Moolah: The Cash Stash to Get a Deal

Who talks more? Benjamin Franklin or George Washington?

We all know Ben Franklin adorns the hundred dollar bill… and while we may think a hundred speaks bounds to the measley one dollar bill that Washington graces, is that always the case? Sure, I’d take a Ben to a George any day!! But when it comes to Yard Sale Shopping, that may not be the case!!

Top Ten Tips for Yard Sale Shopping by Rusted Roots

Money talks! And it speaks loudly when yard sale shopping! And I’m here to tell you, without a doubt, George talks more than Ben!! I’ll explain why in Tip #4 of my Top Ten Tips for Yard Sale Shopping.

Top Ten Tips for Yard Sale Shopping {Tip #4}

You see, George is a lot like me. Quiet until you get to know him. Quiet until he’s in an atmosphere where he feels comfortable. Quiet until… well, you take him to the 127 World’s Largest Yard Sale. There he feels right at home! That’s because the smart shoppers know that having small bills in your pocket go a long way when negotiating and getting great deals!!

Before You Leave

First things first, get your money straight before you leave home! Your money does you no good sitting in your bank account. You need cash! Very few people will accept a personal check from someone they don’t know. And while the ‘square’ is becoming more and more popular, allowing you to pay with a card, it’s really more prevalent at shows, not yard sales. So cash is key! Go to your bank or ATM before you leave home! You never know if you will pass your bank’s ATM on your travels to 127 and you don’t want to get there and then have to be searching for an ATM.

Once you get your cash, you need to break it into smaller bills and then I suggest putting it in an envelope, not the one from the bank, but a solid white one. I like to keep my money in an envelope for many reasons. One, it’s a home base for my money, so I don’t have to carry it all on me. And two, I keep track of what I spend my money on by writing it on the envelope! You won’t get receipts for your purchases, so if you are buying for your business, writing on the envelope is an easy way to keep track.

What to Bring

Breaking that money into smaller bills is key! You can do this at your bank or ask a local store to break it for you. You want to have some of every bill… ones, fives, tens, and twenties. But depending on what you are shopping for… lots of ones!! You don’t want to offer $4 for something that is priced at $6 and then pay with a ten dollar bill. Be smart with your money! Having all denominations just makes it easier!! If you find that you are running low on small bills, use larger bills to pay for a meal or snack and get change that way, once you’re on the route!

Safety First

This one is important!! One reason I like to use a solid white envelope is because if I have it out writing on it, it doesn’t scream, HEY! I’m an envelope full of cash!! Leave your envelope in a safe place. And only keep a small portion of cash on you. You can always go back to your car if you need to! Or your hotel (if you’re the shower takin’ type!) While I hate to be a debbie downer, people aren’t stupid and they know that most yard salers will have cash on them. So there is the possibility of pickpockets. Just be smart. Don’t put your cash in a bag that’s open, zip it up! Don’t put your cash in your back pocket. People are sneaky at snaggin’ that stuff! If you gotta break out the fanny pack, you do it!! Keep your money safe!!

If you think someone is taking your money, it may be weird but speak up! Say something! Be loud! It will likely be enough to scare the pickpocket away or at least let others know what’s happening so they can help!


Remember money talks and so should you!! If you plan on spending thousands… having tons of ones is not your best best. You don’t want to buy a $200 dresser, and pay in ones and fives. Know what you are going after and take the money you will need to buy it, remembering that sometimes although George seems quiet, he can chat with the best of ’em… even Benjamin!!

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Happy Yard Sale Shopping!!

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