Painted Floor in the Old Barn Shop

Sometimes I can dream up some pretty elaborate plans. Projects that, in my head, will be cheap and quick to accomplish. And more often than not, they always ALWAYS take twice as long as I expect… and in some cases cost quite a bit more than I expect. What can I say?? I’m ambitious!

Painting the Barn Shop Floor #RustedRoots

That was the case when it came to the floor of the old Rusted Roots barn shop. When we started work on the barn about a month ago, this is what we were working with.

Update on the Rusted Roots Barn Shop #RustedRoots

A bare bones plywood floor. I love that, in places, it was stamped ‘reject mill’. My kinda guy built this barn. Why pay top dollar when you can get the reject wood. It does just as good ‘a job! And it saves it from a landfill or burn pile. Anywho, aside from the kids rainbow artwork, the floors had no color, no nothing. Remember? The old barn used to be a woodworking shop. Have I shown y’all a picture of that?? Let me see if I can hunt one down…

Here ya go…

Painting the Barn Shop Floor #RustedRoots

‘Cuz I immediately thought. Oh yeah, that could be the new Rusted Roots!! Right? You see it right? And the artwork on the floor. Who could resist? I tell ya, I don’t know what those kids used to paint that rainbow. But, we’ve put down two coats of primer (the good stuff) and three coats of paint and you can STILL see that rainbow peaking through. I’m not gonna fight it. Perhaps we’ll just invest in a rug. Ha ha!Β Maybe it’s a sign. God’s promise to ‘flood’ our shop with new friends!!

I had a lot of ideas for the floor of the new shop. But with everything else we are investing into the shop I knew it had to be cost effective. So my idea to put down some sort of antique hand sawn wood flooring was out. As was my idea for something way cheaper like a look-a-like laminate, because with 1500 sq. feet, even that was too costly. So, we decided to paint it!! The painting process took days, maybe even a couple weeks. I lost count. But we documented the entire process. Two coats of primer. Two coats of medium gray. Didn’t like it. One coat of a darker gray. THE LOGO!! Yes, we painted the logo on the floor!! And then a coat of sealer. So, yeah. Days. But in the end it was so worth it!!

So, if you didn’t catch it in the video I wanted to tell you a little more about how we painted the Rusted Roots logo on the floor and why. We handpainted the entire logo. No stencils. No projectors. No fancy equipment. I looked at one of our business cards, drew it out with a pencil, and we painted it in.

The circle was the easy part.

How to Draw or Paint a Perfect Circle #RustedRoots

We put a nail in the exact center of where we wanted the logo to be and then tied a piece of twine around the nail. With a pencil on the other end, we measured out how far we wanted the logo to go. A little shimmy around the room and we had a big ‘ol circle. A couple more go ’rounds and all our circles were in place.

Painting the Rusted Roots Barn Shop Floor #RustedRoots

Then it was time for the tricky bit. The star and the letters. Believe it or not, the star was harder than the letters were. That’s when all our high school geometry came into play. Have you tried drawing a HUGE star that’s even on all sides?? It’s no small feat. After a couple attempts, we settled with the one we have and like the fact that it’s not perfect. It’s part of the charm of freehand art.

Painting the Rusted Roots Barn Shop Floor #RustedRoots

I drew out all of the letters and outlined them with paint. Then Bill would follow behind and fill the letters in. It took two coats on everything, which was super time consuming. Not to mention dry time between all of our coats of paint. And of course stopping to let the camera battery recharge so we could have our timelapse video for all of you! It’s a process. Ha ha!

Handpainted Logo on Antique Shop Floor #RustedRoots

Handpainted Logo on Antique Shop Floor #RustedRoots

But in the end, I could not be happier with how it turned out! Really!! It’s exactly what I wanted. And I know what you’re thinking… well, won’t it just be covered up once you fill the shop??

Yes and no.

I wanted to have the feel of the old general store that had the big ‘ol Coca-cola logo on the floor. You didn’t have to see the whole logo to know what it was, right? And it added to the feel of the old store! Over time, the paint wore down in spots from all the folks who came and went. And that’s exactly how I envision this logo years from now. When hundreds of people have come and gone. Memories made. This old logo will still be there. Tattered and worn. Peaking out to remind us of this day. The beginning. When things were fresh and new and we had no idea what was in store.

Handpainted Logo on Antique Shop Floor #RustedRoots

Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. Deborah Cox says:

    You guys rock!! The floor and logo look great! Someday I hope to see it in person.

  2. You guys amaze me! I cannot believe that was free hand!! Love the part when Bill stepped in the paint.

    • Ha ha ha!!! We wondered if anyone would notice that part. It was hilarious!!! We played it in slow motion and laughed so hard. He’s a goober!! Glad you enjoyed the video!! Keep in touch! πŸ™‚

  3. Okay, I just discovered you guys (that’s New Jersey language for “y’all”!! :). After reading your Kitchen Shutters DIY and the comments below it, I noticed you mentioned having your car in the big ATL. Please tell me Rusted Roots is going to be nearby…I’ll get in my car now!!

    • Ha ha!! You’re a trip Sharon! I’m not sure where the mention was of our car being in ATL, but I’m thinking perhaps someone spotted us on one of our picking adventures. Because, unfortunately, we are still in Mebane, NC! We have looked into the Country Living Fair in Atlanta though and thought about perhaps participating!!! That’d be fun!! We’ll be sure to let you know if we do!!! Happy Friday! πŸ™‚

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