I’m Dreaming of an Upcycled Christmas! (Child’s Iron Bed Wreath)

I remember it like it was yesterday…. the excitement of Christmas as a child. See… we don’t have children yet, so I often reminisce about the days of my own childhood. My brother and I anxioiusly awaiting Santa’s arrival. We were never the type of kids to want to sneak in the living room and peak. I LOVED the surprise of it all!! We would wake up and run into Mom and Dad’s room, screaming “Let’s go! Let’s go! It’s Christmas!! And then we would RUN into the living room and scream some more!! It was such a blast!!

I can only imagine that years and years ago… some child laid in a little iron bed and had the same excitement fill their hearts!! Dreaming of reindeer on the rooftop and Santa sliding down the chimney. And now… that teeny little iron bed has made it’s way to me!!

Junk Pile for Christmas Upcycles #RustedRoots

It is so tiny. Must be some sort of toddler bed. I have no idea how old it is, but the patina is just brilliant!! And with a little dash of Christmas spice, it’s just perfect as an upcycled wreath!! Don’t ya think??

Upcycled Christmas Wreath #RustedRoots

And with the footboard too… these little guys are just too stinkin’ cute. I’ll be honest. I made them with full intentions of selling them in the shop. But once I put them together. I just couldn’t part with ’em. I mean, when will I ever find another little iron bed like this??

Repurposed Child's Bed for Christmas #RustedRoots

So, while our house may not be filled with children this year, I feel like these wreaths bring a sense of child’s excitement to our house. What do you to to fill your house with that child-like cheer??

Upcycled Christmas Wreath from Old Bed #RustedRoots

Are you curious what I made with the old wheel and the salvaged architecture pieces?? Click here to find out!!

Junk Pile for Christmas Upcycles #RustedRoots

Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. Jo Ann Miller says:

    I want the little bed, both parts! Lol. All of your things are great.

  2. Very cool idea, Candace!

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