Parking Lot Update: Day One

You guys! This is it! The bulldozers rolled in bright and early this morning to start work on the brand new Rusted Roots parking lot!! How exciting! If you helped us out with the new parking lot, know that you are a part of something much bigger and we absolutely could not do it without YOU!

Rusted Roots New Parking Lot #RustedRoots #MebaneNC

I felt like a kid in a playground when the bulldozer pulled up. Big machinery!! Argh argh argh. (That was my best Tim Allen impersonation.) The plan was… we would walk the grounds one final time, mark where our new driveway would go and where the parking lot would begin and that would be it. We would let the guys get to work.

Rusted Roots New Parking Lot #RustedRoots #MebaneNC

Rusted Roots New Parking Lot #RustedRoots #MebaneNC

But after the marking was done, I couldn’t help but stand and watch. Mesmerized by the big machinery! It was so neat! I’m sure the guys thought we were crazy. But I’m also sure we’re not the first to watch them work in amazement. Every time a tree tumbled to the ground, Bill and I exclaimed, “whooooa did you see that one??”. Ha ha! It was a nice break from the computer work we’ve been doing in recent days.

Rusted Roots New Parking Lot #RustedRoots #MebaneNC

I mean LOOK HOW BIG those roots are!!

Rusted Roots New Parking Lot #RustedRoots #MebaneNC

Rusted Roots New Parking Lot #RustedRoots #MebaneNC

The guys we have working on our parking lot are a father-son team and such great guys. They really are! They get what we are working towards and are super knowledgable about what we need in order for the parking lot to function properly. You know, like enough room for people to back out of their parking space and a way for cars to come and go at the same time. Hence the additional driveway. (Note: I wanted to put ‘hints’ there.. but Bill said it was supposed to be ‘hence’. That’s what I get for marrying a bookworm. Moving on now. Ha ha!!) Back to the parking lot. It’s the simple logistics. And these guys are good! We are so lucky to have found them.

Rusted Roots New Parking Lot #RustedRoots #MebaneNC

As the sun set on day one, we went out to see what had been accomplished. And whoa! Like it already looks like a driveway!! I can’t believe it! Here’s a quick peak at how the day shaped up and what it looked like this evening as the guys wrapped up day one of Rusted Roots new parking lot!

So neat, right?? But all this work does come at a cost. And for two small business owners trying to get this new shop off the ground, we sure could use your help!! So far, we have raised $3,700 of our $10,000 goal! THANK YOU!!! But as you know, from our previous post, that only covers the cost of the clearing. We still have the grading and gravel to go! If you haven’t had a chance to check out our video and all the fabulous merchandise we have up for grabs… check it out!

You can find all of the exclusive merchandise HERE!! Snag an early entry token to the Grand Opening on April 21st! Even a personal invitation to our Private Preview Party!! It’s all on our campaign page. We couldn’t be more grateful for your support in bringing the new Rusted Roots shop to life!!


Until next time, let us remember..

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