Day Two: Painting & Storage Delivery

In real life, today marks four weeks that we have been in the old farmhouse! Four weeks! Can you believe it??? Between painting, unpacking, moving furniture and from time to time working at the shop, 28 days have passed!!! I gotta tell you the 28 days I mentioned last week went by a heck of a lot slower than these past 28 days. Sheeeeez. I had a revelation today that I needed to take a deep breath, say a prayer, and know that everything will get done in its own time.

Without further ado, let’s take a look back at our second day on the farm! Day two of our ‘Fourteen Days to Farmhouse’! It seems like an eternity ago.

Day Two of 'Fourteen Days to Farmhouse' Series at #RustedRoots

Looking back on all of the pictures and videos warms my heart every day. I can still feel the excitement of those first two weeks as I listen to our voices in these videos. And this one, especially, as it happens to be sprinkled with some funny rhetoric about my southern accent and pecan pie!! How do you say pecan???

Pee-can? or Pee-con? or Pa-con? You don’t even know now, do ya? When you say it over and over you can’t really remember how you normally say it. Ha ha!

Like we said in the video, day two was painting day. And we got ‘some’ painting done. But no where near what we had hoped to accomplish. Everything just takes so much longer than you would think. But the goal was to get all of the baseboards painted before the carpet was laid, and that we did!


Many ‘a scootch across that floor painting all that trim and molding but we got it done!! P.S. Any ideas for the wood paneling?? We’ve contemplated painting it, perhaps covering it with barn wood, maybe covering it with beadboard to go with other areas of the house. I’m just not sure. But I don’t think the ‘orangey-ness’ of the wood will go with our style. And P.P.S. we are painting the yellow walls gray!

While we were painting I heard the angels singing in the backyard. Our storage containers had arrived!!!!


We have had our entire life, practically, packed in storage since January 2016. Hello? Do you hear me? January! This is September!!! Hints the faces above when the first unit was put in place. I say first, because we have THREE storage units!!! If you watched the video above, you know why. <wink> And, well, we couldn’t help but capture the excitement of storage delivery day so we can always remember it!! 1… 2… 3…

Count ’em. One, two three storage units all in place and all packed to the brim!!!! The plan is to start unpacking them when the guys are installing the carpet. That way we will be out of their way. I tell ya, these two weeks were all a very carefully orchestrated circus! With yours truly in the three rings!!

Oh yeah, and one more sidenote that I don’t want to forget. It’s the small things that bring us delight. When the inspector came through before we closed on the old farmhouse, he noted that the filters needed to be changed. We didn’t ask the sellers to change them. That’s something we could easily replace ourselves. Today, we went around and checked all of the filters to see what sizes we needed to buy. And look at this…


The sellers replaced all of the filters without us even asking for them. And even dated them so we would know when they need to be replaced next. Goes to show there are still nice people in the world. And is a reminder to all of us to treat other people how you would like to be treated!! Like I said, it’s the small things. But this brought a big smile to our day!!!

So, that’s it folks. That’s our day two on the farm in a nutshell. A ‘pecan’ shell if you will! Ha ha!!

If you like following our journey to creating home here on the farm, you can check out the entire ‘Fourteen Days to Farmhouse’ (to date) by clicking on any of the boxes below. And be sure to hop over to Facebook and Instagram for all the day-to-day happenings on the farm.

We’ll see you there!!

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Until next time, let us remember..

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