Pickin’ a Spooky Basement on Halloween

I have soooo many awesome stories to share with you about the Grand Opening of the Rusted Roots shop! But with 600 pictures to sift through, I’m still working on it!! Ha ha! Widdling that down to 10 or so pics, is a tough task!! So, I thought I’d share our little Halloween adventure with you today. We knew we wouldn’t be able to hand out candy this year, it was Grand Opening eve. So, we ventured out on a bit of a spooky adventure first thing Halloween morning…

Digging through the dark basement of a 1924 historic home.

Digging in an Old Basement on Halloween #RustedRoots #JunkAdventure

With our flashlight in hand, we set forth. I’m not one for scary situations. I hate scary movies. And I sleep with a night light. Well, it’s in the bathroom. But it gives off just enough light so I’m not in the pitch black. <wink> So, the thought of a dark basement. Eeeek.

Finding Junk in an Old Basement #RustedRoots #JunkAdventure

But, Bill was with me and there was lots of FREE junk!! So, I had to do it! You see, we have a friend who flips old houses and he was looking to clear out this old basement. It pays to let people know you LOVE old junk. The floor of the basement was covered in old beer cans… covered! Who does that??? But I spotted an old glass jug so I waded through the sea of cans to dig her out!

Old Cans & Glass Jug #RustedRoots #JunkAdventure

In true Halloween fashion, it looked as if the ghosts were gathered around to watch us clear out their home. See that jacket on the back of the chair?? Who knows how long that’s been there!!! Long enough for the seat of the chair to rot away! Ha ha!

Old Junky Chair #RustedRoots #JunkAdventure

I started my stash outside and then stumbled across this…

Old Bottles Pirates of the Carribean #RustedRoots #JunkAdventure

Please tell me it reminds you of Pirates of the Carribean? But still a little creepy, right? And everything was damp. Blek! It was a mess. But free junk is free junk and I rounded up quite the haul! Check it out!!

Old Junk from Basement #RustedRoots #JunkAdventure

We rounded up old suitcases, old buckets, and check out that football helmet!!

Salvaged Vintage Suitcases #RustedRoots #JunkAdventure

I’m thinking I’ll make a lamp out of that ‘ol thermos… and once the helmet is cleaned up, it’ll be amazing!! It still has the number on top! Do y’all know anything about these old helmets? Any idea how old it is??

Vintage Football Helmet, Thermos, & Gas Can #RustedRoots #JunkAdventure

And remember all the ‘pirate jugs’? Look how pretty they are out in the sunlight!!

Big Glass Wine Jug #RustedRoots #JunkAdventure

We snagged some old wheels, a rusty shovel, and a minnow bucket as well!

Old Salvaged Junk #RustedRoots #JunkAdventure

And this bucket of junk too! I actually found lots of old shoes and boots. At first, I started to leave them and then I remembered seeing some old shoes turned into planters for succulents and it was so cute!! Fill those boots with dirt and talk about beauty stemming from Rusted Roots!!

Old Junk from Basement #RustedRoots #JunkAdventure

This old chair is broken. But I plan to take it apart and build something using the back. And how about that mailbox??? Awesome, right? It was one of my favorite finds! Along with the old leather bag. At least, I think it’s leather. It’s kinda crunchy now. Ha ha!! But, would be super cute hanging on a wall for decor!!

Salavged Chair & Old Mail Box #RustedRoots #JunkAdventure

Most of the junk we snagged from this old house will make it’s way to the shop once we get it cleaned up and create some beauty from it!! I think the only thing I’m keeping is the old mailbox. She’s pretty sweet! And I’m still debating about the football helmet. I think it’d be super cute one day if we have a little boy. Oh. The dilemmas of being a junker. Would you keep it??

A big thank you to the guys who let us come dig!! (You know who you are!!) And you want to hear the exciting part!! This 1924 house is in need of a complete overhaul, so as the walls are torn down, beadboard and lathes taken out, guess who gets to salvage those materials?!!! This girl!! I can not wait!!!

“I aint afraid of no ghosts!!”

Happy Belated Halloween!!!

Historic Home on Halloween #RustedRoots #JunkAdventure

Until next time, let us remember..

Beauty Stems from Rusted Roots

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  1. What a wonderful adventure… and a great Haul! Looks like you had fun, ghosts & all~

  2. Ohhhh, I have a few lathe projects pinned !!! Such a lucky girl you are!!!

  3. Jo Ann Miller says:

    Sooo glad you got the ladders! It really looks like it was a messy job! Lol

  4. Ewwwwwww! How brave your are to even go down there. The only thing I would have touched would be the jugs. They are way ‘cool’. Have to ask, what are you planning to do with the suitcases? I don’t have the imagination that you do and these are about the roughest shape I’ve ever seen. I guess this is why you have a store and I only can wish I had a store!!

    By the way did I miss somewhere about how your first day and opening went? Hope is was a huge success.

  5. Fonda Rush says:

    It’s all about who you know! Fun stuff! But, yucky!

  6. You are one lucky girl to have such good friends!

  7. It looks like you are having so much fun with junk, keep on junking. love you! and see you soon.

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