Rusted Roots Farmhouse: Christmas Dining & Living Room Tour

I can’t believe that Christmas has come and gone. Just like that. Like some magical man showed up in a sleigh and then just disappeared into the night. <wink> But the memories we made in our old farmhouse are sure to be with us for years to come!! And I figured before we start packing up all the Christmas fun, I’d better snap a few pictures and share them with all of you!


It was definitely a simple, but rustic Christmas for us. Red and black buffalo check as far as the eye can see! Oh, and some black and white houndstooth too!! We coordinated our wrapping paper, our decor, even our Christmas pajamas!! (Don’t believe me??) But, with us only being in our house for twelve weeks, we had to hustle, not only get things in order and put away, but to make it feel all nice and cozy for our out of town guests!


Bill’s family was the first to come for a visit, the weekend before Christmas. It was their first time seeing the old farmhouse so we were excited to show them around. It was so much fun catching up with his family, playing board games, and sipping hot chocolate. All the things we imagined we would do our first Christmas on the farm.


Then we hosted my family the weekend of Christmas. Our family is small, but like they say with houses… I believe love grows best in small families. You don’t have all the bickering, and drama, and he said, she said stuff. We’re all pretty close knit and I like it that way. We had a Christmas brunch on Christmas Eve and a beautiful Prime Rib dinner on Christmas day! It was our first time ever cooking a Prime Rib and I have to say it was deeeee-lish!! Bill did a great job!!


So, needless to say, the dining room is where we spent much of our time. Eating. Playing games. Telling stories from years ago and chatting about dreams and goals for the future.



We had obligatory photo sessions with each family out by the barn. I won’t bore you with those. But by day four, my poor brother (who had been at EVERY gathering) knew exactly where to go and where to stand! Ha ha! For a guy who doesn’t like his picture taken, he was a trooper! We even snuck in a trip to the farmer’s market and a local artisan fair! It was a full nine days!


And while we had our mishaps… the strand of lights that stopped working, the pan of burnt yeast rolls, the blondies that were more like ‘blek’ies… those memories will soon disappear into the night. But the memories of our first Christmas on the farm will live in our hearts forever. It was a special season. A special year. A special Christmas in our farmhouse. Christmas 2016.


Want to see more of the old farmhouse?? See our Christmas Kitchen tour by clicking here or the image below!!

Farmhouse Christmas Kitchen 2016 #RustedRoots

Until next time, let us remember..

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  1. Thank you so much for opening your home for us to see virtually… i look forward to every single post on your blog & on facebook… have been following you since before the shop opened ots doors… been on your yardsale tours & seeing your farm become your beautiful home. I feel like part of your family & thank you for that. From Canada & Bermuda (our 2 homes) we wish you & your family a very happy & prosperous new year.
    Hugs Diana

  2. Just beautiful!! Congratulation again on the farmhouse. Wishing you both a wonderful New Year!!

  3. Linda Bowes says:

    Thanks for sharing your Christmas, I felt I was there and enjoying an old fashion Christmas. So beautiful and I know you will enjoy this home for many years to com. God bless y’all for recycling all the rust and junk that use to in up in land fields. ??

  4. Oh my goodness, your Christmas at the farmhouse sounds like perfection! I love the buffalo check with the black and white hounds tooth, gorgeous pattern! Your ceiling reminds me of going to my grandmother’s home when I was a kid! Sigh. let’s talk about that floor in the Kitchen? is that brick??? Oh my I can not wait to see more of this beautiful place! Happy New year! xo

  5. What a wonderful farmhouse……thanks for the holiday tour. It has been pure joy following you on your journey!
    Looking forward to the opening of your new shop right there on the farm! Blessings and much success to you in the coming new year……..enjoy life!!

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