I’m Gonna Be on Wheel of Fortune!!!

Yes, you read that right!!! ME! Little ‘ol me is gonna be on Wheel of Fortune!! I have been holding this in for quite some time… and finally I can spill the beans! Well, some of them!! Do you know how hard it is for a blogger to have this super-duper-amazing experience and NOT be allowed to take pictures?!!! Like no cameras allowed!! No cell phones allowed!! Complete isolation!! Yup, that was me back in July! But boy was it a blast!! I mean, the real deal!! In LA!! Sony Pictures Studios!! I spun the wheel. I met Vanna White. I chatted with Pat!!!

But how is a girl supposed to blog about this amazing experience with no pictures?? Insert our totally fab-tastic Junk Adventure that we took last week! All 15 of us… total strangers… with one common thread, huntin’ JUNK!!


On said, junk adventure, look what I found!!! A vintage “Wheel” of Fortune!! What are the odds?! Well, that’ll be some pretty eye-candy to tell my Wheel of Fortune story, so I started clicking away!! Enjoy the pics… I think I may try to make one of these bad boys!! So, back to the real Wheel…


First, how did I get here? That’s what everyone asks me. “How did you get to be on Wheel of Fortune??” Well, it all started nearly a year ago!!

 Back in November of 2013, I heard on TV that the Wheelmobile would be in Burlington, NC! I was excited! The Wheelmobile treks the country seeking out contestants to appear on the show. This was my second time auditioning for the show… but with the way the audition works, it’s all luck the first go-round. More than 10,000 people audition every year and fewer than 600 get on the show!! Here’s what they do…

Hundreds, if not thousands, of people show up for their chance to audition for the Wheel of Fortune. You all write your names on a contestant entry form and the form goes in a BIG ‘ol barrel, kinda like a bingo ball drum. Then one-by-one they draw five names to come up on stage to audition. They do this oh-about-10-15 times. So literally, they are only letting 50-75 people audition and everyone else goes home. Womp. Womp. The first time I auditioned over three years ago, that was me. I watched as everyone else auditioned and home I went.

But NOT this time!!! Woot woot!! When I heard them call my name I was shocked!! Stunned! I couldn’t believe it! I was honestly there for fun and really didn’t think I would make it on stage. But I did!!!


Once on stage, I was interviewed by a Pat Sajak “fill-in”. They want to see your spunk! Your attitude! Your charisma! So I gave it to ’em and I gave it to ’em good!! They ask you all the same things Pat does… “what do you do for a living?”, “what are your hobbies?”, and kinda shoot the breeze! I nailed it! Or I felt like I did. But really, what are the chances I’ll make it through?

After the interviews, you play a round of Wheel! The five of us on stage take turns guessing letters just like a real game and then solve it when you know it. And guess what?? I got it!! I wish I could tell you what the puzzle was… but gosh, that was a long time ago!! I bet my Mom remembers!! After that, we all got tee shirts and we left. That was it! Then we had to wait!!! If they wanted us to come back for a second audition, they would contact us… within the next SIX MONTHS!!! SIX MONTHS!!!! So I waited.


In February, I got an email that said this…

Congratulations! You have been selected to attend a WHEEL OF FORTUNE contestant audition (by invitation only).  We have reserved the following appointment for you: Thursday February 20, 2014 at 3:30 PM

Are you kidding me? A call back?! We delayed a scheduled trip to Florida so we could make the audition and headed to Greensboro for audition number two!! The second audition was more intense. There were about 40 of us there. We all stood up and introduced ourselves as the judges made notes on their clipboards, and then we played the game. They had a little wheel that they spun and they would call out an amount and we guessed a letter. Just like the real game. When they had seen enough, they would give you the inevitable bankrupt and move on to the next person.

Then a test! A written test!! Yes, they mean business!! The test was full of puzzles with just a few letters filled in. We were given five minutes, I think, to do all we could do, filling in partial answers. Anything we could think of. We needed to prove we were smart puzzle solvers. So for instance, if the category was “What Are You Doing?”, they wanted to see that you would fill in “ing” in the first word, even if you didn’t know the rest. I felt like I did okay… but wasn’t sure. Then the tough part….


The contestant coordinators go into a room with your tests and grade them. They discuss who they want to keep and who they want to send home. Only about 15 people got to stay. They came back in the room… all of us wringing the sweat from our palms, and they say, “If we call your name, you are invited to stay for a third audition. If we don’t call your name, thank you for coming, but we aren’t able to accept you at this time.”

Eeeeeeeek! They called my name.

Without boring you with more details, it was yet another intense audition. More game play. More projecting your voice. More charisma. We even had to spin a fake wheel. Like a non-existent wheel! All mime-like!! Ha ha!! That part felt really silly!!! But I hammed it up!! And had fun with it!! After the 15 of us had gone, they told us what would happen next. We still had to wait… but not quite as long this time. Only two weeks! If they wanted us on the show, we would get a letter within two weeks. If we did not receive the letter, we were not selected. And THIS was the last step! If you get the letter, you get to be on the show!

So I waited. And waited. If you remember the audition was on February 20th. Well, my birthday is March 2nd. 10 days later. I thought to myself, how cool of a birthday gift would that be?! Right?! But alas, my birthday came and went and no letter. As I went to bed that night, I folded back the covers and HOLY SHENANIGANS!!! What is that?? A letter from Wheel of Fortune!! Apparently the hubs checked the mail and wanted to surprise me…

I ripped the letter open.



I got the letter on March 2nd. And it said that I would receive a call TWO WEEKS before they wanted me to be in LA for the taping! Only two weeks notice!! And it could be any time within the next year!! A whole year!! For the first couple weeks I was on the edge of my seat, waiting for the phone to ring. But then I kinda forgot about it. Then an email…

Good news!  We have a tape date for you: Wednesday July 23, 2014!

So, we rushed to make plans. The hubs took off work… and we went to LA!! We were fortunate enough to spend a few days out there and I checked out lots of cool junk shops!! I’ll have to share those with you later for all my west coast peeps!! I woke up on the morning of the 23rd full of excitement and to be honest, really wasn’t nervous. Perhaps the TV background helped me there!! I woke up, curled my hair, and snapped this selfie before my BIG DAY!!


A Sony Studios shuttle picked me up as well as some other contestants staying at our hotel. And that was the last time I saw the hubs until after the show!! We were wisked off to complete isolation. No phones. No communicating with the outside world. Ha ha!! It was quite the experience!!


We spent several hours rehearsing and filling out paperwork. We practiced spinning the wheel! It weighs 2400 pounds!! It’s a beast!! We met Vanna during rehearsal… her and her PB&J breakfast! Yes, that’s what she had that morning!! And then the music started… Pat and Vanna walked out… and I picked up my signaling device…

Say it with me… “Wheeeeel offfff Fortuuune” ♪ da-da-da-daaaah da-da da-da-da-daaaah ♪

So… how did I do?? Well, those are the beans I can’t spill just yet!!


But you don’t have to wait long!! Not nearly as long as my family!!! I haven’t even told them!! No one knows, but me and the hubs!!! But the show airs THIS WEEK!!! Aaaaaaahhh!! 

Watch me on Wheel of Fortune, Thursday, September 25th!!!

You got it??? This Thursday, the 25th!! Make a note. Mark your calendars. Tell your friends! I’ll be the one in the blue shirt!! Ha ha!! That’ll be funny when you watch the show!!! See ya on TV this Thursday!!!!

Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. Oh my goodness gracious – – my face hurts from smiling so wide while reading every juicy detail of this post. Ahhhh! Whether or not you won a dime on Wheel of Fortune, my heart couldn’t swell with any more love for you than it does right now. SO proud of you, Candace – – for going out there with gusto – – for not holding back – – and for not letting fear get in the way of letting them see the true YOU (and why that NEED you on that show). You’re my hero.

    • Oh, thank you so much, Lauren!! It was an experience for sure!! I remember we had to postpone our Florida lunch date so I could go to that second audition!! Guess it was worth it after all!! And the gold shoes definitely made a debut in LA!! So happy to have you celebrating with me!!! 🙂

    • I have the same exact sentiments you do Lauren. I got chills reading this. Candace, I remember seeing one of your videos on your other blog and I thought then how professional and spunky you are. And please correct me if I am wrong, but did you or did you not post a few pictures of some of the spots you visited when you were in LA? Not many, but 1 or 2 or am I imagining it? I am so very VERY happy for you and of course, The Hubs.

      • Good memory, Karen!!! Yes!! I shared a few pics on social media of the fun spots we hit in LA!! We had a blast!! I have to say, I love being in front of the camera!! I’m so cheesy!! But I held myself together all professional like for the big show! Ha ha!! I’ll save my goofiness for the blog!! 😉 Thank you for your sweet comments!! I always love hearing from you!!

  2. I love wheel and my husband is always saying, “we got to get you on the wheel”.
    Can’t wait to watch and “root” you on.

    WOO HOO!!!!!

    • Ha ha!!! I love it, Mary Kay!!! Root me on any time you please!! Ha ha!! So glad to have you here!! And you should totally give it a shot the next time they are in your area!! What’s there to lose?? Go for it!!!

  3. well it doesn’t get any better than this…..first I follow you along the longest yard sale and now your on my favorite show and I love your blog…..honestly between your snazzy boots and big smile all I can say is you are def one of my favorite bloggers….huge congrats and I’ll be watching… wawawowswers !!!!!!!!

    • Awwwww… you are a doll-face Susie Barb!!! I’m so glad you found me on that yard sale adventure!! I tell ya the last couple months have been a wild ride!! With this trip to LA, the yard sale, and an anniversary trip to the Bahamas, the hubs and I clocked 14 states in 48 days!! Wowza!! 🙂

  4. I am so excited!! I know you made us all proud! Can’t wait to watch. Setting the DVR now!!!

    • Yay!! Can you believe we don’t have cable… so no DVR!!! Ahhhh!!! I’ve got some friends who have promised to record it for me!! It’s gonna be fun to finally be able to talk about it!!! 🙂

      • Wow! No DVR! That is the only way I ever get to watch anything because I am always working on jewelry in the evenings… lol…

        • I know it, Liz!! It’s a racket!! One of those sacrifices that we made to get this ‘lil dream off the ground!! It’s not so bad. But I have to admit, I may have taken a tumble into the Bachelor/Bachelorette hole! What is wrong with me?! Ha ha!!

  5. OH boo! You don’t come on until 1:20 a.m. here because of Thursday Night Football! 🙁 DVR is set though!

    • Yikes, Liz!! That’s LATE!!! Looks like somebody’s gonna have some fun Friday entertainment!!! 🙂

      • Oh girlie, I am a huge night owl… I will be watching it at 1:20 but have to DVR it so I can show my hubs. Hey, we got you a surprise yesterday… I’ll try to get it in the mail in a couple of days… You’re going to crack up!! lol… Love ya…

        • Oh goodness!!! I don’t know what I’m gonna do with you, gal!! Can’t wait to HUG your neck this fall on your gypsy trip!!! 🙂

  6. That is so cool! I’m sure you had such a great time. I’m setting my DVR, too.

    • Woot woot!!! It was fun!!! I had even more fun scoping out the junk shops there!! I found one, where the movie sets shop!! Can’t wait to show y’all the pics I got!!!

  7. Can’t wait to watch!! OMG!!!!!!

  8. Sheila Moore says:

    Oh WOW I can’t wait. I’m setting the alarm on my phone right now!!!!!

  9. Can’t wait to see you! That’s on my bucket list!!!!! Watch it every day 🙂

    • It was on mine too, Kim, but working in TV for so long, I could never audition. I was stoked when I heard they were coming to town and I had just left the TV world!! Talk about timing!! It was meant to be!! 🙂

  10. Oy I will be watching for sure!! My father is a loyal Wheel watcher!! He loves it & leaves the dinner table promptly right before Jeopardy to watch both game shows!! Can’t wait to see how you do!

    • Oh, thanks Lynn!! Yeah, I would never make it on Jeopardy! I’m not smart enough for that! Ha ha!! But Wheel was fun!! I can’t wait to talk with y’all about it after it airs!! You and pops have fun watching the show!! 🙂

  11. I get off work just in time to make it home to watch you Thursday! This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

    I do have to share a story. Back in the mid-1980s, I was visiting my Aunt & Uncle in California. Now, by this time, I had a Masters degree in Health Care Administration from a premier program, was a member of management at a large regional hospital, and was actually in California because I was presenting at a national convention. But it was only after I “got” the WoF answers before the contestants that my Uncle turned to me and said, “Gosh, you’re smart!” Not that I’d be able to do it doing a real taping of the show…so I am in awe of YOU, my friend!

    • You ARE one smart cookie, Miss Sharon!!! Ha ha!! I tell ya, it’s like everyone says, it is much harder in person than when you are sitting on your couch playing with no money at stake!! Ha ha!! I can’t wait for you all to get to see it!! 🙂

  12. Will be tuned in, Happy, Happy, Happy!!!!

  13. I’ve had this on my calendar since you told us about it at Haven!!! I’m so stinkin’ excited for you – got my DVR set to record AND I’ll be watching for sure! WOOT WOOT!!!

    • Yay, Kirsten!!! I can’t wait!! I feel like it has been sooooo long since I went! But I remember sitting at dinner with you ladies telling you that I would be going a week later, and man, that feels like yesterday!! I’m glad you’ll get to see it!! I’m pumped!! 🙂

  14. I can’t wait to see you! Since WOF is on CBS at 6: 30 PM here, & Thursday Night Football starts at 6:30 PM, WOF will be shown on the CBS sister station here. DVR is set! I hope you won big!

    • Oh good, Mary!! I’m glad you got that figured out beforehand. We had a minor freak out moment trying to figure that out ourselves. But I think all is good… and we are set for a good show!! I can’t wait!!

  15. Yay! I’m a wheel watcher, so I will see you soon!

  16. Love it! Happy for you! Sure takes lots of patience and determination for this auditioning! But I have noticed your smile has gotten bigger over the past few months!! Can’t wait to see you on the program.

    • Awww, you are sweet, Faye!! Patience was indeed a virtue throughout the process, but in the end I made it!! So it was worth all the wait!!! Can’t wait for you to see it!!!

  17. Oh, my goodness! I am absolutely SO excited for you!! Must see it. I’m setting all kinds of alarms and reminders so I don’t forget!! 😉 Great post… I had no idea how the contestants are chosen. And how could they NOT pick you? I can’t wait to hear what you had to say when they asked what you DO!!!

    • Ha ha, you sound like me, Sondra!! My mom is putting together a little shindig with food and everything for us to all watch! It will be fun!! I will just be glad when I can talk about it!! That’s been soooo hard!!! And yes, ‘what I do?!’… ha ha!! That was a doozie to explain!!! 🙂

  18. Peggy Nosek says:

    How exciting! I have just set my DVR so I can watch it after work.

  19. Louise Atkin says:

    I love following you…love your spirit…making a note right now to watch Thurs nite 🙂

    • Oh, thank you, Louise! I’m so happy to have you following along on this journey of mine! It’s a crazy one. That’s for sure!! But sharing it with all of you makes it all the more fun!! Keep in touch!! 🙂

  20. That is so exciting! So exciting! I am dying to know how much you won! I am DYING to know! Good for you! I found out last week that I am a Finalist in the ALL YOU Magazine Smartest Shopper contest and the top three winners are flown to NYC to be on the TODAY show! Exciting stuff! Congrats to you!

  21. Come on big money! How exciting to go through the process, be chosen and to be a wheel spinner. We will most definitely have our televisions tuned in tonight. A friend of ours was a Wheel contestant in New Orleans last year and we through a WHEEL party to cheer her on. You would think we would know by now the contestants and the wheel can’t hear the at home crowd, but we gave it our all. I know this is an experience you will never forget. Thanks for taking us along on your WOF adventure, Candace.

  22. Well darn i have been out all week and just saw the post which means i missed your debut on WOF last night!
    So can you tell how you did?
    What excitement!

  23. Sandra O'Berry says:

    I insisted that we watch Wheel of Fortune while eating dinner last night because someone “almost’ local was going to be on. My Dad and Ed wanted to know who and asked “do you know her?”

    I told a bit of a story and said I did because I had sent you a couple of emails and you replied. That was close enough for me!

    We enjoyed watching the game and you did win some cash! I know that being on a show like that is harder than it looks. A lot of it is timing and good fortune apart from the actual wheel.

  24. Congrats, just watched the show! Love the matching shirts! $5400 ain’t bad! That will buy a lot of rusted gold!

  25. Oh No!!! I always watch it, but last night it was on and I
    was busy getting dinner and couldn’t watch! Is there a way to still see it! I haven’t had internet for a week and just got home this evening and going thru my emails. I feel so bad!!!!!!!!!!! wahhhhhhhh

  26. Hey..now that I missed the Wheel of Fortune show…please tell the outcome whether or not you won big?!
    I can’t wait to hear about the West Coast junkin’ you did! Hit us up!!

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