May I have a drumroll please?!?!?! Ladies and Gentleman, children of all ages, (ha ha!!) the time has come for our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

Not what you were thinking, huh? No ‘baby roots’, no old car lot, ha ha, y’all had some fun guesses over on Facebook and Instagram. But we ARE announcing the Grand Opening date for the NEW Rusted Roots in Mebane!! Friday, April 21, 2017!! And Saturday, April 22nd too! We’ll make a weekend of it!! Address, times, all those detail still to come!

But wait, there’s more!! This is where it gets GOOD!!

How would you like to be first in the door when the new barn shop opens? How does 15 minutes before everyone else sound?? Or what about a special Private Preview Party!?? A time when we can all hang out before the shop ever opens! I envision, music, food, drink, laughter, and fun! Oh gosh. I’m getting excited!! Oh! Oh! I know!! How about a Private Special Event for you and a small group of your friends! Think birthday party, bachelorette party, oh gosh!!

Well, the truth is ALL of that is a reality with our first ever opportunity to become an HONORARY FOUNDER of Rusted Roots!!

Rusted Roots Grand Opening in Mebane, April 21, 2017 #RustedRoots

For those of you who have started your own small business, you know you get out of your business what you put into it. We have poured our hearts and minds and endless hours of labor into Rusted Roots from day one. We have no doubt that has lead to our success. But no matter how much passion you have for what you’re doing, financial means can sometimes be a hurdle in the race to the finish. As we approach the Spring 2017 Grand Opening of Rusted Roots on the farm, we have come to a hurdle.

Putting in a Parking Lot

Our small farm as it stands, doesn’t have a parking lot to handle the amount of traffic we expect. While we had anticipated and budgeted for clearing trees and putting in a parking lot, we need help. And that’s where you come in!! We are looking for ‘honorary founders’ who are willing to contribute to our campaign in exchange for all the goodies above and MORE!!

Here’s the link if you want to HOP right over to check it out!

If you’re going to be an ‘honorary founder’, you deserve to be in the loop. So we plan to be fully transparent with this project starting now. Here’s the estimate we have received and what we hope to fund through this campaign.

estimate png

I know it’s a lot. But we truly believe that together we can do this! And to thank you for contributing to our campaign, we have some exclusive Honorary Founder merchandise that you can ONLY get here during our 30 day campaign as well as special events, small business coaching and more!!

Here’s the link if you want to HOP right over to check it out!

For just $5, we’ll stick it to ya! Ha ha!! Get your very own Rusted Roots truck decal! Cute, right?

Rusted Roots Crowdfunding Campaign #RustedRoots

Or maybe you wanna step it up and add a Rusted Roots motel key tag!!

Rusted Roots Crowdfunding Campaign #RustedRoots

Or an EXCLUSIVE Honorary Founder market tote!!

Rusted Roots Crowdfunding Campaign #RustedRoots

And speaking of EXCLUSIVE Honorary Founder merchandise… that’s where the old truck tees come in!! This is the ONLY time you will be able to purchase these tees with the Honorary Founder logo on the back!! How fun!!

Rusted Roots Crowdfunding Campaign #RustedRoots(Gray also available! Not pictured.)

Oh! And I did mention getting in early and a Private Preview Party!! Yes, those are part of the deal too!! These wooden nickels get you in 15 minutes before the doors open to ANY of our monthly shows! So buy one or buy five!! Y’all know the good stuff goes fast!

Rusted Roots Crowdfunding Campaign #RustedRoots

There are a limited number of personal invites to our Private Preview Party AND we will be hosting TWO Private Events! Two lucky folks will grab 15 of their closest friends for a special two-hour private event!! We will pack the shop out JUST FOR YOU and of course, there will be music, food, and fun!

Sound like fun??

Here’s the link if you want to HOP right over to check it out!

We are also offering 20 Honorary Founder bundles!! Get all the EXCLUSIVE merchandise, the preview party, early entry, and YOUR NAME on our Honorary Founder plaque to be proudly displayed in the Rusted Roots shop!!

Rusted Roots Crowdfunding Campaign #RustedRoots

What a great way to promote your small business right?? And we’ve got some other goodies for our fellow entreprenuers out there!! How about sending us a business card and we’ll display it in the shop! Right here on this ol’ truck door! Now, that’s gonna make for a fab business card display! Small businesses supporting other small businesses!

Rusted Roots Crowdfunding Campaign #RustedRoots

And we get this question almost everyday… ‘how’d you do it? How’d you grow Rusted Roots so fast?’ Well, now’s your chance to grab your notepad and all your questions for a 30 minute business coaching phone consult! (limited number available) or we have a small business bundle which includes the phone consult, the business card display, and some social media love for your business, etsy shop, or blog! It’s a win win!!

Here’s the link if you want to HOP right over to check it out!

Know that your contribution to our campaign is supporting small business near and far. Many of the products that you find at Rusted Roots are locally sourced right here in North Carolina, but we also support small family businesses in other parts of the country, including many Amish families. Craftsmen (and craftswomen), makers, creators, builders… we believe those who work hard deserve to succeed!

As with any small business, there are always risks and challenges. But taking risks is what has gotten Rusted Roots this far and that’s thanks to YOU!! We realize we are asking for a lot. $10,000 is no small feat. And there is the chance that we won’t raise the funds needed for the parking lot. Will that stop us? Absolutely not!! It may just take us a little longer to get there. But we are hard workers, innovative thinkers, and we NEVER ever give up! So despite the challenges that may face us as we build the new Rusted Roots in Mebane, we are certain we WILL succeed! And we would love for YOU to be a part of it!

Won’t you join us?? Become an Honorary Founder of Rusted Roots?!!!

Here’s the link to become an Honorary Member of Rusted Roots
or purchase any of the goodies in this post!

We are FOREVER grateful for your continued support!

Until next time, let us remember..

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