Jingle Your Junkin’ Bells at Rusted Roots

If you are diggin’ Christmas plaid, reindeer, and old wooden sleds… toy trucks, mason jar trees, and upcycled wreaths… you are going to LOVE what we have in store for Rusted Roots Jingle Your Junkin’ Bells, November 13-15!!

Rusted Roots Christmas Junk Show in Hillsborough, NC #RustedRoots

I have never felt more like a Christmas elf in my life!!! We have a small team of people who have been working hard craftin’, buildin’, and upcyclin’ all kinds of fun pieces for your rustic farmhouse Christmas. And there’s really no better way to show you everything than a little junk shop tour!! So, sit back in your jammies and allow me to show you ’round Rusted Roots…

Lots of rusty Christmas yummies right?!! Like I mentioned in the video… a lot of these are projects that all of you out-of-towners can make yourself!! If you can’t make it to the Rusted Roots shop, hit your local junk shop and buy the supplies to create your own rustic Christmas!! We love being an inspiration for you!! Here are some pictures that you can pin right on your Pinterest boards, so you remember them for the future!! (If you’re on a desktop, just hover over the picture and you will see the Pin It button pop up!) All of these items are in the shop for this weekend’s Jingle your Junkin’ Bells!

old-red-pickup-truck-christmas-tree-ornament old-wooden-christmas-sleds-for-sale vintage-christmas-wreath-chippy-barn-wood
vintage-carpenter-ruler-star upcycled-wheel-wreath-merry-christmas upcycled-wheel-christmas-wreath-rustic-vintage
upcycled-water-spigot-handle-diy-christmas-tree upcycled-vintage-ruler-star upcycled-vintage-antique-meat-grinder-christmas
vintage-santa-mugs-christmas-planter winter-upcycled-centerpiece-snow-burlap upcycled-old-truck-shop-counter-checkout-chevy-chevrolet
upcycled-rusty-roller-skate-winter-deer-christmas-tree upcycled-christmas-wreath-old-wheel upcycled-christmas-chicken-feeder-wreath
upcycled-bicycle-christmas-wreath upcycled-antique-lunch-pail-christmas toy-truck-christmas-tree-for-sale
rusty-bed-spring-christmas-penguin rustic-farmhouse-christmas-decor-deer-antlers rustic-farmhouse-christmas-decor
rustic-christmas-diy-centerpiece rustic-christmas-antique-lantern repurpose-gumball-machine-vintage-christmas-ornaments
painted-red-dresser old-truck-christmas-tree-for-sale old-tire-repruposed-wreath-christmas
light-up-mason-jar-christmas-tree-diy junk-gypsy-paint-christmas-santa howdy-country-christmas-ornament
handmade-christmas-bows-for-sale green-metal-basket-organizer farmhouse-rustic-vintage-christmas-barn-door
cowboy-santa-claus-country-christmas country-rustic-plaid-reindeer-for-sale coffee-can-burlap-christmas-tree-diy
christmas-vintage-tennis-racket-wreath christmas-horseshoe-for-sale christmas-deer-antler-upcycle-chippy-beadboard
old-toy-truck-christmas-tree antique-toy-truck-christmas-tree

And Danielle, from The Salvage Sign will join us Friday, November 13 taking custom orders for all your handpainted holiday needs!! This girl is pretty amazing when it comes to wooden signs and can create just about anything you can imagine!! Here’s a small sampling of what she will have for the show!


We are so looking forward to welcoming you to the Rusted Roots Shop, November 13-15, for Jingle Your Junkin’ Bells!! Bring your sweet tooth! We’ll have a hot cocoa bar, homemade fudge, and some salty snacks in case you don’t like chocolate!! Christmas music will fill the air and our Christmas elves will help you fill your car or truck! Lots of great stocking stuffers and gift ideas!! We can’t wait to see y’all this weekend at Rusted Roots!!

Until next time, let us remember..

Beauty Stems from Rusted Roots

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  1. Fonda Rush says:

    You’ve outdone yourselves once again! Thank you so much for doing a store tour! Best wishes for your opening this weekend!

    • You’re so welcome, Fonda!! And thank you for your sweet words!! We have a lot of fun year round, but there’s something special about Christmas time that makes it all so much more fun!!! Have a great week!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for this video! I can’t come, since it would take me 2 days to get there, but love your store & hope you sell out of everything! I think my favorite might be the old roller skates because they look like mine from the mid 50’s…..

    • You’re welcome, Mary!!! I love those little skates!! I was kinda sad to see them all go over the weekend! All four of them were out the door the first day!!! They were cute!! Maybe one day you’ll get out here!! In the mean time, keep in touch!!

  3. Hello there!

    I wanted to drop a kind word! Over the last year, I have found such motivation and entertainment in watching your business grow. The zeal displayed in your posts and on your website is a blessing which you share with the world. Thank you for the motivation and business passion.

    Joe your custom craftsman
    Ten Eight Custom Finishings

    • Thank you so much, Joe!! Your kind words mean more than you know. I am so happy to help and motivate others. I have to say it’s a lot of hard work and it’s not always easy, but finding the joy in all of it is what it’s all about!! I thank you so much for following our journey and for being a part of it!! From one small business to another, go get ’em!! Keep in touch!! 🙂

  4. susan shoaf says:

    Do you have another show in December?

    • Hi Susan!! Yes, we will have another show Dec 4-6, THIS WEEKEND! The dates and times are in the graphic at the top of this post! Hope to see you there!!

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