Rusted Roots Farmhouse: Christmas Kitchen Tour

Well, I think we’ve decided by now that the story of our ol’ farmhouse is gonna be told a little bit like Star Wars. A little out of order, we may backtrack a bit, but if you stick with us long enough it will all make sense in the end! Ha ha!! We started our Fourteen Days to Farmhouse series back in October shortly after we moved to the farm and let’s just say we made it to day… ummm… three I believe. I mean, we have fourteen videos, fourteen days worth of photos and stories to tell, but getting those to materialize on this here blog, well, whew, that’s a doozie!! So, I think we last left off with us unpacking and cleaning out the barn. We hadn’t even made it into the house to start work there. But boy have we done a lot since then!!!

In addition to wrapping up the year at the shop, making our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about our plans for Rusted Roots in 2017, we also got the ol’ farmhouse all dolled up for Christmas. Or at least, part of it! And I couldn’t wait to show you one of my favorite rooms, the kitchen…

Old Grocery Sign in Farmhouse Kitchen #RustedRoots

From day one, those barnwood cabinets stole my heart so I knew I wanted to do something super special to showcase them for the holidays. I thought greenery would really bring the room to life and add some fresh color. So, I opted for preserved boxwood wreaths. I’ll be honest, it took me FOR. EV. ER. to find a source for 12 matching boxwood wreaths in this smaller size, but I ended up finding them on eBay. Actually through Target’s eBay store. Who knew?! I knew Target had the wreaths, but you had to buy them in store and they never had enough. Never knew they had an eBay store. So, there you go!

Barnwood Cabinets with Boxwood Wreaths #RustedRoots #KitchenTour

I’m thinking they’re a pretty hot ticket item since there was a limit of six per customer. But a quick call to my partner in crime, the hubby, and we had a dozen like we needed! I think they have since sold out, but I found some others for you on Amazon if you want some for yourself! You can get them here, here, here, or here (aff links). Ours are 11″ but it would depend on the size of your cabinets, what size would suit your kitchen best.

Farmhouse Christmas Kitchen Tour #RustedRoots

I plan to leave ours up year-round, swapping out the red gingham for burlap. Or maybe I’ll leave the gingham up too! I’m kinda loving the look of it all together. I guess time will tell.

Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Kitchen #RustedRoots

A couple other major projects you may have noticed since our last chat, we refinished the floors! Well, we didn’t. We had help. Ha ha! But we wanted to get rid of the yellow tones and warm things up with a rich dark brown. I think it plays well with the barnwood cabinets. And we’ll share A LOT more about that when we get back to our fourteen day series!

In addition to the floors, we swapped out all of the hardware in the kitchen and in much of the rest of the house, in fact! My favorite though, again, goes back to those old cabinets… and these fabulous clear cut glass knobs!!!

Glass Knobs on Old Barnwood Cabinets #RustedRoots

They are not antique, but don’t they sure look it!!! I am in love! These came from D. Lawless Hardware and if you haven’t checked them out, oh, you are missing out. I met Derrick, the ‘D’ in D. Lawless several years back at a conference and he is such a great guy with a warm heart and knowledge to guide you through any project. Derrick and his crew have amazing hardware. Anything you can think of. Even authentically antique pieces. So, when I decided to update the hardware on the old barnwood cabinets, I knew exactly who to call!!

Christmas Clemtines on the Farm #RustedRoots

While I had Derrick, I was telling him about all the plastic wall plates that we wanted to replace throughout the house as well. They were the old ivory colored plastic. And we were really getting into the oil rubbed bronze finish. If you noticed, that was the base of our glass knobs. So, I scoured the site and was excited to find they had a whole selection of oil rubbed bronze wall plates. So, I snagged those up too!! And look at ’em… perfect match to our new knobs!

Farmhouse Switch Plate Covers #RustedRoots #DLawlessHardware

Don’t they have just the perfect farmhouse feel?? We got enough to replace every wall plate in the house! Don’t even ask me how many that is. Let’s just say we’ve got maybe half of them up. Which y’all know what that means. We’ve painted about half of the house!!! Eeeek!! I don’t think that’s shabby for 12 weeks in an old farmhouse, given everything else we’ve been up to. I’m happy with our progress. I would like to install a fun backsplash. But that will have to wait until 2017 and quite possibly after our big move of the Rusted Roots shop to the farm!! For now, I love it!!

Rusted Roots Farmhouse Christmas Kitchen #RustedRoots

So, that’s the ol’ farmhouse kitchen all dolled up for Christmas! We are hosting several family gatherings this year and it’s so very special being our first year on the farm. I’m sure the kitchen will be home to many warm hugs and sweet conversations over the next couple weeks. I can’t wait!

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen #RustedRoots

A BIG thank you to Derrick and his team at D. Lawless Hardware for helping me out with this project and many more! And don’t forget those boxwood wreaths if you wanna snag some for yourself. Many of the suppliers say they can get them to you by Christmas! (Disclaimer: D. Lawless Hardware provided us with all of the hardware used in this post. But all opinions are my own and I only share companies that I truly believe in. Also, this post contains affiliate links meaning if you purchase a wreath, I will make a small commission off of the sale at no extra cost to you! Thank you for supporting small business and Rusted Roots!)

Until next time, let us remember..

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