Cha.. Cha.. Cha.. Changes for 2015!!

You asked for it… we delivered!! Literally!! Right to your doorstep… starting January 5th you will be able to buy Rusted Roots junk online!! Every time I post pictures of the goodies at the shop on Facebook, I hear the slurps of drool and the pleas that follow… “Can you ship?” “Can you mail this to me?” “Can I buy this online?” For the last month or so, you’ve heard me say “We’re working on it!” “We hope to ship the first of the year!” “Soon. Soon.” Well, because I am not a girl to back down from a challenge… soon is here… we will begin taking orders and shipping starting January 5th!!!

Rusted Roots Now Ships!! #RustedRoots

So how will this work?? Well, we’ll figure it out together! But I think it will be pretty simple at first with most of the sales happening over on Facebook, so if you are not following along over there… well, hop on it!! And be sure to click “Get Notifications” under the ‘Like’ box so you don’t miss a great piece of junk!! Now… with that being said, there will be certain items that you can always get!! Like tee-shirts, blue mason jars, and rusty letters and words! Ya’ll loved the metal letters and words!!

Blue Mason Jars for Sale #RustedRoots

And those rusty morsels of goodness weren’t the only thing ya’ll have loved in the first couple months of the shop being open. In fact, ya’ll wipe us out about every weekend!! We can’t keep up!! So here’s our solution… what if we took a month’s worth of funky junk and filled the shop for one JUNK-tastic weekend every month?? Think of the treasures we could find with a little more digging time?? The shop will be different every month!! Completely transformed!! How fun, right?? I thought so too! Let’s do it!!

Rusty Letters for Sale #RustedRoots

Starting in January, we will ditch the traditional shop hours for a once a month Rusted Roots rally of sorts!! This will give us the time we need to keep the shop chock full of rusty goodness! I’m so excited!! We’ll have snacks and treats… and some other surprises!! Are you pumped?? Our first round-up will be January 16-18! Three whole days to junk to your hearts content!! Here’s a picture you can pin if you want to remember the dates or share it on Facebook to save it to your timeline!!

Monthly Junk Show at Rusted Roots! #RustedRoots

And we have our February and March dates in the books as well… so mark your calendars now!!

Monthly Junk Show at Rusted Roots! #RustedRoots

Monthly Junk Show at Rusted Roots! #RustedRoots

And that’s not all folks… nope!! You don’t want to miss the March show!! We’ve told ya’ll from the beginning that with our shop we also garnered a lovely field of green grass… just begging for an outdoor market!! And the plans are in place for that as well!! Rusted Roots Spring Market will feature some of the best junkers, curators, creators, and builders around!! There will be food!! As in trucks!! We will have lots more details as it gets closer including features from all of our fabulous vendors!! The Rusted Roots Spring Market will be Saturday, March 28th and Sunday, March 29th in the big field! If you would like to be a vendor at the Spring Market, email me at candace(at)rustedroots(dot)com.

Whew! I’m out of breath!! That’s a lot of exciting news right?!!!

One more thing before I let you junkies go… this weekend Dec 20-21 and next weekend Dec 27-28, everything in the shop with a Rusted Roots tag will be 25% off!! (Metal words and letters not included.)  And the fabulous hand-painted signs from The Salvage Sign are 25% off too!! We are clearing out to make way for our first BIG show in January!! Even the tees are 25% off… snag one for $15!!

Junk Tees for Sale #RustedRoots
Ya’ll have been sooooo overwhelmingly supportive in this new venture we are taking on and we couldn’t be more grateful!! We are here to do what YOU want and serve YOU better! We are excited about the changes coming in 2015 and hope you are too!! See ya ’round the bend!! (and on Facebook as we share all of our junk adventures and our finds along the way!!!) Merry Christmas!!

Metal Words for Sale #RustedRoots

Until next time, let us remember..

Beauty Stems from Rusted Roots

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  1. Are the” home ” letters still available ?

    • Rhonda, the ‘home’ words sold, but I have ordered more for our January 16-18 show!! We are selling individual letters over on Facebook today, if you are interested in those. Those are available for shipping. It’s only 48 hours. Sale ends Midnight EST tomorrow!!

  2. Not sure how your January Sale works. How do I buy things for sale? Please let me know, would love to buy a few items. Thank you, Karen

    • Our January 16-18 show was at our shop in Hillsborough, NC! We don’t ship those items. We do have online pop-up sales on Facebook every few weeks. We should be having another one in a few weeks, so make sure you are following over there!! Hope that helps, Karen!!

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