It Takes a Village to Open a Shop

Of all times for me to get sick, I was out of commission for a whole day last week. A. WHOLE. DAY. Do you know what that is like in the world of I’m-opening-a-shop-in-T-minus-12-days???? It’s like an eternity!!! I couldn’t stand it! But I had to rest so I could get better and get back to work. While I was sick, I started a to-do list of things that needed to happen over the next two weeks. And when I finished, I realized there is no way that Bill and I can get all of this done on our own!

So, I put in a few requests for a work day at the shop. And boy, was I surprised at how much we were able to accomplish with about 12 extra hands!! It kinda turned into a work weekend!! It started on Friday when my gal pal, Stephanie, took a day off of work to help out! ALL DAY! (Sweet, that her job pays her to be a volunteer for one day! Glad I was the recipient of that generosity!!) Bill and I were up at the crack of dawn to round up some more pallets, to finish the walls. So, when Steph got there, we got to work tearing them apart.

Taking Part Wood Pallets #RustedRoots

Steph also took on painting the doors and windows… we teamed up on the job. But let’s be honest, she tackled the tedious work of the window trim. It was a beautiful day to be outside… and we were able to catch up while we worked. It was amazing!!! That pallet wood came in handy on Saturday when my brother stopped by to help out. He took on the walls in the bathroom. Y’all remember my Dad helped with the barn wood walls in the shop, as well as the rusty tin walls? It runs in the family. My brother had no problem taking the reigns and working solo on the job! He popped over to help Danielle as needed on the circular saw. Teamwork!!

Building a Wood Pallet Wall #RustedRoots

Danielle was AMAZING! She’s my blog buddy from Two Little SuperheroesΒ and the owner of The Salvage Sign. She will be selling her amazing reclaimed wooden signs at the shop! Woot woot!! So, I knew she would be stellar finishing up the painting that Steph started on Friday. She was done in a jif, and started scrubbing windows, tying price tags, building canopies. I tell ya… it takes a superhero to raise a superhero! Danielle rocked it!!

Behind the Scenes of Opening a Shop #RustedRoots

Then there was the job of the ceiling. <Insert Mission Impossible music.> You wanna talk about a job?? Holy man. Bill and I had been working on covering the ceilingΒ with burlap for days. I am using burlap feed sacks and then bolts of burlap to fill in the holes. Remember this?? We probably had at least three days of work in, but felt like we were getting no where. When Steph was over on Friday, we worked on it some more… and used all the burlap that we had. We were still only about a quarter of the way done… are you kidding me??? We are gonna be hanging burlap ’til the cows come home!! And we don’t have cows, so that’s gonna be forever!!!

Burlap Ceilings #RustedRoots

Then came my mom and step-dad!!! Holy man!! They spent all day Saturday hanging burlap!! From 10am until Midnight!!! All. Day. They were determined to take the burden of the ceilings off of my shoulders. And that they did! I couldn’t believe it! They used all the burlap I had. They insisted that we go get more. We did. And they hung that too!! And 14 hours later… the ceilings were done!!!

Burlap Ceiling Covering #RustedRoots

You HAVE to come to the grand opening to see how they turned out! I tried to take pics, but with the flourescent lights, it just didn’t do it justice. But trust me it is AMAZING!!! And have you ever tried to do anything on a ceiling. It’s ridiculously hard!! Especially burlap! Fibers flying everywhere. This was by far, one of the messiest jobs and they handled it like pros. Never once complaining. Okay. Maybe once.Β Ha ha! (I knew you’d like that, Mom!)

I couldn’t believe all that we accomplished this weekend! We still have a ways to go, but it is finally coming together! Now the fun part, staging everything!! Bill snapped this picture of me one night after we finished working. This was one of the days I was sick. I have been pushing myself and pushing myself. But am oh-so-thankful for the village that came to my rescue this past weekend. I couldn’t do it without them!!

Opening a Shop is Exhausting #RustedRoots

P.S. Yes, the floor was nasty! And yes, I was coated in saw dust and burlap fibers when I got up. I only laid there for five minutes. Promise! It was just enough to revive me to get up and keep going!! Ha ha!! The grand opening is November 1st at 9am!! I sure hope to see you junkies there!!

Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. I so wish I could go!!! I adore Danielle, she’s such a great person! I for sure would offer to help if I was close, I can’t wait to see all of this come together, so exciting! πŸ˜€

  2. You are right when you say it takes a village…that reminder makes me realize why I am always behind…it’s only ME! Oh I do pity the burlap work. That stuff sheds like crazy, and I’ve only done small projects!

    Keep at it! It’s looking great!

    • Thanks, Sue!! It’s coming along nicely. I tell ya, I don’t have a big crew, but the people I have are such hard workers. I am a lucky gal for sure!!

  3. dang girl!!! I wish I lived closer..but we are still planning to make the trek for the big day!!!!
    Am sooo excited…much love from Cassy & the Atomic Butterbean!!!!

    • Yay!! Can’t wait to see you again, Cassy!! And I’m sure hopin’ you’re gonna bring the Atomic Butterbean to one of our outdoor markets in the Spring!! It won’t be the same without you!!! πŸ™‚

  4. Lookin good! Wish I was closer to come to your opening… Will just have to live it through your pictures. Take care of yourself… What gets done, gets done… The opening will happen regardless & no one will know if you didn’t get it all finished.( of course unless you tell em).

    • So true, Diana!! So true!!! I wish you lived closer too, I’d love to meet ya!! In the mean time, I’ll keep the pictures coming and you keep in touch, now, ya hear???

  5. How amazing for you to be blessed with such amazing friends and family! I am so excited for you to be living your dream. Can’t wait to see it! Hoping to make it Nov. 1st or 2nd if all goes as planned. XOXO…

    • I. Can’t. Wait. to hug your neck!!! I think you win the award for the longest trek to come to the Grand Opening!!! Can’t wait to see you!!! πŸ™‚

  6. You go girl, I know how u feel I’m getting ready for a vintage show here in Florida next week and keeping my fingers crossed nothing creepy gets me!! I’m going to plan a road trip and come your way how proud you must be to live your dream! I can’t wait to see your shop! Good Luck next weekend!!!! Gale another junker from another mother!

    • Heeeeey Gale!!! So great to hear from you!!! I can’t wait for you to come up!! Where in Florida do you sell?? I’d love to make another trip down to go junkin’… perhaps I’ll come find ya!! Good luck with your show this week! πŸ™‚

  7. Hey Candace, I will be at the Fancyflea in Lakeland Florida

  8. Exact address please. Hope to see you opening day.

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