chippy chair is gonna do the trick. So, we put on our investigator caps and look for clues!! Kinda like Tip #6 from our 127 Yard Sale tips… you can almost guess what will be at an auction before you get there! Look for the items that the auction house did  post… are they high end antiques? Shiny pieces? Fancy glassware? If so, I know that’s not my kind of sale. But if I spot something like this old gumball machine…. BINGO!! That likely came out of an old general store or heck, maybe even an old barn. Either way, it’s old and rusty. And let’s be real, rust tends to stick together!! There’s other funky junk where that came from!!

Great Tips for Finding Cool Junk at Auctions!! #RustedRoots

So, we hit the road and were able to snag this old five cent gumball machine! I am just smitten over it. It is definitely a keeper! I’m a little bummed that the front is cracked. But what do you expect?!! It’s OLD!! I tried to do some research but can’t find another like it. Do you know anything about this old machine??

Great Tips for Finding Cool Junk at Auctions!! #RustedRoots

All I know is, it will make an AMAZING floor lamp! Which is totally my plan!! I just love the idea of tiny little hands turning that handle eagerly waiting for a sweet pop of color to plop in their hands! Year after year after year. Who know’s how many paperboys took their nickel straight from their route, right to this gumball machine?!! Or little girls who popped in a nickel and then traded colors with their gal pal before blowing bubbles on their bikes home… bubbles popping on their faces. I could go on and on. To me, I don’t care how much this gumball machine is worth… to me, its memories are priceless!!

So, here’s to finding some great junk at auction!! Share your finds in the comments!!

Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. Fonda Rush says:

    What I have done is look BEHIND what the auction houses (or estate sellers) are showing in the picture. I look BEYOND what is being shown. There’s a lot to see back there!

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