Rusted Roots Grand Opening Photo Flipper

A photo flipper?? Say what?? Yeah… you know, like when you would sit on the couch with your mom and flip through the photo album and relive a special occasion. You know, before Facebook and Instagram… when people actually printed pictures?? Yup. We are gonna recreate that here today!! Because with over 600 pictures, how else can I tell you about our AMAZING Grand Opening?? Don’t worry… I got it down to under 20 pics! I may or may not have cheated and created some collages!! Ha ha!! So grab a hot chocolate and snuggle up… I’ll let you flip while I tell you about them!!

So, we opened the doors at 9am, but these two gals were in line at 8:15! Terri and her sweet sister, Cindy… a couple of faithful followers who drove all the way from Asheville, NC for the BIG DAY!! (About a three hour drive!) I couldn’t wait to hug these ladies necks!!

Rusted Roots Grand Opening First Customers #RustedRoots

After spending a few minutes with those gals, I headed inside to brief the team! Ha ha!! Rusted Roots huddle! I had Dixie and Danielle on photography. Mom and my brother, Andrew, on the register. Dad, my step-dad Jan, and my uncle Wesley on furniture duty and Bill on videography. We were ready!! Or so I thought!!

Rusted Roots Grand Opening Crew #RustedRoots

I took a peak outside to see if the rain had stopped… and I couldn’t believe my eyes!! A line to get in!! IN. THE. RAIN. Even Bill… out in the rain with the big camera ready to shoot the ribbon cutting!! That’s when I got nervous. I don’t know why. But I was so nervous!! All  these people. Would the shop be all that they hoped it would be?!

Rainy Day Grand Opening #RustedRoots

I mustered up the courage to come out and give a little bit of a shpill… mainly thanking everyone who helped make Rusted Roots a reality! And to let people know about all of the fun stuff we would be doing throughout the day! Door prizes… a mystery item… hot chocolate… apple cider… cupcakes… donut holes!! And we prayed. Because without His blessing, the shop would never be a success. Then, we cut the ribbon!!

New Junk Shop Ribbon Cutting #RustedRoots

And the paparazzi came out!! Or at least that’s what it looked and felt like! Ha ha!!

Grand Opening Paparazzi #RustedRoots

The first purchases were a little pre-planned. My very first dollar from my Mom and my ‘second’ very first dollar from my Dad!! Two of my biggest supporters. I wouldn’t have it any other way!! They both grace the walls of the shop!!

Rusted Roots The First Sale #RustedRoots

Once that first and second sale were out of the way, I let the pros take their post. Mom and Andrew were the perfect team! Mom did all the writing of reciepts and bagging of the goodies and Andrew handled the cash!

Rusted Roots Shoppers #RustedRoots

And the shoppers kept coming… and coming…

Rusted Roots Grand Opening Crowd #RustedRoots

and coming!!

Grand Opening of Rusted Roots #RustedRoots

I couldn’t believe the support from friends and family who came from all over! It really made me so happy!! Many friends came through that I didn’t snag a pic with and I am bummed about that!! Like Fjola from Winston-Salem, my buddy Steph and Brandon, and my sweet friends Susan and Sammy who brought me some beautiful flowers to go with the ones Mom gave me! But here are some of the peeps I was able to attack all paparazzi style!! Including Mark and Lola from Eminil Designs who brought me a rockin’ Grand Opening gift… remember the ‘ol skate??

Rusted Roots Friends #RustedRoots

Our first piece of furniture went out the door!! That was exciting!! I think we sold four others on day one!!

Rusted Roots Furniture #RustedRoots

And The Salvage Sign was a HUGE hit!! I can’t say that I am surprised! They are AMAZING!!

The Salvage Sign at Rusted Roots #RustedRoots

And speaking of AMAZING! This is my junk buddy, Liz, from Junktion Alley!

Rusted Roots & Junktion Alley #RustedRoots

Let me tell you about this girl!! She drove 1389.6 miles to be at the Grand Opening of Rusted Roots!! Do you hear me?? 1389.6 miles!! All the way from Texas!! And she brought with her my newest junk buddy, Morgan!! I think it’s ok that I call her Mo Mo!! They officially, unofficially adopted me. So it’s cool!! And boy, did these gals add so much fun to our day! Liz gave away so much upcycled jewelry and even found some treasures of her own! If you’ve never seen her jewelry, you are missing out!! Check it out on her Facebook page or better yet, stop by the shop!! It’s crazy junktastic!!

Junktion Alley at Rusted Roots #RustedRoots

And Meghan from The Go Girl Shoppe stopped by too!! She’s so fun!! We’re hoping she’s gonna bring her cute little vintage camper to our vintage market in the Spring!! You gotta check her out! Aaaaaaafter… you check out the goober in the background of this picture!! Goober!!

Go Girl Shoppe at Rusted Roots #RustedRoots

But that little goober and I created a place that people seem to LOVE!! And for that, we can’t be more grateful!!

Rusted Roots Opening #RustedRoots

I have to say… of all 600 pictures taken at the Grand Opening, I think this one is my favorite. I think it captures the true essence of the day. Laughs. Smiles. Customers. ‘Rust’. But you see that glow just over my head?? Look closely… there’s more than one glow there. I truly believe that is MawMaw and Mo looking down on Rusted Roots, saying “Well, I’ll say. Look what that girl did.” Because that’s what they would say!! And because of them, it has been instilled in me that Beauty Stems from Rusted Roots.

Rusted Roots Junk Shop #RustedRoots

Just a couple pics left… once everything calmed down. I looked around and we were kinda wiped out!! Both in inventory and in energy!! But as we all chatted about the day, I couldn’t help but smile. It couldn’t have been more perfect! It exceeded all that I could have ever imagined. Ever.

Grand Opening Success #RustedRoots

And I have this amazing group of people to thank… plus Dixie!! (who took the picture!) I hope you enjoyed flipping through these photos with me! Is your leg asleep?? Mine is! I think it’s time we get off the couch and go find some junk!! Or make something!! Or after all of that… take a nap!! Ha ha!! Something tells me this is only the beginning for Rusted Roots!! I’m glad you are here to celebrate it with me!!

Rusted Roots Grand Opening Team #RustedRoots

Until next time, let us remember..

Beauty Stems from Rusted Roots

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  1. Carol Sullivan says:

    Ahhh,, such a happy story! I’m so glad y’all had that amazing day. Best wishes for many more 🙂

  2. AMAZING! So very proud for you. May your Rusted Roots continue to grown and bloom into Stems of Beauty … just like you!

  3. What a wonderful day for all of you. Congratulations.

  4. Fonda Rush says:

    I am so, so happy for you. Take a breath, and on to another day… Best wishes.

  5. Soooo happy for you and your family!

  6. Terri Stewart says:

    Thanks Candace for the shout out. Loved being there for the Grand Opening. Everyone was so awesome. Love what everyone did to help you get ready for opening.
    Thanks, Terri

    • It wouldn’t have been the same without you, Terri!! So glad that you and your sis were able to make it!! Hope to see you again soon!! 🙂

  7. mary scott says:

    So happy for y’all! You know the saying: the harder you work, the luckier you get. You deserve success!

    • So true, Mary!! Thank you for recognizing the hard work that goes into a shop like this!! It is work, but it is so much fun!! I feel blessed to do what I love!!

  8. Congratulations! I’ve been following your preparations and am happy for you that things went so smoothly and so well for you. Looks like everyone, especially the customers, had a ball. What fun!

  9. WOO HOO you all. What a showing.
    KUDOS to you!!
    Mary Kay

  10. Love your shop and love the goodies I bought from you.
    We can’t wait to visit again.
    Thanks, Candace & the hubs

    • Can’t wait to see you again too, Lisa!! So glad you were able to stop by!! Next time you have to bring the other ‘rusty hen’!! 😉

  11. Just down the road in Graham and can’t wait to visit!! Out of town the last two weekends but will get there soon!!!!!!!!!!! So very happy for you!

    • Can’t wait to meet you, Angela!! My parents are in Graham as well!! Small world!! About 20 minutes away!! 🙂 See ya soon!!

  12. Love finding someone who loves junk as much as me!!!! Congrats on your new store.

  13. You go girl & goober!!!! So happy that you’re making your dreams come true.

    • Ha ha!! Makes me smile that you acknowledged the goober!! You’re sweet, Sharon!! Thank you for always being so supportive!! 🙂

  14. Candace, I’m in tears over here…just in awe of the wonderful work God has done through you and your tribe to bring Rusted Roots from a spark of creation to reality. I suppose it’s hitting home extra hard because I am in the midst of my own launch…your story really encourages me to keep my head high and just continue to relish in the love of those who rally around. I, too, have been so astounded by the sacrifices others have made in order to support me. Like your friends who road-tripped and fans who showed up first thing…and your RR team. Love that God has given you such a supportive family who nurture those big dreams of yours and come alongside you to git ‘er done. It really is a remarkable gift, isn’t it? Thank you for inviting us into your grand opening – – especially for those of us who couldn’t be there. I look forward to one day getting to visit the shop and buy up all those signs and mason jars and furniture pieces…. 😉 Well done, my dear!

    • First. I love that you said, git ‘er done, Lauren!! That makes me smile from ear to ear!! You are such a doll face! I think we appreciate each others journey right now because in so many ways it is so similar! A lot of work goes into these things and unless you are doing it, you truly don’t understand!! I am so excited for the launch of your e-book!! You’re an author!! Like a BOOK author!! Holla!! I knew her when!! I know you will be so uber successful! How could you not be!? We both have troops backing us!! We are lucky gals!! I can’t wait for you to walk through the doors at Rusted Roots!! We’ve always got a spare bedroom for ya!! We like to call it a J&B… junk and breakfast!!

  15. LOVE IT!!!!! can’t wait to feel that awesome shop owner feeling. Much Blessing!!!!! Hopefully you will start shipping if you haven’t already. Would love to purchase vintage/ rusty bakery & industrial goodies from you!

    • You will love it, Candi!! I know you can do it!! And yes, we are shooting for selling online in the new year!! I’ll keep you posted!! Have a great week!! And keep in touch! I’d love to know how your journey to shop ownership goes!! 🙂

  16. Congratulations on the success of your Grand Opening of Rusted Roots! Thank you for sharing the pics and letting us be a part of your day virtually. What fun you must have all had. And what great friends and family to support you in this endeavor. I truly believe this is just the beginning of great things ahead for you. God bless! Juli

    • You are so sweet, Juli! Thank you so much!! Your kind words mean more than you know!! It can be scary walking out on that limb, not knowing what the future holds. But they always say hard work pays off!! I believe it!! Support from people like you keep me going every day!! Hug!!!

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