Quirky Collection of Upcycled Toilets

 Ya’ll brace yourself, because I’m gonna have fun with this one!! It never ceases to amaze me, the things that really get you all talking over on Facebook. I will have this totally AMAZING idea for an out-of-this-world upcycle and crickets. Nothing. It’s like I am talking to an empty room, four walls, and that’s all. But let me post a picture of vintage yellow toilet that I snagged from the side of the road and the choirs sing praises!!!! Ha ha!!!

Upcycle Roadside Find {Vintage Toilet} #RustedRoots

Ya’ll were so excited about it!! Like… over 200 of you loved the idea!! Of course, there was the occasional, “yuck” or “Step away from the toilet!” Ha ha!! (Thanks for that one, Candace!) But overall y’all were stoked at this little yellow potty’s potential!! And now I see why!! Check out some of the quirky toilet upcycles I found when browsing the interwebs!!

Upcycled Toilet Flower Planter


I think my little yellow potty would look so cute nestled among the blue and green ones above!! It’s so bright and vibrant. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna doll her up for our Spring Junk Market (March 28-29)! She’ll find a home in the field, I’m sure!! Then there’s this one…

Garden Art - Potty Planter


I may or may not be scouting out a sink or tub as well!! And while all these potty planters are super cute… I about peed my pants when I saw this one!! Ha ha! (Pun intended!)

Crazy Toilet Sculpture with Legs


That wacky potty graces a New Zealand campground, reminding campers to be careful not to drop their cell phone in the potty!! Got it! I think I got it!! So, the next time you see a potty on the side of the road, don’t flush the idea! Ha ha! You just never know what you can do with it! Or better yet, if you see a gal like me tossing it in the trunk of her car, don’t judge. Just ‘SMILE’ and remember this post!!

Smile, It's a Repurposed Toilet!


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Crazy Collection of Upcycled Toilets!! #RustedRoots

Until next time, let us remember..

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