Parking Lot Update: Day Eleven

One of the things I struggle with most in owning a small business is knowing when to ask for help. I am a go getter, do it myself kind of gal. And I absolutely despise spending money when I don’t need to. Why pay someone to do something if I can do it myself, right?? Aaaaaaaand I may be a little, what’s the word, I want things done a certain way and sometimes it’s easier to just do it myself. That’s one reason why we haven’t hired any permanant staff. I just can’t bite the bullet and give up the reigns on projects I feel like we can do.

(the hole for burning brush)

But I’m also realistic and I know that there are some things that we just simply cannot do. Everyone has their expertise. And in many cases, it’s best to hire the professionals and let them do what they do best. We KNEW that was the case when it came to putting in the new parking lot at Rusted Roots.

We scouted several different grading companies looking for, not only someone who could do the job, but someone who got us and what we are doing. They needed to understand exactly what the purpose of this clearing and parking lot would be. And we found that in a small mom and pop (actually it’s a son and pop) business just down the road.

We really like supporting small family owned businesses when we can. And were happy to know that this father/son team was spot on with what we needed. They get it! That became all the more evident over the last few days as I have seen more of the meticulous work on the parking lot start to take place.

Now that the trees are down and the land cleared. The grading work is beginning. Don’t even ask me what that means. I have no idea. But I think it has something to do with leveling out the land so it will ‘lay right’ for the parking lot and the 233 tons of gravel that is headed our way! Yes, 233 TONS! It also includes proper drainage so the parking lot doesn’t flood. And they even said something about our handicap parking spaces needing to be a certain pitch to accomodate our customers with special needs. I’m telling ya, these guys know what they are doing. And we are oh-so-glad to have found them.

We designed the driveway in and out of the parking lot to accomodate a high traffic flow, but we also wanted to have a third drive that would serve as a furniture pickup area. A spot close to the old barn that would make pickup of large items easy for our customers and our workers. These guys worked with us to lay out the pickup drive in such a way that it will be suitable for trucks pulling a trailer. Little things like that let us know they get us and they get Rusted Roots.

We are excited to see the parking lot near then final stages of development. But working alongside these guys for nearly two weeks has become a part of our daily routine. We work inside the barn with the doors open and they work outside on the parking lot. They come in the barn from time to time to chat about updates or decisions that need to be made. And we go out and chat with them about their day, how things are going, and of course to take pictures!

They’ve kinda become like our co-workers and I’ll be sad to see them leave when the parking lot is finished. But this stands as proof that sometimes it’s best to ask for help, hire professionals when the task is not in your area of expertise, and know that sometimes those professionals will become more than that. They become friends.

Until next time, let us remember..

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