No U-turns: How to Plan a Route & Stick to It

Stop sign. Yield sign. Pedestrian crosswalk. No U-turn. You know the drill. You’re at the DMV, your head pressed against the cushy binocular-like viewmaster rattling off what every single road sign is. What’s the one with the squiggly line? Oh yeah, curvy road ahead. Well, study up friends, because all those road signs are gonna prove very useful as you tackle the 127 World’s Largest Yard Sale.

Top Ten Tips for Yard Sale Shopping by Rusted Roots

Looong before you hit the road, you should have a plan for where you are headed and how you plan to get there! Are you going to hit 127 and stay on 127 the whole way? Or will you pull off to drive to a different section of 127? Break out a map and do your homework! Then… remember the golden rule: No U-Turns! It’s Tip #5 in my Top Ten Tips for Yard Sale Shopping!

Top Ten Tips for Yard Sale Shopping {Tip #5}

Planning your route is the easy part… sticking to it, well, that’s a different story! The route is HUGE! 690 miles to be exact and lots of people have gone on before before us!! So, do a quick google search. Find the areas where others have been and had great luck! I’ll be sharing my favorite spots when we get back!! So, here are some things to keep in mind….

Your Route

As you plan your route, keep in mind where you’re staying each night, unless you’re like us and are taking the gypsy route! Then it doesn’t matter!! Also keep in mind that you may want to go back to certain sales on the last day. Especially if you used the magic negotiating trick, you’ll need to go back to claim your goodies!! For us, we know where we are starting and we know where we want to finish. There are a couple specific spots we want to hit along the way, but if we don’t make it, it’s not the end of the world. Often the sales that are off the beaten path are the best ones to hit! Why? Because many people won’t want to pull off 127 for the lone yard sale. That’s where you can find lots of stuff that hasn’t been picked over! And it’s also tempting to just hop out when there are a dozen yard sales all in one place. Remember, that’s what everyone else will think too! So, those will be the most populated areas with the least selection. Don’t hesitate to stop at the yard sale that stands all on its own. As everyone else whizzes on to the next cluster. Give ‘er a stop! You just never know what you may find!! It’s all about the adventure!!

Your Safety

This is where the golden rule comes in!! It’s important to know that you are about to embark on a journey filled with heavy traffic, narrow roads, lots of big trucks, and drivers who have never pulled a trailer before! Yup! All kinds! You will have rubber-neckers and people who will stop dead in their tracks to read a yard sale sign. You will have people dart out in front of your car and inevitably drop an old tire that will roll right in front of your path! A dog will jump out of the truck in front of you! And a child will scream out of nowhere! Are you scared yet!?! Be prepared!! And be sure that YOU are not any of those people!!

First and foremost, obey all traffic laws. Follow all posted signs. Even if you just spotted the dreamiest sale of the whole trek, DON’T slam on your brakes, DON’T pull an illegal U-Turn, DON’T be that person. If someone rear ends you, I can promise that antique stained glass window won’t be nearly as appealing!! Not to mention you can’t fit nearly as much junk in your trunk if it’s caved in! Just sayin’

Your Gut

Follow your gut! If you see a sign and it’s off your planned path, if you have a feeling it’s a good one. Go! But make sure you get there safely! You know how to pick the best spots! So, don’t doubt yourself. Just make sure you get back on track if you have to be at a certain place come nightfall. There are many other highways you can hop on to skip part of the route if you need to!

Make it fun! But keep it safe!! Otherwise, you’ll be back at the DMV looking through that old binocular-like viewmaster, prepping for driving school!! And we all know, the only viewmaster you want is that super cool one from back in the day… you know, the old stereoscopes.

Here’s to finding an antique stereoscope!!

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Happy Yard Sale Shopping!!

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